As of August 20th, 2019, 129,241 people and organizations from 202 countries have signed this Appeal.

Below is a partial list of scientists who have signed.


Abraham NABET, doctorat, economics, Université Annaba, Annaba


Evguenia Alechine, PhD in Biochemistry and Human Genetics, Human health and sustainability, Buenos Aires

María Elba Argeri, Dra. en Filosofía y Letras (Historia), History, Profesora, Dto. Política y Gestión, Facultad Ciencias Humanas, Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Tandil, Buenos Aires

Pablo Bergel, Licenciado en Sociología, Praxis social y política de la crisis y transición civilizatoria, Diputado (m.c.) de la Legislatura de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, -CAPITAL FEDERAL

Carolina Chioli, Biology science, University Degree, degree in Biological Sciences, specialising in Ambiental Ecology, Necochea, Buenos Aires

Paula Echaniz, Biology, Psychodrama, Biologist, teacher, holistic healing, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Liliana Garcerant, Diagnóstico por imagen, Medicina, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Francisco MAchin, Licenciado en Economía, Economía, Mendoza, Mendoza

Pedro Agustin Roncagliolo, PhD, Electrical Engineer, Professor and Assistant Dean of the Engineering School, National University of La Plata, Buenos Aires

Medardo Ávila- Vazquez, Medico, Salud ambiental, Docente en catedra de clínica Pediátrica, Facultad de ciencias médicas de universidad nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, cordoba


Ara Atayan, Lecturer in Yerevan state university, art history and pedagogi, lecturer in Yerevan state university and Yerevan state linguistic university, representative of Armenua in ECSWE,, Yerevan, Armenia


Blöff Kamu, Cancer research, Santa Cruz University, Santa Cruz


Marion Abbott, Soil, Soil Consultant, Cairns, Qld

Alia Al-Humaidhi, Master of Science, Marine biology. Master of Science, Marine Policy, Marine Biology, Nairne, SA

Sarah Aquilina, Pathology and Biotech, Sydney, NSW

Andrea Bailey, BSc Medical Science, LESMURDIE, WA

Sarah Baker, B(Neuroscience, Psychology), M(Biostatisitics), Biostatistician, Sydney, NSW

Priyanka Bandara, PhD Biomedical Science, Health Researcher and Consultant, Advisory Board Member, Environmental Health Trust, Executive Member, Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association, Formerly Affiliated with Westmead and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals, the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW

Priyanka Bandara, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Executive Board Member, Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA)., Sydney, New South Wales

Selva Barroso, Marine science, Sydney, Nsw

Adrian Barwell, BSc, Geologist, Twin Waters, Queensland

Esther Bergan, Bsc Human Geography, Sydney, NSW

Baxter Blonk, Biomedical Science & Medical Engineering, Post-graduate, Post-graduate in biomedical science, specializing in molecular biology and microbiology (Griffith University) and current third-year student in medical engineering (QUT)., West End, Brisbane, QLD

Mandy Brindley, Biomedical Science Degree, Consultant, Newcastle, NSW

Brindley Buultjens, BSc (Hons), BA, Area Manager Medical Device Sales, Sydney, NSW

Kylie Campbell, Environmental Science Aquaculture Fisheries Management., Aquatic Ecology, Terestrial Biology., Cairns, QLD

Lynn Casey, Medical sciences, Carer, Bellingen, New South Wales

Jonathan Cavallo, Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience, Coburg, Victoria

Graeme Chapple, Master degree in Science, Environmental pollution, Ewingsdale, NSW

Tina Charlton, Engineering, Denmark, WA

Brad Chegwedden, Masters of Sustainability & Environment, Grad. Dip. Environmental Science, Bachelor of Economics., Melbourne, Victoria

Richard Clarke, ., Retired Marine Biologist, Sydney, NSW

Sergio Cooper, PhD Microbiology, Researcher, Perth, WA

Katherine Corcoran, Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology), Master of Public Health, Glenbrook

Rosie Cotterill, Bachelor of sport science and Diploma, Sport Science, Peregian Beach, Qld

Sarah Cox, Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Werribee, VIC

Caroline Crawford, Bachelor of Environmental Science, Ecology, Environmental Works Supervisor, BRISBANE, Queensland

Stephen Crothers, MSc, Research scientist, Institute for Basic Research, FL. USA; Alpha Institute for Advanced Study, Wales, UK., Hobart, Tasmania

Gillian Crundwell, Bachelor Health Science including environmental science. Diploma Herbal Medicine., Education officer Ecology, Work for National Parks and Wildlife and have my own business called Healing Nature, Berridale, NSW

ROSSANO DAMIANI, BSc (HONS), PhD, Environmental, Senior Consultant, Peter J Ramsay & Associates, MELBOURNE

Nineveh Daniel, Bachelor of Science with Honours from Melbourne University, genetics, Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy from Southern School of Natural Therapies, Avondale Heights, Victoria

meduline dauphin, degree in biology, Dimboola, VIC

Carla Davis, MPH, Montville, QLD

Carla Davis, MPH & Nutritionist, Global Energy Parliament, Cabinet Minister for Environment, Montville, QLD

Catherine Debono, environmental biology, blue mountains, nsw

Blake Dempsey, Master’s in Biology, Brisbane, QLD

Sarah Divine, BA, MSc, Sport and Exercise, Adelaide, SA

Luis Dr Florio, Exercise science, Sydney, Nsw

Stephen Edwards, MSc (Medical Physics) Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Physicist Diagnostic Imaging, Senior Medical Physicist at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, QLD

Thomas Ellis, BSc (physics and mathematics), Retired, Traralgon, Victoria

Sonja Elwood, Master Wildlife Mgmt, Master of Research (Ecology), Ecology, 30 years licensed wildlife carer (voluntary), 20 years Ecologist, 15 Biodiversity Officer Local Govt., Sydney, NSW

Tania Emms, BSc (Microbiology/Immunology), Master Nutrition & Dietetics, Doctoral research in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), Adelaide, SA

Sarah Engelhard, PhD, Marine Ecologist, Artist, Gold Coast, Queensland

Edwina Ewart, Bachelor of science, Food science, Quality assurance manager, Melbourne, Victoria

Bryn Farmer, PhD Marine Science, Fisheries, Hobart, Tasmania

Lynn Fitzpatrick, Zoologist, Mandurah, Western Australia

J. V. Forest, BS Biology, Grad. Dip. Environmental Science, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Nicola Fraser, Bachelor of Marine Science and Management with Honours (1st class), currently 2/3 way through a PhD, Marine Science, PhD candidate and research assistant, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Min Freedman, B.Sc, M.Env.Sc, Environmental Science, Sydney, NSW

Ross Frieden, B.Sc in Geology (also Physics, Chemistry), Lismore, NSW

Jolanta Gallagher, PhD in Music Therapy and Music Education, Researcher in the field of Music Therapy, Retired Academic/Researcher - Australian National University, Thirroul, NSW

Josh Garth, Medical Radiation Scientist, Bachelor of Medical Radiation Scienct, Turvey Park, NSW

Mark Greco, PhD E.Eng; PhD Biol; BSc, Radiobiology, Senior Lecturer (Charles Sturt University), Sydney, NSW

Mark Greco, PhD Biology, PhD, Engineering, Entomologist, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Julie Griffiths, BSc (Hons), MSc (cancer research), Wembley, Western Australia

Jacki Hack, Pathology, Brisbane

Will Hamilton, Bachelor of Science Degree, Research of human resilience, CEO Aspirational Communities Pty Ltd, Upper Kedron, QLD

G. Yadubar Harley, BSc Physics, Surfers Paradise, QLD

Julie Harris, Ph.D., Lecturer, University of Tasmania, Hobart, TAS

Rob Hartland, PhD (Biochemistry), Teacher, Darlington, Western Australia

Lindsay Hasluck, Doctor of Philosophy, Evolution of Urbanism, Anthropologist, Phd Candidate, Department of Ancient History, Humanities, University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia

Nicole Hayes, Bachelor of Environmental Science and Chemistry, serpentine, WA

Ingrid Hergstrom, Zoology, Sanskrit, Dr., Vedic Scientist, Retired, Woodgate, Queensland

Lewis Hiley, BSc, Chemistry, Sydney, NSW

Charlie Hindle, Bachelor of Environmental Science, Environmental science/environmental management, Yandina, QLD

Phillipa Holden, MSc Ecology, Manager Strategy and Engagement, Department for Environment and Water, Kangaroo Island, Kingscote, SA

Neil Howe, BAppSc (Biology), DipEd, BA, Research Biochemist, formerly at Division of Protein Chemistry, Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), formerly at Department of Neurochemistry, Monash University, Sydney, NSW

Joan Huggins, Bachelor Of Science (Biological), Biology, Wheelers Hill, Victoria

Isabella Jennings, PhD (Environmental science: Sustainability), Perth, Western Australia

Rowena Johnson, BSc (Hons) Environmental Science, Environmental and Marine Science, Byron Bay, NSW

Tammy Johnston, Bachelor of Science in marine and wildlife biology, Animal trainer and wellness advocate, Currumbin waters, Qld

Bradley Jordan, Diploma, Cardiology, Burleigh Heads, QLD

George Karystianis, BSc in Computer Science and Medicine, MSc in Health Informatics, PhD in Epidemiology and Text Mining, Research Fellow, Research Fellow atthe Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, Sydney, NSW

Raymond Kearney, PhD Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Sydney, New South Wales

Shannan Keen, PhD Neuroscience, Neuroscience, Research, Sydney, NSW

Rohan Kellaway, B.App.Sc, Masters of Environmental Science, Contaminated Site Investigator, Human and Ecological Health Risk Assessor, Member Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association, Member Australasian Land and Groundwater Association, Member Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand, Kuraby, Queensland

Dean Kelly, Degree in Chemistry and Anthropology, Analytical Chemist, Bunbury, WA

Dean Kelly, BSc, Analytical Chemist, Bunbury, WA

Anke Koelman, MHSc (Nutr. Med.), MSc (Chem), Naturopath, Associate Professor at Houston Baptist University in Chemistry and Mathematics, Beaumont, SA

Janenne Kornfeld, Environmental Science, Retired, Brisbane, QLD

Kath Kovac, PhD Plant Molecular Biology, Dalton, Nsw

Felicia Kow, PhD Nutrition and Food Science, Senior Researcher, Curtin University, Perth, WA

Trish Lauder, Clinical measurements, Mildura, Victoria

Victor Leach, MSc (Melb) Science, FRMIT Applied Physics, Radiation Health Physicist (retired), Fouding Member of Australasian Radiation Protection Society. Founding member of the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA), Newport, Brisbane, QLD

Victor Leach, Applied Physics (RMIT) and M Sc ( Melb Uni), Radiation Health Physicist, Member of The Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) and Member of Australsian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS), Brisbane, Queensland

Darlene Leeson, Biologist, Retired, Perth, WA

Sarah Lohrey, Applied Science degree in Conservation of cultural materials, Materials Science, CROYDON NORTH, VIC

Rhiannon Lovell, Bachelor Exercise and Sport Science, Movement and Health, Ettalong Beach, NSW

Jillian Maclure, 3ed yr Agricultural Science at Adelaide University, S Aust., Biology and Botany, Proston, Queenslanmd

Don Maisch, PhD, Independent Researcher, Author of The Procrustean Approach, Lindisfarne, TAS

Sandrine Makiela, PhD microbiology, Microbiology, Rockhampton, Qld

Viv Mancusi, Master of Public Health - International Health, Melbourne, Victoria

Joanna Mander, Master of earth science in geology, Geologist, Geologist, Perth, Western Australia

Adam Mannering, B.Sc, Grad.Dip.Clin.Biochem, Health coach, producer, Cedar Vale, Queensland

Dora Marinova, PhD, sustainability, Professor, Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, Perth, Western Australia

Chris Mason, BAppSc, Chemistry, Berwick, Victoria

Jacinta Matthews, Laboratory technician, Tafe Sa laboratory skills, Adelaide, South Australia

Warren Mitchell, B.App.Sc - Medical Technology, Oncology Genetics, Sydney, NSW

tony mobily, Computer science, Hamilton Hill, WA

Chaitanya Morly-Southall, Bachelor of science honours in genetics and evolutionary biology, Health professional, Woolgoolga, Nsw

Jacky Morris, PhD Social Science: Social Relations, Community and Human Evolution, Coordinator of Byron Visions/ Brunswick Heads Eco Village, Suffolk Park, NSW

Angela Murray, BSc, MSc Physiology, Ocean Shores, NSW

Sandra Northey, Bachelor science education, bachelor of science honors chemistry, llb, Wodonga, Victoria

Peter Owen, Bachelor of Applied Science, Retired Geologist, Northcote, VIC

Peter Owen, Bachelor Applied Science, Geologist, Northcote, VIC

Glen Palise, Research, Brisbane, Queensland

Minal Patel, BSc Audiology, MSc Neurosensory Sciences, Clinical Scientist Audiology, Perth

John Paterson, B Sc, Ph D Biology, Coral Reef Starfish and Predator Ecology, Retired, WOOPEN CREEK (QLD), QLD

Theresa Perez, Degree in Environmental Biology, Mount Pritchard, NSW

Anita Perkie, Environmental Biogeochemistry, Brisbane, Qld

Anita Peura, B.Science(Hons), B. Nursing, medical science research and experience of 40 years, medical sciences, research assistant at University of Melbourne (current), Monash University, University of Adelaide, Flinders University, Melbourne, Victoria

Anita Peura, B.Sc.(Hons.), B. Nursing, medical sciences, embryology, Research assistant at Monash University, University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, Flinders University, Boronia, VIC

Una Phelan, Environmental Scientist, South Perth, WA

Emma Phillips, Marine Biology, Brisbane, Qld

Sofia Pinto, Honours degree, Physics, Perth

Peter Graham Poropat, Ecological Restoration, Author on Australian Rainforest tree by bark, Trunk, Lillian rock, NSW

Michael Primero, Bachelor of Science, Masters Science/Technology Studies, Environmental Toxicity Consultant, Director, EMR STOP, Gold Coast, Queensland

Brian Purdey, PhD (effects of built environments on human performance), Alexandra Headland, QLD

Mark Pytellek, Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Speaker and Teacher, LaTrobe University, Melbourne, VIC

Annelise Remigio, Bachelor of Arts, Environmental (mining), Movement Coach, WEMBLEY, Western Australia

Roberto Rojas-Morales, M.A. (Research Sc. & Tech); MBA; Grad.Dip.Med.Imaging; Grad.Dip. Mgt; Grad. Exec. Cert. Bus. Acumen; B.Health, Medical Imaging, Former Vice Dean at 2 Universities in Australia and Shanghai, Kiama, NSW

Tom Rothsey, Ecology, Biodiversity, Environmental Science, Ecologist, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Kirrilie Rowe, B Sc. Geology, Hons, Environmental, PhD candidate, University of South Australia, Yatala Vale, South Australia

Taylah Rule, Bachelor of science (marine and freshwater biology), Marine, Student at ECU, Perth, WA

Victoria Samios, Microbiology, Brisbane, Queensland

Premala Sangara, Bachelor of Science, Environmental Scientist, Portland, New South Wales

Michele Schutte, Honours University degree in Computer Science, Computers, Lecturer, Brisbane, Queenslamd

Mark Searle, Bachelor of Science(Human Biology), ITO, Canberra, ACT

michelle sgro, Environmental and climate change health, melbourne, victoria

Martine Shepherd, Marine Science, Bunbury, Western Australia

Arina Sheptitskaya, Medical science, Sydney, NSW

Jo Smartt, Nutritionist, Nollamara, Western Australia

Kerri Smith, Lab Skills Cert; Adv Cert Chemical Technology, College of Technical & Further Education (TAFE),Granville; Dip Sustainability, TAFE Port Macquarie; Assoc Dip Adult Education (Training), University of Technology (UTS), Sydney; Grad Cert Counselling Skills, ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology), Sydney; Grad Cert Health Promotion, La Trobe University, Melbourne; Current: BSc (Bioscience), RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Melbourne, BSc student & carer., Former (NSW, Australia): Laboratory Assistant, University of New England, Armidale, NSW; Quality Analyst/Crew Analyst Trainer/Training Coordinator (Process & Technical)/Product Specialist, Kimberly Clark Corp, Ingleburn, Australia; (OS) Director of Studies Jien Ye Foreign Language School, Zheng Zho, China., Sydney, NSW

Julie Spencer, Environmental Science (Cons & M'Ment), Brisbane, Queensland

Julie Spencer, Environmental Scientist, Brisbane, QLD

Angela Standley, Bachelor of Science, environmental, Mullumbimby, New South Wales

Ajara Stewart, BSc (Hons) Biology, Cooloola Cove, QLD

Katherine Sturges, Bachelor of Science, Environmental, Perth, WA

Clare Sullivan, Environmental Science, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Jennifer Taylor, Bachelor of Science with Double Majors (Microbiology & Pathology), Medical Technologist PathWest Perth WA; Research Officer University of WA, Perth, Western Australia, Perth, WA

Hems Thakraar, Computer Science, BSC Hon’s Computer Science - University of WALES, CARDIFF, Perth, WA

Mary Thirlwall, Masters Geology, Nsw University SYDNEY Australia, Sydney, Nsw

Peter Thompson, Diploma of Agriculture and Graduate Diploma of Agriculture, Biological Agronomist, NUBEENA, TAS

Phinny Thoo, Bachelor of Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Perth, Western Australia

Wallace Thornhill, B.Sc. Physics, Electronics, Physicist, V.P. Thunderbolts Group Inc. and science advisor to the SAFIRE experiment in Toronto, Canada., Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Tania Tule, Marine Biologist, University of Tasmania, Newcastle, NSW

Karina Tuveng, Master of Earth Sciences, Geologist, Southern Highlands, NSW

Jose van den Akker, PhD, Education, Postdoc Research Fellow, Perth, Western Australia

Sofia Vaz Pinto, Physicist, Perth

Grace Viljoen, Neuroscience, Perth

Grace Viljoen, Neuroscience, Peppermint Grove, Western Australia

Emma Walker, BSc Geology, Geology, Perth, Western Australia

Steve Weller, BSc Biochemistry and Microbiology, Treasurer and a Founding Member of the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association, a Public Representative on the Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group (EMERG) committee established by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), Brisbane, QLD

Jane Welsh, Bachelor Of Science (Biochemistry), VERRIERDALE, Queensland

Linda Whitefeather, BSc Zoology, Retired, Lismore, NSW

Linda Whitefeather, Bachelor of Science (Zoology), Lismore, New South Wales

Emma Whittlesea, Environmental, PhD, Stokers Siding, NSW

Alexandra Williams, Science Degree, Health practitioner, Hobart, Tasmania

Remmy Wood, Bachelor of health science, health, Perth, western australia


Johanna Bergmann, Dr. Mag., Chemist, Vienna

Sigrid Beyer, PhD, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Hospice and Palliative Care at Hospiz Österreich, Vienna

Barbara Birnbaumer, Master of Nature Sciences (Biology), Mag. rer. nat., Walpersbach

Zhaliya Birngruber, Bad Leonfelden

Susanne Boateng, Master of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Teacher of Yogic Philosophy and Practices, Vienna

Markus Dirnwöber, Mag.rer.nat & PhD, Marine Biologist, Vienna, Vienna

Bert Elegan, Archaeology, Graz

Edwin Engel, Dr. rer. nat., Biologist, 4101 Herzogsdorf

Gerit Fischer, Master of Science, Nutrition, Gablitz, Lower Austria

Leberl Franciska, PhD, Dr. rer. nat., Biologist, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Carintia

Andrea Maria Geiger, Dr., ethno-archaeology, pensionistin, Wien, Vienna

Dennis Gribok, Bsc., Sports science, Teacher, Vienna, Vienna

Eva Gyane, MSc Nuclear Science and Technology, MBA Business Administration, Nuclear Safeguards Inspector, Nuclear Export Control Specialist, IAEA, Vienna

Laminger Hildegard, Dr.phil.rer,nat., Bruck an der Mur, Steiermark

Arthur Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Dr. rer.nat., Mathematics, Doctor rerum naturalium, Mathematician, Former Project Leader at the Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Vienna

Ricarda Holzleitner, Mag, sports science, Salzburg, Salzburg

Marina Ichikawa, PhD Biology, Biology, Oriental Medicine, Vienna, Vienna

Sophie Jäger-Katzmann, Biologist, Wolkersdorf

Hemma Juch, MSc, Scientist, Vienna

sybille kalas, Dipl Biol, biologist, poendorf

Claudius Kern, Dr., Dr. phil. (educational science), educational scientist, Universität Wien, Pädagogisches Institut, Grambch, Steiermark

Helga Kropiunigg, Mag.rer.nat. Zoophysiology, Biologist, Educator, Graz

Dr. Iris Kunze, PhD in Geography, sustainable living, transition studies, scientist, Vienna

Christl Meyer, Diplom Biologin, medical microbiology, genetics, epigenetics, former teaching students in Germany and Belize, Vienna

Barbara Michel-Alvarez, Agricultural Sciences and Landscape planning, MSc, Organic farming, Scientific Officer at Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Division of Organic Farming, University of Natutral Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Vienna

Stephan Miedl, PhD, Senior Scientist, University of Salzburg, Salzburg

Rolf Moser, PhD Physics, Linz

Gernot Neuwirth, Mag. Dr. Linguistics, Environmental Studies, Lecturer in English and Environmental Politics (retired): Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, St. Lawrence University USA, Beaver College USA (Vienna Campuses), Visiting Professor (retired): Miami University, Ohio, USA, Vienna

Branislav Nikolic, Dipl.Ing of Biology, Miolecular Biologist, Vienna

Herbert Nopp, Dr. rer. nat. (Biology), Univ. Prof., Head of Department of Metabolism, University of Vienna, Vienna, Vienna

Silvia Paar, Nutritionist, Wien, Österreich

Ute Panzenböck, Assoc.Prof. PhD, Cell Biology, Immunology, Pathophysiology, Assoc.Prof. Medical University of Graz, Graz

Myriam Parth, BSc agricultural science, Wien, Österreich

irma pelikan, msc ecology, vienna

Benjamin Ploner, Psychology, Copywriter, Langkampfen, Tirol

Stefanie Preiss, Master in Physics, Mag., Neumarkt, Steiermark

Julia Rastelli, Dr., Biology, 2351 Wiener Neudorf

Gerda Reiter, Dr. MSc Bsc, Life Cycle Assessments, Ecological Process Evaluation, Energy Technologies, Arnreit, Upper Austria

Katharina Rettenbacher, MSc Sustainable Development, Geologist/Climate Change& Environment, Salzburg, Salzburg

Jan Albert Rispens, Biologist, Magister, Biologist, Klagenfurt, Kaernten

Ines Sauer, Dr. Rer. Nat, Graz

Rudolf Schuh, Chemist, Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria

Sonja Siegert, Kultural- and Social Anthropology, Mag. Dr. Phil, Integration Trainer, Cultural Manager, Director of the association Weltkulturschule, Vienna, Vienna

Tsveta Stadler, B.Sc. Geology and Biology, Health Practicioner, Graz

Markus Stöcher, Dr., Genetics, Wals

Michael Stoeger, Dr. / Ph.D. - physics & astronomy, Filmdirector, Stockerau, Niederösterreich

Julia Strobl, BSc Biomedical Science, Salzburg

Andreas Tankel, Mag. rer. nat., Graz, Styria

Doris Valtiner, Mag, Nutrition scientist, 4542 nußbach

Sabine Weitckus, PhD, Vienna

Helmut Zeiler, Mag. rer. nat., School inspector, Vienna Board of Education, Vienna


Rahim Günay, Physics, Baku


Irina Stojkova, Hairstylist, Grodno, Grodnenskaja obl

Siarhei Venidziktau, PhD, political science, Head of Social Department, Mogilev Institute of MIA, Belarus, Mogilev


Xavier Hulhoven, PhD, Scientific Advisor, Brussels, Brussels Capital Region

Imel Adam, Environmental biologist, Ostend

danielle aubry, Master in chemistry, Namur

Frédéric Bellemans, Master Biology, Study Coordinator, Spontin, Namur

Manon Bertrand, sociology, Roosdaal

Bregje Beyst, Doctor of Science: Marine Biology, Integral Coaching, Wondelgem, België

Anne-Catherine Blanpain, Biologist, Brussels

Elisabeth Bömcke, Master in Agricultural science, Brussels

Jacqueline Bodart, Physicist, Limal, Brabant wallon

Wim Bogaert, Bachelor’s in Biochemistry, Distributor of tools that help decrease radiation impact, Wilrijk

Dimitri Calembert, Master, Physics Sciences, Master, Teacher, Nuclear physics, Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium, BRUXELLES

Stéphane Califice, Biology, Polleur, Liège

Marie-Claire Cammaerts, PhD Ethology, Physiology of Ants, Researcher (Retired), Faculty of Science, Free University of Brussels, Brussels

Anne Claerbout, university, chemistry, Florée

Marin Colette, master agronomie Eaux et Forêts, Ingénieur agronome, retraitée, Mons, Hainaut

frank collaris, watertechnology, blegny, belgium

PIerre Collette, Master Université Liège, Chemistry, Liège, Liège

Fabienne Corbeel, Graduat agronomique, employée, wellin

Jean-Marie Danze, Licenciate in Chemistry, Retired Professor of Pharmacy at University of Liège, Consultant in Biophysics, AYWAILLE

Inti De Bock, Master Degree in Geography, Sint-Niklaas

Brick de Bois, Diploma in Permaculture, Antwerp

Isabelle de Hemptinne, Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, PhD in Biomedical Research, Hamme-Mille, Belgique

Wendy de Hemptinne, Master in physics, physicist, Brussels

Pascale Decant, Master in public health, Bruxelles, Non, merci

Dominique Dehareng, PhD Theoretical Chemistry, employee at the CHU St Pierre Bruxelles, Angleur, Liège

Frédérique Dehaye, Master in Engineering Sciences (Physics), 5032 - Bossiere

Afra Dekie, Anthropology, Sustainable development/ecology, Brussels

Jean-Claude Deroubaix, PhD LInguistics, Ms Sociology, Sociology, Linguistics, Maître de conférences, Université de Mons (Belgium), Bruxelles, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale

jean-Pierre Deville, econometrics, bruxelles, Brussels

Pascal Druant, B.Sc.Physics, Brussels

Martine Duelen, anthropologist, Mevr., Antwerpen

leen durwael, biologiste, leuven, vlaams-brabant

Myriam Francotte, PhD Immunology, ND Naturopathy, Vice President of Belgian Union Naturopaths, Rixensart

DOMINIQUE MARIE GALLEZ, Doctor in Physical Sciences, Researcher in Biophysics, retired, Free University of Brussels, BRUXELLES

Ezio Gandin, Ph D Physics, Material research, Esneux

Julie Geluyckens, Master's Degree in Physics, Teacher, Ottignies

Michel Heine, Master in Biological sciences, science teacher, Visé, Liège

Michael Hogge, PhD, Neuropsychology, Epidemioogy, Herve, Liège

Marion Hubbard, BA Brown University (Biology), City University New York (Science Education), Licence Speciale, Free University of Brussels (Molecular Biology) ,, Brussels

Karel in 't Hout, Dr,, Applied mathematics, Professor, Antwerp

CHANTAL JADOUL, biologiste, Floreffe

Ljubomir Jakic, Mathematique et science naturel universiti de Beograd Serbie, Bruxelles

Lazard Jean, Master Anthropology, Writer, Schaerbeek, Bruxelles

Antoinette Jeanson, biology, Visé, Liège

Goethuys Joeri, Natural sciences, Rotselaar, België

Goethuys Joeri, Professor in natural sciences, Scientist, Leuven, Vlaams Brabant

Catherine Khronis, Master en Science et Gestion de l'Environnement, Liège

Robert Lacroix, Sciences physiques, Chercheur en pollution, ULB (chercheur); UCL (chercheur), Wavre, Brabant Wallon

Els Laenens, prof dr / phd, science, Senior lecturer at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, Brugge, West-Vlaanderen

Giulietta Laki, Dr. Anthropology, researcher, Brussels

Tori Langill, Masters of Biomedical Science – Environmental Health, PhD student, Genk, Limburg

Paul Lannoye, Docteur en Sciences physiques, Président du Groupe de Réflexion et d'Action pour une Politique Écologique (Grappe ASBL ), Floreffe, Province de Namur

Anne-Catherine LANTIN, MSc Statistics, MSc Biology, PhD Medical Sciences, BSc Philosophy, ., Teacher, Former PhD Student at Université catholique de Louvain Former Methodologist at Comité d'éthique hospitalo-facultaire Saint-Luc - UCL Current FertilityCare Practitioner Intern at Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction Current coach at Cogito SAF, Louvain-la-Neuve

Nicolas Lecuivre, Master - anthropology, Devlopment officer, Chassepierre, Province de Luxembourg

Jean Claude LEUNIS, Dr.Sc., Clinical biologist, Owner of the lab CALLYS involved in anticancer research., B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Brabant wallon

Loeven Lootens, Bioscience, ,, ;;;, Gent, Gent

Danielle Losman, PhD in Science (Physics), determination of molecular structures by crystallography, Lembeek (Halle), België

Bettendorff Lucien, Ph.D, Neuroscience, Researcher, Research Director of F.R.S.-FNRS, Liege

Stamanne Marie Lise, Universitaire, Licenciée sciences chimiques, Retraitée, Université Mons belgique, Bury, Belgique

Estelle Méroc, DVM MPH PhD Epidemiology, Epidemiologist, Brussels

Paul Pals, Industrial Engineer Horticulture, entomology, Everbeek, Oost-Vlaanderen

Decant Pascale, Master in Public Health, Brussel

Celine Piron, Agronomie, Waimes, Liège

François Quertinmont, Master in chemistry, Cook, Falisolle, Namur

Vincent Rasquin, Master Engineer and Expert in Electromagnetic Waves, Andenne

Barbara Renard, University, biology, Clinical research associate, Jodoigne-Souveraine

Christian Rome, Chemical engineer, Chemistry, Uccle, Bruxelles

Samuel Roudbar, Global Sustainability Science, Student, Sophomore student at Utrecht University, Faculty of Geosciences, Dinant, Namur

Dominique Saintraint, Master degree, BIO, Louvain-la-Neuve

Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, PhD, Physics, Research fellow at the Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies (CLEA), Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium (VUB), Brussel, N/A

Olivier Saussus, Master en Sciences de l'environnement, Saint-Léger

Sandra Savonitto, Food science, Bruxelles

Ilias Sfikas, MSc Sustainable Energy, Electrical Engineer, Antwerp

Chris Simoens, dr in biological sciences, journalist, Gent

Geert Simoens, PhD Chemistry, Lier, Antwerp

Jozef Sioncke, Master in Philosophy; Master in Advanced studies in Human Ecology; Certified Teachers License; Environmental studies and Human Ecology., Ethics; Human Ecology, Zulte, East-Flanders

Vania Swenden, Licence in Biology - Université Catholique de Louvain la Neuve Belgium, Brussels

Benoit Thillaye, Master in geography, Teacher, Gembloux, Namur

godelieve Van der Meirsch, chemistry, gent, O VL

Marie José Van Hoecke, Master of Sciences (biochemistry), Medical lab, Ghent

Walter Van Hove, Physicist and Mathematician, Gent

Thomas van Loenhout, Bachelor Agronomy, BSc, Vegetable grower natural / biodynamical / permacultural, Villers-devant-Orval, Luxembourg

Alfred Vanvuchelen, Chemistry graduate, On pension, Oostende, West-Vlaanderen

Marleen Verbruggen, Master in Physical Geography and Master in Environmental Sanitation, Londerzeel

Luc Vervliet, Engineer and molecular biologist, Brussels

Cécile Wastiaux, PhD (geography), Sprimont

François Wiaux, PhD Environmental Engineering and Agronomical Sciences, Mont Saint Guibert

Valentin Wijnen, Bachelor, teacher secondary school IKSO-HOESELT, Hoeselt, Limburg

Annick Wilmotte, PhD, Microbiology, Liège

Karin Würth, Master of Biotechnology, Vienna


Paulette Salo, BS Biochemistry, Caye Caulker


Christopher Carden, B.Sc. (Forestry), Forestry/Agriculture, Independent Consultant, Buenavista, Santa Cruz

Alan Forsberg, Masters in Geography, Geographer, School for International Training, Cochabamba


Walter Froelich, Dr. sc.agr., Agricultural Scientist, Integrated Expert in PI Agricultural Institute Banja Luka RS, Banja Luka, Republika Srpska

Slaven Knezevic, Genetics, Student, Instructor, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska


Jorge Bizarro, PhD, Insect Taxonomy and Ecology, REGUA - Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu, Cachoeiras de Macacu, Rio de Janeiro

Pedro Henrique da Silva Athayde Nunes, Graduate, Geologist, Junior Geologist, Brasilia, Distrito Federal

Eduardo de Oliveira Capucho, Bachelor, Computer, IOT Support Analist, FLORIANOPOLIS, Santa Catarina

BRUNO FONSECA PASSOS, Geophysicist, Belém, PA

Luciana Graci Rodela, PhD in science, Geography, Researcher and professor, São José dos Campos, São Paulo

Eugenio Lopes, Electrical Engineer, Electrosmog Researcher, São Paulo

Marcelo Nakamura, PhD Inorganic Chemistry, Research Collaborator at Lemos Laboratory, University of São Paulo

Fábio Nogueira, Environmental Engineer, Water Resources, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo

Zilda Zakia, Superior antropology, Retired, Campinad, São Paulo

Marileia Zanette, Master Environmental Sciences, Içara, Santa Catarina


Yulya Владикова, International relations PhD, Political studies, Sofia

Elena Evtimova, Ph.D., ass. prof., retired, Quantum Fields, Relativity, associated professor, University of Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia

Helena Heart, MSc BSc Ecology, Veliko Turnovo

Valentin Ivanov, astronomy, SHUMEN, -

Ivaylo Kortezov, Ph.D., Mathematics, Mathematics, Associate Professor, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

Vasil Matev, Microbiology, Clinical Lab,, Sofia, Sofia

Petar Paunchev, Master Ecology, Photographer, Burgas, Burgas

Ivan Radichev, Master in Philosophy and PhD researcher in Communication, Integral Education and Communication PhD researcher, PhD researcher in Communication at University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia

Vladimir Sulov, Professor, PhD, Computer Science, Computer Science, Dean of Faculty of Informatics, University of Economics – Varna, Bulgaria, Varna

Dimitar Yanev, PhD in Biotechnology, Quality Control, Kjustendil, Kjustendil


Maria Acosta, Biology, Spokesperson / Biologist Basses-Laurentides refuse, ROSEMÈRE, Québec

Mani Adib, Biomedical, Research scientist, Vancouver, Bc

Mark Ansara, B. Sc, M. Div., Biology, Nutrition, Hygiene, Toronto, ON

Henrik Anthon, materials science, Rockwood

Patricia Avarino, Applied Science, Environmental Health Officer, Environmental Health, Ministery of Health, Ontario, Canada, Toronto, Ontario

Rich Bahry, BSc, President and Director of Research, Marine Biologist, Vancouver, BC

Arthur Beaubien, B.A., MSc., Ph.D., Ottawa, Ontario

Brigitte Beaudoin, MENV Master of environment, Lorraine

Alexandra Beaulieu, Ph. D., Anthropologist, Val-Morin, Quebec

doug bentley, BMath mathematics, physics, retired, Oakville, Ontario

Roger Bessette, BSc Microbiology, St-Joseph du Lac, QC

Inge Bolin, PHD in Anthropology, Anthropologist, Honorary Research Associate, Vancouver Island University,, Nanaimo, B.C., British Columbia

Luc Boucher, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, B. Eng. Physics, Polytechnique Montréal, QC

Neil Burgess, Physics, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Claude Cauchon, B.Sc. (Biology), Quebec City, Quebec

Gabriel Cipes, Permaculture and Biodynamics, Kelowna, BC

Michelle Daines, Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, Financial Security Advisor, Montréal, Quebec

Ralph Danyluk, B.Sc (hons), M.Sc. (biophysics), writer, lecturer, Vancouver, BC

Mellisha Dawe, Biology, Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, Québec

Mark de Bruijn, B.Sc. (hons), PDPD (education), retired, Courtenay, BC

Genevieve Denommee, Master Anthropology, I was Risk Manager in Hospitals, Gore, Québec

Andrée Deveault, B. Sc. (Maths), B. Mus., M.Sc.(Maths), Retired mathematics college teacher, McGill University alumna, Marianopolis College Professor retiree., Montréal, Quebec

Linda Dorado, BA, BSc, Marine Biology, Marine Biology, environmental health science, Research Coordinator, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

Big Down, M.Sc. Food Chemistry, Food, Mississauga

Jeremy Dupont, Baccalauréat, Ecologist, Montreal, Québec

Bruce Edwards, BASc Electrical engineering electronics, MASc medical research, biomedical engineering, Engineer & scientist, Independent investigator, Firetech Engineering Inc., Mission, BC

javel eric, doctor es science, Biologist, University of Laval ( Québec ), Université Laval 2325, rue de l'Université Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6

David Fancy, PhD, University Professor, Brock University, St Catharines, ON

J. G. Flynn, Captain (Retired), Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence (22 years), Author of Hidden Dangers, Bowser, BC

RICARDO FRANCO, Hon. B.Sc in Geology; B.A. in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations; M.Sc in Geology and Mineralogy;, Exploration Geologist, Senior Associate Geologist at WGM, Ltd. Toronto, Canada, Toronto, Ontario

Corinne Funk, BSc. Ecology, Slocan, British Columbia

Bruno Galeffi, Chemistry, Gatineau, Quebec

Antonia Gauer, BSc Biol., Medical Journalism, Chemainus, BC

Lee Gilbert, BSC, Biochemistry, Montreal, Quebec

Laura Gillis, Medical Laboratory Technologist Cancer Research, (Past): McGill University Montreal, Oakville, Ontario

Jocelyn Go, BS degree in Statistics minor Actuarial Science, Markham, Ontario

Irene Goma, B.Sc. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Planner, Burnaby, British Columbia

Michelle Greenwell, MSc Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Doctoral candidate at Akamai University, Mabou, Nova Scotia

Derrick Grimmer, Ph.D. (physics), solid state physics, solar energy, A solar energy R&D scientist active in the field for over 40 years., Errington, BC

Paul Grogan, PhD Ecology, Plant and Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecologist, Professor, Department of Biology, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Kingston, Ontario

NORMAN HANSEN, Batchelot of Science in Forestry, Forestrey, Merritt, British Colmbia

Erin Harper, BSC Environmental Science, Consultant and Administrator, Administrator- Transition Salt Spring, Land Manager- Lee Rd Community, Sole Proprietor- Planeterin Permaculture Design, Salt Spring Island, BC

Dr Diana Hartel, Ph.D., Industrial Psychology, VANCOUVER, British Columbia

Magda Havas, B.Sc., Ph.D. Environmental Toxicology; electromagnetic pollution bioeffects, Professor, Currently Professor Emeritus , Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario

lSotir Ilievski, Environmental Science, Retired, Millbrook, Ontario

Paul Jablonski, BSc. in chemistry, biology, zoology. agriculture: soils, plants, nutrition., Agrologist, Biologist, Nutritionist, economist, historian. Retired., Derwent, Alberta

Leigh Janice, Environmental Scientist, Calgary, Alberta

Curtis Johnson, B.A. Anthropology/Archaeology, Retired Master Mariner, Research Associate, U. of Texas, Austin, TX, Fanny Bay, BC

Sarah Johnston, Zoology, MSc, Biologist, Edmonton, AB

Vladan Jovovic, Ph.D., Physics, Head of Physics Department, Vancouver, British Columbia

Ada Kert, Phd, Master, Lecturer, Scientific Researcher, Université du Quebec, Montreal, Quebec

Laura Kissmann, BSc Physics & Physical Oceanography Diplomas: Holistic Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Colon Therapy,, R.H.N., Captain (Retired) RCAF, Nutrition, Former instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Ottawa, Ontario

Laura Kissmann, BSc Physics & Oceanography, Nutrition, Carleton Place, ON

Marek Kloda, Honours Ecology and Evolution/ Bsc Environmental Science an Biology, NEWMARKET, ON

Tom Knott, Harvard University, PhD -- Physics, Artist, Hornby Island, BC

William Kocay, BSc (Physics), MSc (Math), PhD (Math), Mathematics, Computer Science, Senior Scholar, Univ. of Manitoba, Howden, MB

K Kovacs, BS, Richmond, British Columbia

Sonia Labrie, Baccalauréat, Teaching, Bromont, Québec

Jérôme Lafitte, PhD student, geography and lifelong learning in environmental studies, lecturer in environmental sciences and environmental education, MONTRÉAL, Québec

Luc Laforest, B.Sc., MBA, Physics, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec

Lianne Lambert, Bsc Environmental Science, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Mylène Langlois, B.Sc Biochemistry, Les Cèdres, Québec

Stephane Lauzier, Biology BSc, Rimouski, Quebec

Normand Lavoie, Msc, Biochemistry, neurobiology, biochemist ( retired), Laboratoty coordinator, McGill University ( retired), Montreal, Quebec

Ginette Leclaire, Master Degree - aerobiology, technologist and biologist, Montreal, Quebec

Marc Leclerc, University degree (x2), Mathematics and Programming, Montreal, QUEBEC

Francois Legault, Bachelor in Soil Science, Agronomist, Val-David, Qc

Yves letourneau, Matane, Quebec

Luc Levesque, PhD, Pharmacology, Graduate Laval University, Quebec., Boucherville, Quebec

Jack Liney, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, Bc

Joel Loken, PhD, Psychology, Retired Assistant Professor, Queens University, Kingston, ON

Danka Mandic, Bachelor of Science Chemistry, Oakville, Ontario

Miguel Marceau, Environnement, Wildlife protector, Sherbrooke

Karin Mathias, Masters of Science in Biology (Limnology and Fisheries Science), Aquatic and Fisheries Scientist Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Nanaimo, British Columbia


Larry McCuaig, PhD Nutrition and Metabolism, Nutritional Medicine, Ottawa, ON

Anthony Miller, MD, FRCP, FRCP (C), FACE, Cancer Epidemiologist, Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Port Hope, ON

Ben Neumann, Environmental studies, Student, Ottawa, Ontario

J Noddings, Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, Drknking Water Quality, Sooke, BC

nicolas normandie, phd biochemistry, rRnD manager, mtl

Michael Norton, computer repair, Sechelt, British Columbia

Nicolas Ouellette, Environmental Science M.Sc, Ottawa, Ontario

Stephen Overell, PhD Crystallography, Geophysics, Calgary, Alberta

John E. Papadakis, PHD Physics, Retired, Institute of Ocean Sciences Sydney BC,, Victoria, British Columbia

Alex Parniak, B.Sc. Honours in Environmental and Resource Science, Ecosystem Management Technician, Guelph, Ontario

Nathalie Payette, B. Sc. Physics, High School Teacher, Teacher Teaching On Call for French, Mathematics, Physics and Science grade 8 to 12 levels Surrey School District 36, Delta, British Columbia

Anita Payne, BSc, MSc, BEd, Plant Ecology, Retired Teacher, Perth, ON

Anita Payne, B.Sc (Ecology), MSc (Plant Ecology), Retired teacher, Perth, Ontario

VICTOR Perichon, Environmental science, Business owner, Courtenay, British Columbia

celine pilon, technicien en laboratoire, vaudreuil, QC

Evelyn Pinkerton, PhD, Sociology, Resource and Environmental Management, anthropology, political ecology, Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada, Vancouver, BC

Christian Plouffe, Master Earth Science, Geology, Montreal, Quebec

Louis-Marie Poissant, Master science environnent, Environment, Gatineau, quebec

Melissa Ponte, Wildlife Biology, Veterinary Assistant, Etobicoke, ON

Doug Porter, BASC engineering physics, Burnaby, BC

Jessica Procter, BSc, Wildlife Biology and Conservation, Brussels, Ontario

Sarah Rahmer, B.Sc environmental science and physical geography, Environmental and physical geography, Russell, Ontario

Maya Reindlova, Magister of Natural Science, Canmore, Alberta

Yvan Rioux, BS Biology, Biologist, Lecturer in Physiology in adult trainings, Montreal, Quebec

Arnaud Ritou,, Solar energy, Sherbrooke, Quebec

Ritu Sahdev, Science, Entrepreneur, Brampton, Ontario

Rolf Sattler, PhD, biologist, plant biology, Professor Emeritus of McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Kingston, Ontario

Roy Schiesser, BS.c, ECOLOGIST, grand forks, BRITISH COLUMBIA

Douglas Schulek-Miller, A.A., B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. (Neuroendocrinology & Benaviour), Managing Consultant, Nepean, Ontario

Marilyn Shaw, M. Math (C/S) University of Waterloo 1982 and M. B. A. University of Calgary 1989, Senior Systems Consultant, CALGARY, Alberta

Kate B. Showers, PhD, Soil Science, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for World Environmental History, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, UK, residing in Bolton-Est, QC

Herb J. Spencer, PhD Theoretical Physics, Post-doctoral Research in Electromagnetism, Surrey, BC

Roberto Spogliarich, Associate Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry (Retired), Chemistry Tutor, Faculty, College of International Holistic Studies, Milton, On, Victoria, BC

Diane Sprules, BSc. MSc., Biology, Oakville, Ontario

Melissa Stamnes, Bachelor of Science- Geology, Geologist, Saskatoon, SK

margaret t. zhang, Master of science, Networks and telecommunications, alternative medicine, educator, educator, member of CEO space member of IEEE (past) member of naturapathy (past), Montreal, Quebec

Frank Tang, science teacher, Laval, QC

Louis Tanguay, Ph.D. Environmental Sciences, Human geography / socio-ecological systems, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Quebec in Montreal, Montréal, Québec

Stephen Tinker, BSc Ag, Wildlife Management, MSc, Wildlife Biology, Retired Wildlife and Fisheries Biologist, ST ANDREWS, New Brunswick

Julie Tougas, B.Sc (environmental sciences) and a B Ed. Biology and science., Herpetology, Rigaud, Quebec

jean-charles tremblay, PhD. (plasma fusion!, dir des services techniques internationnal, ing. (retired), IBM, bécancour, Québec

Yann Vergriete, M.Sc. Agroforestry, Outremont, QC

Matthew Ward, Biomedical, Vancouver, Bc

Anne Wordsworth, Masters in Environmental Studies, Environmental Studies, York University, Teaching Assistant, Researcher, Environmental Health, PhD. Candidate, York University, Toronto, Ontario

Nathan Zafran, B. Sc. Chemistry, Retired, Vancouver, B.C.

Barbara Zimmer, B.S., M.S. Botany, Botany, Valemount, British Columbia


Nury Herdocio, Dr. En Ciencias Biológicas., Ciencias Biológicas. Neurociencia, Profesor de NEUROFISIOLOGIA. USACH, Santiago, Santiaho

Valentina Porcel, Profesora de Matemática y Física, Santiago, Santiago

Maria Santos, Biologa marina, Universidad Católica del Norte, chile, Coquimbo, Coquimbo

Hector Vargas, Dr. Science, Numerical analysis, Professor in University of Bio Bio, Concepcion, Concepcion


你玩 逗, 物理, 清华大学, 北京

罗 自强, 电子信息技术, 电子信息技术, 河北秦皇岛, 漳州, 福建

李 洛克, 社会学, 社会科学, 中山大学, 广州, 广东

Jack Guo, master, physics, telecommunication, shanghai, shanghai

Michael sevlin, astrophysical, guangzhou, china


Devorah Levy, Biologist, Director of Instruction, Instructor, Director of Instruction, Eugene Prep, Silver


Carlos Humberto Amaya, Master degree in Petroleum Enginerring, Petroleum Engineering, Researcher at Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Santander

Andrea Stella Contreras Pardo, Bióloga, Control biológico, Chia, Cundinamarca

Albuo Espinosa, Superior, Quimico, Bucaramanga, Santander

Maria Cecilia Galindo, Magister historia y teoría del Arte, la Arquitectura y la Ciudad, Landscape laboratory, Bogotá, Bogotá DC

W. Yohanny Ordoñez Moncada, Administrador Deportivo, Bogotá, Bogotá

Luis Francisco Rojas Arenas, Biologo Marino, Profesor universitario pensionado, Fusagasuga, Cundinamarca

Luz Helena Salamanca Flechas, Especialistas, Bacterióloga, Gerente Unidad Medica Orluz, BOGOTÁ, Cundinamarca


Nydia De Franco, Maestria en Antropologia, Antropología, San Jose, San Jose

Richard LaVal, PhD, biology, retired researcher and professor, Monteverde, Puntarenas

Carmen Rojas, Magister Scientiae, Natural Resources and Biology, Consultant, San Pedro, San Jose

Eduardo Rojas Conejo, Biologist, Park Ranger, National Park Service of Costa Rica, Turrialba, Cartago

Carmen Saiz, Human design system, San Jose, San Jose


PAUL AHOUASSA, PhD in Optoelectronics and Microwaves, Electromagnetism, Lecturer at Nangui Abrogoua University, ABIDJAN


Tena Festini, Master's degree, Archaeology, Pag

Tvrtko Korbar, PhD, geosciences, geology, research scientist, Croatian Geological Survey, Zagreb

Davor Popovic, B.A.S. University of Agronomy, Agroeconomy branch, B.A.S., director of Biogeist ltd. company, Zagreb

Ruza Rados Curic, Dr. Sc, History, Zagreb, Croatia

Tena Sarcevic, MA, Marine Ecology & Nature Protection, Zagreb

Ruzica Sporcic, Ing. microbiology, Microbiologist, Pensioner, Legrad, Koprivnica

Nikša Stanojević, Engineer, Energy and propulsion, Komiža, Dalmatia

Borislav Vujović, Mag biology, Zagreb

Darko Znaor, PhD in environmental sciences, Independent Consultant, Worked as a consultant for the World Bank, UN organisations, OECD, Europen commission and many other organisations in 30 European and Asian countries., Zagreb


Marlen Aresti, Teacher, Education, Nicosia

Xenia Danos, Phd education, Cognitive psychology in education, Cedefop, Nicosia

Andry Sophocleous, Linguistics, Nicosia

Anastasia Stavrou, Dietitian, nicosia, nicosia

Yuliya Yuran, Master's in biology, Pissouri

Petros Zantis, Physics, Nicosia


Sarka Augustinova, Master of Environmental Science, Mountain Guide, Prague

Tomáš Beseda, Master - Molecular and cellular biology, Mgr., PhD student, Phd student at Universitas Palackiana Olomucensis., Olomouc

Tomáš Beseda, Mgr., Molecular and cellular biology, PhD student at Centre of Plant Structural & Functional Genomics, 783 71 Olomouc - Holice Czech Republic, Ostrava

Petra Cerna, Parasitologist, Charles University, Faculty of Sciences, Pedagogy, Faculty of Philosophy UK, Mgr, Charles University, Faculty of Sciences, director of kindergarten which is focused on natural history and taking care of environment, Prague

David Cháb, Postgradual degree in molecular biology., RNDr., Ph.D., Scientist, Prague

Iveta Chvátalová, Ph.D., spiders, Šumperk

Adamova Dagmar, analytic chemistry, Mgr., manager, Znojmo, Jihomoravsky kraj

David Dudek, Master degree in biology and geography, Mgr., Teacher, Libochovičky, Okr. Kladno

Lucie Erbanova, Hydrogeologist, Ph.D., Breclav

Michaela Exlerová, Doctor of Science (RNDr) , Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), molecular genetics, sex chromosomes, infertility, Geneticists, Masaryk University, Czech Academy od Sciences, Brno, Česká republika

Pavel Fiala, prof., electromagnetic theory, prof. Ing., Ph.D., researcher,, director, Department of theoretical and experimental electrical engineering, Brno, Czech Republic

Helena Frantová, biology, Mgr, teacher, Prague, Czech republic

Catherine Gemerle, PhD, Health Geography, Prague

Bohdana Goliasova, Masters in Forestry, Teacher, Kaly

Petra Hajkova, PhD Zoology, Zoologist, Research assistant Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Czech Academy of Science, Nmast nad Oslavou

Dana Hanzlikova Vaskova, Ph.D., biomedicine, Journal of Applied Biomedicine, Ceské Budejovice, -

Daniel Holík, Master of Science - inner engineering, inner engineering, CEO at Daniel Holík, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Aneta Holubová, experimentální biologie, Bc, Konzultant zdravého životního stylu, Opava

Jan Hrdlička, ecologist, Vrchlabí, Hradec Králové

Oldřich Živný, PhD in Physical Chemistry, Prague

Marie Jirkova, Mgr. in Ecology, Trebon

Bartušek Karel, Prof. Ing. DrSc., Mesrurement Science, Scientist, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, Institute of scientific Instruments - researcher Brno University of Technology - researcher, Brno, Brno

Aleš Káčerik, Master of Arts - Archaeology, Archaeology, director of non-profit organisation, Březno, North-west Bohemia

Zuzana Košelová, Bachelor digree of Physics of Nanotechnology, Student, Student of Masaryk University, Jablůnka

Lenka Kramna, MSc, PhD, molecular biology, researcher, Prague

Vladimir Kremsa, Univ. Prof., Dipl-Ing., PhD (Landscape Ecology and Environmental Sciences), Landscape Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Remote Sensing, Agriculture, Director, Landscape Ecology Centre, Tábor, South Boihemia

Miroslav Kunt, Ing., Ph.D., landscape, assistant professor, Prague, Czech Republic

Iva Lachmanová, Master of Science - Agriculture, Czech University of Agriculture in Prague, Prague

Martina Lowen, Ing. in environmental studies, Prague

Helena Machová, Bc. et BcA., Ecology, Prague, Czech Republic

Lenka Maierova, Ph.D., Chronobiology, CTU in Prague, Prague

Irena Malichová, RNDr., Koryčany

Mirek Mastny, Operator, Opocno, Cr

Veronika Šmídová, Ing.,, cancer research, PhD student at Mendel University in Brno, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Brno, Česká republika

Kveta Moravkova, Mgr, Botanist, manager of NGO projects, Liberec

Jana Nováková, Mgr. Phd. - Botany and landscape ecology, botanist, Praha 3, Česká Republika

Klára Nunvářová, Doctor of natural sciences, RNDr., Botanist, Chrudim, Česká republika

Pavel Petrán, Astrophysics, Ivaň 16, 69123 Pohořelice

Martina Plichtova, Clinical biology and chemistry, Bc., Microbiologist, Pardubice

Kristýna Polívková, Kolín, Česká republika

Helena Raabova, Chemistry, Prague

Michelle Smith, Bachelor in Nature Conservation, Teacher, Olomouc, Česká republika

Iva Suchá, biolog, RNDr., environmental education lector, environmental programmes leader, Okříšky, Moravia

Dagmar Svášková, RNDr., Biochemistry, Prague

Veronika Šupálková, Ph.D., Plant physiology; Ing. Chemistry and food technology, Brno

Boris Valníček, RNDr, DrSc, Researcher in Heliophysics and Climatology, Ondřejov

Ondřej Vácha, Master degree in Applied sciences and informatics, Plzeň

Kamila Zasmetova, Ma., Environmental Science, Translation, Lecturer, College of Polytechnics Jihlava, Czech Republic, Jihlava


Ole Gorm Norden Andersen, cand. scient. (Master of Science), Marine biology, Scientific assistant at the University of Aarhus department of Bioscience, Frederikssund, --

catalin balilescu, physics, Copenhagen

L Bang, Master in prehistoric archaeology, Copenhagen

Nikolaj Sorgenfrei Blom, PhD, Biology, Senior Researcher, DTU, Copenhagen

Fanny Brandt, Cand Scient Biology, Græsted, Danmark

Charlotte Bunch, Cand scient, Biologist, Copenhagen

Rolf Czeskleba-Dupont, M.Sc. in geography, Ph.D. energy supply and societal development, wood smoke nuisance, retired, academic research and teaching, former assistant professor in geography at Roskilde University, Hvalsø, Sealand

Kim Gosmer, Medicinal Chemist, Chemist, Århus N, Århus

Edith Herand, David Wilcock and Nasim from Hawaii on line, On Pension, Frederiksværk, HS

Nikolaj Holtermann, MSc science, Health researcher, Ringsted, Danmark

Lisette Jakobsen, Cand.Scient.Anth., Anthropology, København NV, Copenhagen

Heidi Jensen, B.Sc. Environmental Science, Risskov, Danmark

Martin Jensen, Biology, Master's, Biologist, Copenhagen, Denmark

Juliemariel Jespersen, Anthropoligist, cand. scient. anth., recruiter and therapist, Risskov

Nicklas K, MSc in nanoscience, Nanoscience, Nanoscience PhD student, Kjellerup

René Kilian, Master of Environmental Science (MSc.), Director natural wastewater treatment, Bryrup

Lasse Kondrup, Biology, Odense

Marie Krüger, Cand.Scient Environmental Chemistry, CPH University, Associate Manager, Working at Novo Nordisk A/S, 2840 Holte, Copenhagen Area

Helene Kringel, PhD in biology, Copenhagen

Per Larsen, Cand Scient - Chemistry, Chemist, Copenhagen

Jane Laursen, PhD Geology/Geophysics, Post doc, Geophysisist, PhD University of Aarhus, Denmark PhD exchange study at Stanford University, California Imperial Collge London (Post Doc), Aarhus, a

Jane Laursen, PhD Geology, Aarhus

Tove Lindhardt, RN, PhD MedicalScience, Senior Researcher, Fredensborg

Bodil Lousdal, Teacher and Anthropologist, pensionist, Skørping

Richard Løvlund, Cand. Agro. Master Degree in Plant Sciences., Teacher College Environmental Studies. Teacher/therapist in natural and preventive therapies., Assistant professor Erhvervsakademi Lillebælt, Denmark. (Academy of nature sciences), Odense, Denmark

Mariane Lynge, Master of Science, Inginear of Agriculture, Århus, Danmark

Aiste Miknyte, Molecular Biology, Horsens

Lene Nielsen, Cand.scient. in geophysics, Måløv

Tove Bang Nielsen, Candidate of anthropology, Permaculture Design Holder, Project leader - teacher, Cand. pæd. in anthropology, University of Aarhus, Denmark, Rønde

Wicki Nielsen, Bsc environmental management, Msc student, Copenhagen

Arjuna G. Petersen, Chemical Engineer, Chemistry, Copenhagen

Bente Schibye, PH. D. WORKPHYSIOLOGY, Retired, Ballerup, Copenhagen

Lucia Stacey, Anthropologist, Master in Environmental Planning, Medical Assistance Advisor, Copenhagen

Michaela Schiller Stokholm, PhD plant science, Postdoc, Universitet of Copenhagen, Kalundborg

Matilde Tarnow, Cand.Tech.Soc., Environmental Planner, Bc in biology Copenhagen University; Master in Environmental Planning, Roskilde University, Copenhagen, Roskilde

Ole Vestergaard, Cand.scient., Editor (Mit Helbred), Laesoe

Heidi Vincentz, BSc in biochemistry, Student, Frederiksberg


Carmen Julia Gómez Carrasco, Phd, Demography, Santo Domingo

Miriam Lightbourne, Master in Science, Chemistry, Santo domingo, Distrito nacional


Robert Bailey, Chemistry, Retired, Cotacachi, Imbabura

Deborah Braman, B.S. Biology/Chemistry, Retired, Loja, Loja

Sarah Espinosa, PhD candidate, Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Global Justice, Scientific researcher, Quito, Pichincha

Dorota Raciborska, PhD, Neuroscience, PhD, MSc, Life coach, Quito, Pichincha


Sonia Attia, PhD Molecular Biology, Cairo

Gerd Baumann, Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Prf. Dr., Professor, Head of Department, Cairo

Tjalle Eugster, Dr.Sc, Retired, Dahab, Sinai


Tiina Henriksen, MSc, Chemist, Tallinn

kristjan leis, Masters in Psychothermodynamics (Kelvinic University), Technotronic Psychotechnologist, Technotronic Psychotechnologist, Saue parish, Laagri borough, Harjumaa

Siim Ots, MSc Geology, Pohja-Sakala vald

Pilleriin Paidla, Genetic Engineering, Baccalaureate, Physics teacher, Tallinn

Merli Špitsmeister, MSc biochemistry and biotechnology, Embryologist, Tallinn

Talvi Põldma, Religion and folklore, Tartu

Sixtyn-Gloria Toomas, Bachelor in Biology; molecular biochemistry, Tallinn, Harjumaa


Carina Ekström, Certified Nutrition advicer, Master of Science Biochemistry, Helsinki

Hans Hästbacka, Nat.kand., Biologist, author, freelance, Haapajärvi

Maria Kanko, M.Sc. Biology, teacher, Tampere

Timo Lehto, PhD (immunology), research scientist, biochemist, Helsinki University (emeritus), Helsinki, Uusimaa

Timo Lehto, PhD Biochemistry, Espoo

Taina Leu, MSc Biology, Retired Translator, Former Scientist and Research Assistant in Biomedical and Biological Research, Kustavi

Sakarias Liimatainen, Master of Science in Technology, Sibbo

Tikli Loivaranta, Master of Science, geography, researcher, Turku

Jari Malm, D. Sc. (Tech.), Inorganic chemistry, Materials science, Private trader, Lahti

Anne-Louise Nilsson, Master in chemistry, Mrs, Teacher, Karlstads universitet, Karlstad, Sweden, Porvoo, Uusimaa

Georgiy Ostroumov, PhD in the field of RF EMF, Independent Researcher, Kotka


Maura Ryömä, Master of environmental sciences, Suonenjoki

Tamara Tuuminen, MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Researcher at the University of Helsinki

Noora Vartija, MSc Biology, Jyväskylä


Alice Aglaghanian, Master social sciences, Anthropologist, Toulouse, Occitanie

Conrad Aguila, Physiotherapist, Saint hippolute du fort, Gard

isabelle altimir, docteur en physique, Maître de conférences retraitée, retraitée de l'enseignement supérieur, université de Toulon France, toulon

Nasserre AMARA, Physics Master Degree. Science and Structure of Matter, VITRY sur SEINE

Pascal Amblard, Botanique / Bryologie, MNHN, Strasbourg, Alsace

jean-sébastien andré, mathémathiques, Beauvais

Christèle Auclair, Bachelor, Clinical Trial Coordinator, Culan

Carole Aune, BS Mathematics, MA Geography, Cherbourg

Carole Aune, MA Geography, Ste Genevieve


Olivier Aznar, Economics, Clermont-Ferrand

Edouard Azzais, Ingénieur Diplome d'État DPE, Specialist in the Electromagnetic Environment, Designer and Manufacturer of Electromagnetically Sheilded Computers, Referent to Centre Hospitalier Régional et Universitaire de Brest (Regional and University Hospital Center of Brest), Mérignac

Yves BACHIMONT, meteorologist, Plaisance-du-Touch

Cassandre baptiste, agriculture biologique, arboricultrice fruitière, savigné, vienne

Marie-France Bellet, Tropical Agronomy Research, CIRAD (centre international de recherche agronomique pour le développement, FRANCE), Ivry sur Seine

Frédéric Bernicot, PhD Thesis, Scientific researcher, Nantes

Jean-Claude BESSAC, Docteur en archéologie, Docteur en histoire, Retraité, Habilité à diriger des recherches, 30730Montpezat, France

Maud Bigand, Master's Degree in Environmental Science, Ganac

Jérôme Biju-Duval, Docteur de 3° cycle en géologie appliquée, Hydrogéologue, Le Gua, Isère

Paul Bilyk, Master in Microbiology, Microbiology Engineer, Roen

Julien Bockhofer, Bachelor in Physics, Courthézon

Yves Bordarier, Thèse d'état, Retraité, Docteur ès Sciences Physiques, Montpellier, Occitanie

Flora Boselli, Master in Biology, Grasse

Amy Boub, Engineer biology biochemistry, Toulouse

Francois Bouchut, PhD Mathematics and Geosciences, Research Director, Research Director, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France, Paris

olivier briand, PHD, Geologue, aubagne

Remi BRICOUT, master fundamental physics, LES LILAS

Marion Briens, Post-Master degree - Biology, environmental economics, public policies for environmental management, Lullin

Annabel Brochier, Ergonomist, Gif Sur Yvette

Frederic Brunet, PhD Evolutionary Genomics, Research Engineer in BioInformatics, Lyon

Laurent Bruno, Scientific, Aix en Provence, Aix en Provence

marguerite canet, maîtrise de biologie, enseignante dans le secondaire à la retraite, postes dans des établissements du second degré en France, sr céré, région occitanie

Julien CARATORI, Docteur es sciences, Maitre de conférence, Retraité, Université Paris Sud, Orsay

Fanny Cautain, Master Anthropology, Communication, Labattoir

Maumelat Cécile, Professeure Agrégée Sciences, retraitée, Villechauve, France

Virginie CESARI, BTS, Chimie/ matériaux/oenologie, Plan de la Tour, PACA

Jean-Pierre Chanteau, PhD economics + Engineer Degree agronomy, economics, Grenoble

Pierre Charline, MS Physics, PhD computers, Engineer, Lyon

Camille Chastel, PhD in Biotechnology, Biotechnology, Courbevoie

Daniele Chevrel, MSc Biology, DEA Anthropology, Retired Professor of Biology, Angoulême

Arnaud Chiffaudel, Doctor in Physics, Physics of complex systems, Val d'Oust

FOURNIER Claude, DOCTOR IN GEOLOGY (GEOPHYSICS°, TEACHER in Hydraulics, Hydrogeology, hydorlogy (undergraduate level), LYCEE PRIVE SAINTE MAURE. 10150 SAINTEMAURE. FRANCE, MONTSUZAIN

Ben Coq, Engineer, Grenoble, France

Sarah Correia, Masters in Ecology in Paris, Translator, Plazac, Aquitaine

frederic costamagna, teacher, firmi, france

Claire Couly, PhD (etnobiology), Toulouse

Christiane Courant, librarian in agronomic research, Le Vigan

Antoine Courtemanche, Agroecology, PLOEMEUR

Laura Crépin, Bac + 3 in analytical chemistry for environnement, Chemistry environnement technician, Thonon les Bains

Marika Dablai, Master’s in Physics, Motpellier

MARION DABOSVILLE, master in biochemistry, Geobiologist, MINIAC MORVAN, Côtes-d'Armor


Jean-Etienne Delerue, pharma analysis, Grabels, Occitanie

Christine demarez, Phd in geophysics, Teacher, La Tour d'Aigues, Vaucluse


Eva Dolezel, Professor and Goebiologist, Vétraz-Monthoux, Haute savoie

Philippe Dollfus, Doctor, physics, Gif-sur-Yvette

barancourt dominique, retraité, troisième cycle de physique nucléaire faculté des sciences Grenoble France, Herbeys

Romann dominique, Aménagement urbain, Ingénieur - Docteur en géographie, Retraité, Saint Herblain, 44 800

Salindrah DOOKHEE, Maîtrise de Biologie des Populations et des Écosystèmes (UPS Toulouse) / Licence de Biologie (ULP Strasbourg), TOULOUSE, OCCITANIE

Mathieu Doray, PhD Fisheries Science, Nantes

clemens Dr. EMANUEL, Doktor der Agrarwissenschaften, Diplomagraringenieur, Bitche, Grand Est

Herve Drean, Phd, Ethnologist, ST DOLAY

Gaetan du Bus de Warnaffe, Doctor, Engineer, Post-Doc, Forest Ecology and Management, Limoux, Occitanie

Sophie Dube, Agrégée de Biologie, Biology, Alençon

Yann Dubos, BSc Biomedical Sciences (Pharmacology), Médan

Elysanne Durand, MSc in Marine Biology, Oceanographer, Ajaccio

nadine ellouz, PHD, Geology Tectonics, Proect leader IFP New Energies, Chatenay-Malabry

Cuissard Emilie, Master degree, Ethnobotanist, Val Suran

Blanc Eric, IT scientist, Montpellier, 34980

Julien Espagne, Master, Archaeologist, Paris, Paris

Lesly Espinoza, biological and biochemical analysis, Montpellier, Herault


Jean-Matthieu Etancelin, PhD Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor, Saint Laurent Bretagne, 64

Jean Pierre Fayol, laboratory of pollen, professor, Saint Lattier, Isere

Mickaël Febvre, Phd physicist, Application engineer, Dijon

Alexis FERRER, Physicist (Barcelona University); MSC in Geophysics (IFP), Engineer, Exploration Geophyiscist, Teacher at IFP-Training Freelance Geophysics consultant, Saint Germain en Laye, Yvelines

Olivier Fichant, Master, Child psychology, Toulouse

Nienke Fokma, Drs. Ing. Biologie, Plouray, Bretagne

christine FONTANELLI, Master in Biology., Therapist, Entraigues sur la Sorgue

Laura Fournie, Master 2 biology, Teacher, L union

Jérémie Foëx, Master II anthropology, Valence

Jean-Marie Froidefond, PHD in oceanography, retired, Emerit researcher at the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France), Administrateur SEPANSO (Société pour l'Etude, la Protection et l'Aménagement de la Nature dans le Su-Ouest) Membre du Conseil Maritime Sud-Atlantique (France) Membre du Conseil de Gestion du Parc Naturel Marin du Bassin d'Arcachon (France), Gujan-Mestras, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine

sebastien froideval, biologiste, saint sauveur 29450

marion gabant, ingénieur chimiste, COBONNE

philippe gabillot, maîtrise sciences physiques, Palaiseau, Essonnes

jean-Luc GATTI, pHd, research, La colle sur loup

Jean-Christophe GAUDRY, Teacher, Lycée Paul Langevin, SIX-FOURS, VAR

Gildas Gavrel, PhD, Chemistry, Argenteuil

Caniac Georges, Health Physics / radioprotection, Physicist assistant, Retired, French Navy - Pacific Polynesia nuclear test - Hospital - CERN, THOIRY, Auvergne - Rhône Alpes

Jacqueline Gerante, Master’s Degree in Biology, Marseille

Daniel GIESSNER, Licence de mathématiques, Retraité, Ex directeur d'un organisme de logement social., RIVIERES, 81600

LEGER Gilbert, Agregation S Physiques, Enseignant, Valence, R. Alpes

Nalbone Gilles, Ph.D cellular biology, Researcher (retired), Director of Research emerite at Inserm (retired), Marseille

anne girard, geologist, millau

Emma Girard, Master 2 Ecologie Biodiversité Evolution, Sorbonne université - faculté de science (UPMC) - Paris 6, Paris

Myriam Gissinger, Ingénieur en environnement, Bénévole à France Nature Environnement, Ambert, Auvergne

Rachel goodwin, BA, Saint dolay

patrice goyaud, doctor of physics and engineer, hight voltage electrical transmission, vabre, Tarn

Patrice Goyaud, Doctor Ing. in Physics, Electrotechnic Engineering and Structure of Solids, Vabre

Ann Graff, Master of Geography, Strasbourg

Bernard Grand, Docteur en Philosophie - Maître es-Sciences physiques, Physics, GOLBEY

Rémy Grand, meteorologiste, Gières

Philippe Grimm, Biologie et sciences, Director of business, Miribel valherbasse

bernadette gro, dr, botanique, technicien formation et recherche université paul sabatier oulouse, ramonville, haute garonne

Bernard Guennebaud, Docteur es sciences Mathématiques et statistiques, Professeur retraité, Exireuil

Doukhan Guillaume, master on geography, projects manager in an NGO, Member of action group services and digital issues in the European union strategy for alpine région (eusalp), Laragne

LAFON Guillaume, Master Degree in Marine Biologie, Market gardener, Saint Christophe de Double

Francois Guyon, PhD chemistry, Bordeaux

Fayt Hervé, Doctorat, Géographe, Paris

stephane HERVE, BEPC, 2 yeaes of learning photography, Technician in electrical measurement, Chateau-Chinon


VALERIE HOUNIEU, Master in Chemistry and Physics, FRONTON

hélène Ilbert, Researcher, Doctor in international policies, Economics, CIHEAM-IAMM, COMBAILLAUX

Consolo Ilia, DEA anthropologie, Aix-en-Provence, France

Philippe Irigaray, PhD Biochemistry, Scientific Director, ARTAC – Association for Research and Treatment Against Cancer, Paris

talpin jamard isabelle, licence géologie, retraite, vouvant

Anna-Karine Jean, Master Ecology and ethology, Ecology, botanic, biodiversity,..., Castelsarrasin

GALINDO Jean, Docteur en chimie et Docteur en Génie Mécanique, gérant de camping, ESCARO, languedoc roussillon

Jean-Jack JEGOU, Physicist, Engineer, Retired, SISTERON

Maria Kaklea, Master in Biology, Biologist, Toulouse

Walczewski kaïssa, Biology, 3 years after bachelor undergraduate degree in biology, Marseille

Sandra Kauv, Master's degree in chemistry, Paris

Stéphane KERVEILLANT, Master Degree : Environment, Biology, geology, Teacher, Marvejols, 08

Philippe KISCHEL, Ph.D., Researcher in the field of cancer, Animal Physiology, Maître de conférences, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, ARRAS

Emmanuel kouadio, PhD student, Air pollution, PhD student, Université de Nantes, IFSTTAR (Institut français des sciences et technologies des transports, de l'aménagement et des réseaux), Bouguenais Cedex, Nantes

mireille kreutzer, professeur, Armoy, haute-savoie

CHRISTIANE LACOMBE, PhD Physiology, Retired from CNRS, Researcher at the CNRS (France), MIREPOIX, ARIEGE

Céline Lafabrie, PhD in biology/ecology, Blajoux

Denis Langevin, MSc, Physics, Physics PhD student, Palaiseau

PHILIPPE LANGLET, mastership in american literature, 21 years in studying and practising dietetics and health success, PARIS

Alain Lanteri-Minet, Licence biologie géologie. Licence géographie, Accompagnateur en Montagne (Mountain Leader), La Brigue, Alpes-Maritimes

Vincent Lauer, Researcher, Interaction of the Immune System with Electromagnetic Fields,, Formerly a scientist and inventor in the field of microscopy, La Chapelle sur Erdre

Hervé LE GUILLERM, Enseignant en Sciences Physiques, SAINT-MALO, Ille et Vilaine


Benjamin Lecorps, phd student, Animal biology, University of British Columbia, CAEN, NORMANDIE

Etienne LEMAIRE, PhD, Electronics, Lyon

Jean-Pierre Lemonnier, Optics, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Calviac en Périgord, dordogne

Christophe Leroy, Master degree, climate, PhD Université Versailles Saint Quentin, Paris

olivier lordereau, PhD physics, physicist, Scientific manager in Sarl Neurovirtual (France), Pouilly-en-Auxois, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Olivier Losson, PhD, Control & Computer Sciences, Villeneuve d'Ascq

Emmanuel MADIETA, Ph D. Physics, Lecturer, ESA, Angers, Pays de la Loire

Anne-Laure Mager, Bac + 3 scientifique, environnement, Perpignan

Glaza Maja, Baccalauréat chimie biologie, Laborantine, Ostwald

Anne Man, biochemist, Montpellier

SCHUH Marc, Chemist, OBERMODERN, Bas-Rhin

Charlotte Marchina, PhD, Anthropology, Paris

Jennifer Mareschal, Master Ecologie et Ethologie, Educatrice Environnement, Castres

DUCHIRON Marie-Stella, Docteur ès Sciences - Ingénieur du Génie Rural, des eaux et des Forêts - Ingénieur Agronome, Expert Forestier, Cabinet de recherche et d'expertises en écologie forestière, Paris

Dablai Marika, Master in Physics, Montpellier

José-Philippe Marquis, Bac +14 Doctorant Thèse sur la MHD et les troubles de santé liés au générateurs de champ életromagnétique et électrostatique., Boitechnicien Biologie Mesures des effets des champs générés par un champ électrique et magnétique, Langeac, Auvergne

Daniel Marsan, physics, Bassens, Nouvelle aquitaine

Noal Marseille, Degree in physics, Physics, Cachan

Alice MARTIN, PhD (electrochemistry), teacher, Avignon

deanna martin, hautes écoles, enseignante, bours, hautes-pyrénées

Stephane Martin, Technicien en électronique, Cavaillon, France

Esther Marza, PhD, lecturer in microbiology, microbiology, Maitre de conférence, Université de Bordeaux, France, Bordeaux

Benjamin Megevand, PhD in Microscopy/Material Science, PhD, Lyon

Eudeline Melet, Master’s degree in both agronomy and forestry, Agronomy and forestry engineer, Agroforester, Montpellier, Hérault

Coniglio Michael, PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology, Paris

PAIN-ORCET Michelle, Research Tropical Forests, Retired, TOURS, INDRE ET LOIRE

Douchka Milewski, B.Sci (Hons plant physiology), Plant biology, Witwatersrand University Johannesburg S Africa, VENCE, Select...

Agnes Millet, PhD, Therapist, PhD in Chemical Ecology, Bassens

Jean-Yves Monnat, Maître de conférences, population biology, ecology, marine biology, seabirds, Université de Bretagne occidentale, Brest, France, Goulien, Finistère

Danai Moreno, master, didactics, Phd student, TOULOUSE

Steph Nan, Medical Biochmeistry, Molecular Pathology and Toxicology, Camargue

Viegas Nathalie, Doctor Physic, Doctor, Ingenior, Paris

Elisabeth OLORY, Bac + 7 (doctorat 3è cycle) Physique, Physique, Université de STRASBOURG Maître de conférences retraitée, STRASBOURG

Mehrazin Omrani, PhD, Chimie Environnementale, Post Doc pour l’Université Paris-Est à l'IFSTTAR de Nantes, Nantes, Pays de la Loire

Sabine ORLOWSKI, Master's Degree in Ecology, Tropical Ecosystems and Biodiversity, In charge of the conservation of a little inhabited french island, Working for The French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Invested in the ONG Greenpeace France, Etang-Salé les hauts, La Réunion

clus owen, phd in physics, research engineer / structural design, Montpellier

Alan Paic, PhD in Nuclear Physics, Senior Policy Analyst, Policy analyst, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Paris, ** Nessuno **

Valerie Paolinetti, Chemistry, Professor, Perpignan

Silène Parisse, MATERIAL Science, Montbazon

Anne Pasquiers, Argenteuil

MIRAN Patrice, PhD. Geophysics, Enginner, Vence, PACA

Lucie Perrin, PhD in food science, Sensory sciences, Toulouse, France

Aude Perrineau, PhD, Montigny-le-Bretonneux

jean petermann, energy, treillieres

LENOIR Philippe, PhD in Mecanic and Thermodynamic, Retraité, Nouaillé Maupertuis

po pierson, Chemistry Engineer, HOUILLES

Rudolf Pohl, BSc, Geosciences, Environmental Sciences, Nontron

Benjamin Prieu, Biology, Montpellier, Hérault


Myriam Puaut, Environment, ST GEORGES SUR LOIRE, 49 Maine-et-Loire

pascal quinot, chimiste, sonchamp, île de France

Sylvie Réant, Ingénieur Chimiste et biologiste, Formatrice bilogie quantique : entre autres , fonctionnement quantique du corps, effet des ondes, saverne

Florence RAYNALDY, Bac + 5 en Mathématiques et Ecologie, La Chapelle de Brain, 35 Ille et Vilaine

Thierry REBMANN, Ph. D., science researcher, Colroy La Roche, Bas-Rhin

Chantal REGNIER, professeur de SVT, Saint-Maur des Fossés, Val de Marne

Guillaumot Remy, Master 2 geography, Paris

Marc Ribera Fuentes, Doctorate, Chemistr, Renewable energy, Perpignan, Occitanie

Fabien Robert, PhD, Renewable energy expert (electrical Engineer), LA CHAPELLE SUR ERDRE, LA CHAPELLE SUR ERDRE

Annie Robin, PhD Astrophysics, Directeur de recherche CNRS, Besançon

Jean-Noël RONY, superior technician degree, research and formation, LIERGUES, Rhône

Françoise Rossetti, MSc, PhD, Professor of Physics and Chemistry, Marseille

Jonathan Rouzé, Master in Sociology specializing in Risk and Environmental Governance , Master in Environmental Sciences, Grenoble

Timothée Ruef, Medical physicist, Lille, Nord

nadine ruelland, maîtrise ou bac + 4, statistiques, paris13, Ile de France

Michel Ruiz, D.U.T. Agronomie, Commerçant (bio), Canenx et Réaut, Landes

Sonja Sader-van Bezouwen, MSc, Management Science, Saint Christophe en Bie., France

tom saille, oceanography, roscoff

Alexandre SAM, Dr, biologiste, Aubagne, 13400

Kremper sarah, master biology, mulhouse

Annie Sasco, MD, DrPH, SM, HDR, former Chief of Research Unit of Epidemiology for Cancer Prevention at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Lyon, former Acting Chief, Programme for Cancer Control of the World Health Organization (WHO), former Director of Research at the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM);

Sandra Schmieder, PhD Live Sciences, reflexologist and qi gong teacher, Biology, Valbonne

Christian SCHOLL, SIVRY, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine

Claire Scodellaro, PhD in sociology. Study of health status in general population, Demography (health and mortality), Senior lecturer in University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris

Christine Storck, Ph biochemistry, Biotechnologiy, Retired, Samois sur Seine

Latour Chum Stéphanie, Masters, Primatologist, Ayat sur Sioule

Daniel Strub, master of biologie, Sentenac d'Oust, Ariège

Daniel Strub, Master in biology, F-09140 Sentenac d'Oust, Ariège

isabelle Talpin Jamard, licence géologie, retraite, vouvant

Nick Telfer, B.Sc(Dunelm), B,A (Hons)O.U., Operational Research (Retired), Tignes, Savoie

Jacques Testart, PhD, Reproductive Biology research at Inserm, Chatenay-Malabry

Lucas Thery, Baccalauréat then physics study, Student, Polytechnique tours, Tours, Indre et Loir

jean-marie thiebaux, chemistry, corbas, rhone

Claire Théodoly, Licence géographie, Lasson, Yonne

Audrey Thuilliez, Ph.D., chemistry, Saint-Bresson

Océane Thusy, Bachelor in biology, Saint-Just-d'Avray

Georgios Topulos, Master in Physics, Material Scientist, EMF Consultant, Principal at Maison Saine, Challex

Jérôme Tricaud, Ecology, Niort

Marie TROCHERIE, technicienne de laboratoire, Montigny le bretonneux

ZdelAde Truffart, Teacher, La chapelle sur Erdre

Catherine Urvoy, Mobile Phone, Lannion, Bretagne

LOUBET Valérie, Doctor es particle physics, teacher, LEAZ

Anne-Laure Van der Rest, Master in biology and geology, Teacher (biology and geology ), Lauzerville

Brice Van haaren, Environnement, Strasbourg

Maria van Mierlo, Master in Marine Biology, Ste Colombe sur l'Hers

Marianne van Mierlo, Marine Biology, St Colombe sur l'Hers

Loïc Vannier, PhD Neuroscience, Teacher, Gouttières

Jean-Charles Varenne, civil engineer, prevention engineer, Prevention ingineer in ACMT30 (occupational medicine), Saint Gély du Fesc, occitanie

Yvonne VART, Maitrise Physiologie Animale, Maitres es Sciences, enseignante retraitée, LYON

Joseph Vertès Zambettakis, BAC+5, électronique, micro-électronique, Buzy, Pyrénées Atlantique

Mark Vervaart, Engeneer, solar energy, National research centre CEA France, Aix les bains, Savoie

THIERRY VITART, DEA Anthropologie Paris V SORBONNE, Gérant, FORMATEUR, AVELIN, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Alina Voda, PHD, Feedback control, Associate Professor, Universite Grenoble Alpes, France, Grenoble

Danielle VOLPINI, Scientist Enginneer (E.N.S.A.M.), Retired teacher, Saint Jeannet, Alpes-Maritimes

Anne-Elizabeth Wolf, Botany, Avon, Île-de-France

Margot Zielinski, Chemical engineering, Toulouse


Didier Achermann, Physicist, Patent examiner, 82515 Wolfratshausen

Álvaro Almeida, PhD, Physics, Garching, Bavaria

Stefan Anowski, Dr. rer. nat. - Dipl. Chem. "The electrochemically reduction of Polycyclic aromats and the microbiologically degradation of resulting products", electroorganic chemistry (not practising), Hamburg, Hamburg

Kurt Arenhold, dipl. Physicist, Physics, Munich, Bayern

Henning Astheimer, Dipl.Biol., Dr.rer.nat., Scientist in Medical Informatics, retired, Hamburg

Birgit Aubert, Diplom in Biology, Nature Education, Leading in a Nature Education Centre, Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg

Jürgen Axmann, Dipl.-Physiker, Biotechnologe, D-14542 Werder / Havel, Brandenburg

Mario Babilon, Dr. rer. nat., Professor, Information Technology - Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Stuttgart, Stuttgart

Isabel Baron, Diploma in Biology & nutritionist, München, Deutschland

James Barry, PhD, Particle Physics, Atmospheric Physics, Dr. rer. nat., Scientist, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg

Maja Barthelmes, Mag. Cultural Science and Sociology, Hamburg

Martin Bartonitz, Diploma Physicist, Dr., Product Manager in the IT, Employed ad OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, Bergheim, NRW

Peter Baumbach, Computer Science, Saarbrücken, Saarland

Thomas Baumgarten, Dipl.-Biol., Hitzacker, Niedersachsen

Adela Beck, Dr. rer nat in Biologie, Heilpraktikerin, 79669 Zell im Wiesental, Baden-Württemberg

Lars Benn, bsc, ethnobotany, uberlingen, Baden

Jo Bennett, BSc Environmental Science, Tech, Berlin - Kreuzberg

Claudia Bergemann, Biochemistry, Rostock

Wolfgang Berger, Dr. phil., Dr. rer. pol., M.A.(Econ), Professor of Economics (retired), Bad Bergzabern, Rheinland-Pfalz

Annika Berndtsen, phD, education, Eichstätt

Peter Beyer, Chemie, Lehrer im Ruhestand, 79650 Schopfheim

Niels Böhling, Dipl.Geogr., Dr. rer. nat.; ecology, rf-emf, Kirchheim unter Teck, Baden-Württ.

Dankmar Bosse, Dipl.-Geologe, Freiberuflicher Dozent, Berlin, Deutschland, Berlin

Helmut Breunig, Dipl. Forestry, Specialty: Radiofrequency radiation injures trees around mobile phone base stations, Osterode am Harz

Werner Brünner, Mathe, Sport, Päd, Teacher, Freie Waldorfschule Freiburg, Freiburg, B-W

Roswitha Brock, Theologie, Oelsnitz

Jakob Brunner, Geography, Eichstätt, Bayern

Alexei Brykowski, biochemistry, Berlin

Alexej Brykowski, Dipl.-Biochemist, Biochemistry, Berlin

Klaus Buchner, Dr. rer. nat., Professor, MEP – Member of the European Parliament, Kompetenzinitiative zum Schutz von Mensch, Umwelt und Demokratie e.V., München

KERSTIN BURAU, Dipl-Ingenieur, Biotechnologist, FREBURG

Funk 4 Burger, School research, Saarbrücken, Saarland

Anne Busch, Diplom Environmental Scientist, Environmental Sciences, Sustainability, Köln, NRW

Mona Calik, Ph. D. In physical chemistry, Aerospace Engineer, Munich

Carmine Chiellino, Professor, Prof. Dr., Scientist, Augsburg

Maria Christ, Diplom, Dr., Biologist, Ludwigsburg

Elizabeth Coffman, Human Biomechanics, Berlin, Berlin

Marton Csernai, PhD - Computer Science, telecommunications, blockchain, Berlin

Viola Debus, Landscape Ecologist, Ecologist, B. Sc. Landschaftsökologie, Eberswalde

Ronald Dehmlow, Dr.rer.nat., Dipl.-Chem. and Biophysicochemistry, Bioelectrochemistry, Physikochemistry, Alumni Humboldt-University, Privat-Dozent, Panketal, Brandenburg

Nico Dr. Döring, Doctor of Biology, Murnau

Ursula Dr. Hübenthal, Biologist, Dr. phil., Energy Medicine, Cologne

Elke Dr. Niedheidt, Medicine, Wegberg, NRW

Otmar Dr. Preuß, Professor Dr., Social Sciences, Retired, Bremen, Bremen

Hans W. Dr. Steisslinger, Ph.D. in Biochemstry, Neurobiology, Enzymology, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetics, University of Stuttgart, National Institutes of Health, Stockach

Sylvie Drahorad, PhD, Environmental Sciences, Soil Science, Giessen

Frank Dörr, Dipl.-Biologist, Freiburg

Frank Dörr, Diplom-Biologe, Biologist, Freiburg

Anna Dubischar-Krivec, Doctoral degree, PhD, Research Associate and Teaching in Medical Psychology, Research associate at the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology, University of Tübingen, Reutlingen

Karin Duersch, Dipl. Biologist, Nuernberg

Gerlinde Eckardt, Ph.D., Food Chemist, Dr. rer. hum. biol., Regulatory affairs specialist, Nürnberg

Aditya Eggert, International Information Management M.A., Cultural and Social Anthropology, Freiburg im Breisgau

Florian Ehlers, Dr. rer. nat., Chemistry, Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry, Senior Researcher, Georg-August-University of Goettingen, Bovenden, Niedersachsen

Julia Farr, PhD Biology, Munich

Lutz Fähser, PhD, Forestry, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein

Adolf Fischer, Master Mathematik-Physik, Gastdozent Freie Hochschule Mannheim, Ulm, Baden-Württemberg

Jochen Frenzel-Pöndl, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Analytical Chemist (Mass Spectrometry), Uttenweiler, Baden-Württemberg

Julia Freund, Dr. rer. nat., Behaviour and Neuroscience, Environmental Physiology, Waldkirchen, Bavaria

Christina Fritz, Dr. rer. nat. Biologist, Berlin, Berlin

Jürgen Fritz, Dr. agrar., Dr. agrar., Kassel University

Lorenz Gesswein, Dr. phil., Naturopath, Biochemist, Bonn

Susanne Glueck, M. Sc. Biology, Life Science, Karlsbad, Baden-Württemberg

Sabine Grabbert, Diploma Biology and Marine Zoology, Hamburg

caroline gratz, social worker (FH), braunschweig, germany

Jörg Grießer, Dr. Chemie, Lehrer, Engstingen

Anne Grotjohann, sports, Sauensiek, Niedersachsen

Helmut Gruber, Physics, Auggen, Baden wuerttemberg

Astrid Gugel, M.A., Psychobionics, Bischoffen, Hessen

Stefanie Gutsche, Dr. hum.biol., PhD, Ohlstadt

Alexander Haag, Economics, Production and Logistic, Mosbach, Baden-Württemberg

Ralf Haberbosch, freshwater and fish ecology, Diplom Biologe, Biologist, 88069 Tettnang, Baden-Württemberg

Petra Hagedorn, crystallography, semiconductor, Wiesenbach, Baden-Württemberg

Andreas Markus Hahn, M.Sc. Media Information Technology, Data Scientist, Stuttgart

Walter Siegfried Hahn, Spiritual Science, CEO, Berschweiler

Kara Hardy, BSc Conservation and Environment, MSc Global Change Management, Schorfheide

Anja Hartmann, Dipl. Geograph, Facility Manager, Dresden

Sebastian Hausmann, M.Sc. Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology, PhD Student in Biology, Landscape Planner, Berlin, Berlin

Karl Hecht, Dr Med Habil, Kompetenzinitiative zum Schutz von Mensch, Umwelt und Demokratie, Professor of Pathophysiology and Neurophysiology, Emeritus of the Humboldt University of Berlin (Charité), Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Member of the International Academy of Science, Member of the International Academy of Astronautics, Berlin

Eva Heep, OStRì.R. Mathematik,Physik, Wuppertal, Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Frank Hennrich, Dipl. Phys., Physicist, Heidelberg

Markus Heyerhoff, Dr. rer. nat., Physics, European Patent Attorney, Deutscher Patentanwalt, European Trademark and Design Attorney, Patent Attorney, Überlingen, 88662

Dietmar Hildebrand, Ph.D., Biophysics, Biophysics, Scientific-Services, 35510 Butzbach

Hans-Ulrich Hill, Dr. rer. nat., Biology, Toxicology, Environmental Medicine, Health Consultant, independent, Wiesbaden

Corinna Hölzer, Dr. Biology, Environmental Communication. Biodiversity, Founder of a private foundation, Berlin, Deutschland

Robert Hoerr, MD, PhD, medicine, medicine, Bretten

Gabriele Hoffmann, Diploma, Physics, Berlin

Annabel Holtkamp, Pr&marketing Manager, Consulting, Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg

Otto Holzapfel, Prof. Dr.phil., Philology, Freiburg i. Br., Baden - Württemberg

Peter Horn, Independent Researcher, 76669 Bad Schönborn, Baden Wuerttemberg

Ronja Hüppe, Msc in Intern. Environmental Studies, Consumer research and organic foods, research associate, Hanover

Christoph Hueck, Prof. Dr. Biologist, Teacher, Lecturer, Stuttgart

Katrin Jacob, Master Public Health, Münster, Deutschland

Mirian Jaenicke, Diplom Geology, Geologist, Immenstadt

Springer Jan, Dr. rer. nat, Wuerzburg

M. Janssen, Dipl.-Biol. (Biologist) | Deep Process Work, Deep Ecology, Spirituality, Environmental & Health Communication, Bremen, Federal State of Bremen

Elisabeth Jenders, Diploma in Mineralogy, DE-48291 Telgte

Elisabeth Jenders, Mineralogy, retired, D-48291 Telgte

Georg Jeske, Dipl.Biologe, Rambin, M/V

Dieter Josef, Diplom-Geograph, Munich, Bavaria

Ronald Just, Dipl. Geologist, Huenfelden, Hessen

Alexander Kaiser, Ph. D., Science Teacher, Berlin

Lilli Keller, dipl. geophysicist, Physics Teacher, Berlin

Jenni Ottilie Keppler, B.A., Freelance Illustrator, B.S. Student of International Forest Ecosystem Management, Student at Hochschule für Nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde, Eberswalde, Deutschland

Martina Kick, paedagogy, Oberhausen

Ina Kindzorra, Food Chemistry, Berlin, Deutschland

Rocco Kirch, MSc Mag. (Health) cand. PhD, Health, Berlin

Christiane Kirst, Diplom, Geographer, Aachen, Deutschland

Richarda Klaver-Wilrodt, Dipl. - Soz. - Päd., Dipl. Päd, Pädagogik, Hamburg, Hamburg

Rainer Klement, Ph.D., Oncology, Medical Phycisist, Leopodina Hospital Schweinfurt, Wipfeld, Bavaria

Florian M. König, Dr.Sc., Researcher, developer, consulter, inventor of > 160 patent applications, Managing Director of the Florian König Ent. GmbH (Ex CTO of the Ultrasone AG), Bad Wörishofen

Christoph Koch, PhD in physics, Professor, Professor at Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin

Sonja Kraus, Geology, Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab, Deutschland

Sonja Kraus, Geology, Schönsee

Hans Krause, Dr. rer. nat. Physics, retired, Bad Nauheim, Hessen

Ragna Krückels, Magister Artium Geographie, Mountainguide, 88175 Scheidegg, Bavaria

Michael Kretschmer, Field-Biologist, Hamburg

Jörg Kreutz, Diplom-Biologe, Langenselbold, Hessen

Bernd Kuehn, Economics, Wiesbaden, Hessen

Peter Kumpf, Dr. Ing., Chemistry, Lützelbach

Hannes Lange, Master of Natural Ressource Management, Dipl.-Ing., Landschaftsökologe (Landscape-Ecologist), Cölbe, Hessen in Germany

Egbert Lehmann, Dr.-Ing., Computer Science, retired, Dresden, Saxony

Christoph Leinss, Dr. rer. nat Forestry, Ostrach

Anastasia Lemke, Emsdetten

Jutta Litvinovitch, Dr.rer.nat. Geography, Civil servant, Troisdorf

Miriam Loarca, Dipl. Geoecology, Hamburg

Reiner Lobst, Geologist, Tharandt, Saxony

Hans Mahrla, DIrector, retired, LMU University Munich Dr.rer.nat Technical University Munich Dipl.Ing . (Master), Eichenau, Bavaria

Ursula Maier, Dr. rer. nat., Archaeology, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg

Thomas Mandel, Doctor of Physics, Teacher, Berlin

Uta Matysiak, Dr.ret.nat (PhD), Molecular Genetics, Head of Laboratory, Hartheim, Baden-Württemberg

Claudia Möbius, Dr./Physics, Physics, Berlin

Maria Mersiowsky, Biologist, Kirschau-Schirgiswalde, Saxony

Katrin Messinesis, teacher, Biologist, Bad Waldsee, Baden Württemberg

Till Metzger, Dr. rer. nat., Physicist, ESRF Grenoble, MPIKG Potsdam, Berlin

Julia Meyer, Statistician, Erlangen, Bavaria

Ulrike Meyer, Geologist, Schramberg

Bettina Mieg, MSc, clinical linguist, 83377 Vachendorf, Bayern

Sabine Miehe, phD, Biologist, Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg

Heike Mierswa, Master (Biology), Biologist, Heidelberg

Werner Miller, Dr. rer. nat., Ecologist, Neuried, Bavaria

Julia Mülhausen, Biologist, Königswinter, Northrhine-Westfalia

Daniel Müller, M.A., Sports Science, PhD Student - Otto-von-Guericke Universität MAgdeburg, Güsen, Sachsen-Anhalt

Jürgen Momsen, Biologie Geographie Staatsexamen, Dr., Biologe, Vaihingen Enz, Deutschland

Thomas Munzlinger, Biology, Medical, Technologist, Landstuhl, Rheinland Pflaz

norbert nestler, mathamatic teacher, dresden, sachsen

Elke Neukirch, Therapeutin, 66450 Bexbach, Saarland

Matthias Nonnenmacher, Geographer, Dortmund

Bastian Nuhn, Sport, Rheinbach, NRW

Kerstin Ohler, Master of Science, Biology, Marine biology, Hamburg

John Olford, BSc. Biology (Queen Mary London University), Biology, mobile telephony, value added network services, 86459 Deubach, Bavaria

Iris Owji, Chemistry and Chemistry of food, Muenster, NRW

Sebastian P, MSc, Lüneburg

Günther Pauli, Diploma physicist, Teacher, Teacher for medical technical assistants in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the MediCampus, fuu Sachsen, Chemnitz, Chemnitz, Sachsen

Carmine Pellegrino, Ph.D., Electronic Engineer, Ph.D. at the Technical Univeristy of Munich and at the Airbus Defence and Space, Munich, Bayern

Simon Pepper, B.Sc., M.Sc. PhD Physics Asronomy, Retired, D-88662 Ueberlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg

klaus peters, biology, msc, teacher, hamburg, hamburg

Mariam Petrosyan, BSC Human biology, Molecular biology and biochemistry, Student, MSc Molecular Biology and biochemistry, Hamburg

Inken Pöhn, Dr., Educational Scientist, Oersdorf

Cuido Piaszenski, PhD i Physics, Nanofabrication, physicist, Bramsche

Burkhard Poeggeler Poeggeler, PhD Biochemistry, Dr. rer. nat., Scientist, Georg August University Goettingen, Güterloh, NRW

Angela Porzner, Biologist, Berlin

Gerhard Rapp, Dipl. Lab. Chem., Chemiker, Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Ursula Rathner, Diplom-Geologist, Tharandt, Sachsen

Stephanie Rebensburg, Dr.rer.nat (Biology), Virology, Kreuth, Bavaria

Michael Reese, Master of Public Health, Berlin, Berlin

Stephan Regnery, Phd in Physics, Teacher, 57639 Rodenbach

Stefan Reich, Physics, Electronic engineer and physicist, Murnau, Bavaria

Matthias Reichmuth, Dipl.-Geograph, Geographer, Leipzig, Sachsen

Waldemar Röhrig, Master of Life Sciences, Analytical Chemistry, Ingelheim, Rheinland-Pflanz

Tina Ritter, Dr. rer. nat., Biologist and Naturopathic Practitioner, Mannheim

Karsten Rossa, graduate engineer, aviation and aeronautical sciences, occupational medicine, environmental medicine & public health, research fellow, Dresden, Saxonia

Bernd S., Geographer, Hamburg

carina s., BA of Social Work, SocialWork, cologne

Birgit Schaper, Biologist, Hamburg

Klaus Scheler, Physicist (retired), 69257 Wiesenbach

Malte Schilling, M.Sc. Environmental Science, Researcher, Hannover

Eva Schlauch, Dr. rer. nat. Mechanical Engineering, Scientist, Remagen, Rheinland Pfalz

Andreas Schliephake, Master and PhD Chemistry, Biotechnology, Building Biology, Lab Manager, Technologist, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein

Andreas Schliephake, PHD and Master in Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Chemist, Lab Manager, Building Biologist, PHD at University of Brunswick, Germany Post-doc in Biotechnology, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein

Markus Schmid, Dr. rer. nat., München

Anja Schmidt, Diplom-Biologin, Biologist, Marine Zoologist, Hamburg

Ulrich Schmidt, Diplom in Mathematik und Physik, Sandhausen, Baden-Württemberg

Ute Schmidt, Dr., Chemist, Schraden, Brandenburg

Annegret Schmitt, PhD in Biology, Biologist; Researcher in Biological Plant Protection, Head of Department Natural Substances; Senior Researcher at Julius Kühn-Institut, Institute for Biological Control, Egelsbach

Holger Schmitt, Dr. rer. nat., Biology, Tübingen, Baden-Wüerttemberg

Martina Schmitz, Yogateacher, Halver, NRW

Dagmar Schönenberg, PhD, physics, Iserlohn, NRW

Malte Scholz, Dr. dipl. chem., Unterhachng

Annie Schott, PhD, Biochemistry, Neuenstadt

Martin Schröder, Sustainability Geography, Wülperode

Heinz Peter Schrey, Dr, Soil & Environment, 47906 Kempen, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Kai Schubert, Diplom Chemist, Dipl-Chem., IT-Engineer, Reichersbeuern, Bavaria

Natalie Schuele, Physics, Berlin, Deutschland

Tarik Schwenke, Diploma, Geographer, Diplom Geogeapher, Usingen, Deutschland

Astrid Seifen, B.Sc. Ökotrophologie, Nutricion, Dortmund, Deutschland

Christian Seiser, Ph. D. in Experimental Laser Physics; Master in Business Engineering; Master in Theology, Priest, Heidelberg

Sandra Sepp, Bachelor's degtee in Physics, Bispingen

Michael Johannes Sieber, Doctorate & Diploma in Physics, Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. Phys., Consultant, Tübingen, Baden

Anja Simoneit, Bachelor of science, Economics, Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-wuerttemberg

Walter Soenning, Degree in Biometeorology, Icking

Stefan Spaarmann, Dr.rer.nat., physicist, Taucha, Saxonia

Stefan Spaarmann, Physik, Umweltschutz, Dr, rer .nat., Physiker, D-04425 Taucha, Germany

Stefan Spaarmann, Dr. rer. nat., Physicist, Taucha

Kathrin Spickermann, Diploma in Environmental Science, Environmental Science, Freiberg am Neckar

Michael Stang, Dipl Biologe, Biologist, Kreßberg, Baden-Würtenberg

Markus R Stübner, Physics, Freising, Bayern

Hans W. Steisslinger, Dr.rer.nat. in Biochemistry, Consultant, Stockach

Viodor Stern, Physics, PhD, Inventor, Designer, Leipzig, Deutschland

Sandra Sundstroem, Master of Public health, MPH, Hamburg

Hossein Talebi, PhD, Computational engineering, Scientist, Helmholtz- Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg

Swen Tammen, Diplom Physicist, Software Architect, Selm, NRW

Justine Tavera, PhD Chemistry, Mannheim

Nora Tesch, M.Sc. Geoecology, B.Sc., Student, Studying M.Sc. Geoecology at the Eberhard Karls Universität, Tübingen in Germany., Tübingen

Gertraud Teuchert-Noodt, Hochschullehrerin für Neuroanatomie und Humanbiologie, Dr. rer. nat. Dr. med. habil., Prof. Dr. i.R., Kiel, Germany

Bhavya Jessica Theissen, PhD, Medical Anthropology, University of California Berkeley, Berlin, Berlin

Eva-Maria Thiele, Diplom-Biologin; Botanik, Dr. rer. nat., in Rente, Lemgo, NRW

Gunther Thriene, Geography, German Literature, Waldorfteacher;, 37079 Göttingen, Lower Saxony

Sven Tiews, Dr. rer. medic. M. Sc. in Medical Informatics, MPH (Walden University, USA), Dortmund, NRW

Gilles Toussaint, Chemist, Berlin

Eisenbrand Udo, Entwicklungsbiologie. Humanbiologie. Mikrobiologie. Molekularbiologie., Biologe, Weißenburg

Anne Ulrich, Prof. Dr., Biophysics, Chair of Biochemistry at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), and Head of the Institute of Biological Interfaces (IBG-2) at KIT, Karlsruhe

Gerd Unruh, Dr. Chemistry, Mathematics, retired Prof. Computer Science, Furtwangen

Helene Urbain, Dipl. Biologist, scientific assistant, 74594 Kreßberg, Baden-Württemberg

Helene Urbain, Diploma, Biologist, Kreßberg, Baden-Württemberg

Georg Vieth, Diplom-Geograph, Geograph, Umweltberater, Seddiner See, Brandenburg

Franziska Vohwinkel, B.Sc Forest and Ecosystem Mgmt., Berlin, Berlin

Klaus von Broeckel, PhD Natural Sciences – Biological Oceanography (Planktonology), Senior Scientist (Retired) at GEOMAR Helmhotz Institution for Ocean Sciences, Kiel

Stefanie von Jan, Master of Science, Blockchain, Starnberg

Ernst von Weizsäcker, MA Physics, PhD Biology, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Essen University, President, Kessel University (Retired), Former Dean, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, Emmendingen

Susanne Wagner, Dipl. Biology, IT, Bielefeld

Harald Walach, PhD, Health Sciences, Health Science, Prof., Medical University Poznan, Visiting Prof. University of Witten/Herdecke, Berlin

Sebastian Waldemer, Diploma, Business ethics, Munich, Bavaria

Bernd Walther, Diplom-Biochemiker, Biochemical Studies, Biochemist, 24625 Großharrie, Schleswig-Holstein

Silvio Weeren, Physics, Gersthofen

Barbara Wehner, Diplom Biology, Mag., teacher, Uni Salzburg; Regierung v. Oberbayern, Sonthofen, Bavaria

Nicolette Weiß-Binker, teacher for natural sciences, Witzenhausen, Werra-Meißner Kreis

Almut Weidel, M.Sc. Business computer science, Kempten

Matthias Weisser, Dr.-Ing., Electrical Engineer specializing in Hyperthermia and Electromedicine, Taufkirchen

Jonas Werdecker, Bachelor of Science "Biological Sciences"; Master of Science "Ecology and Evolution", Biology; Personal Trainer; Regulatory Affairs Manager, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen

Heidi Wichmann, Dr., Msc, Bsc, Biology, Dr. rer. nat., Neurobiology, University of Oldenburg, Oldenburg

lucie wiezorrek, Diplom, Familieconstallation, Erding, Bayern

Michael Winkler, Master of Science, Nature Preservation and Regional Development, Renaturalisation of streams, Potsdam, Brandenburg

Anton Winter, Msg., Phycicist, Odernhim

Roland Wolff, Dipl.-Phys., Medical Physicist, International Certified Expert Member in the Field of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection (ICEM), Sachverständiger für Strahlenschutz, Medizin- und Strahlenphysik (DGSV), Bremen

Mario Worm, EMF Research, PhD, Frankfurt

Sophie Zimmermann, Environmental studies, Schongau


Jutta Pötz, Master of Science in Genetic Resources, Botany, Oberursel, Hessen


Τενέντε Αναστασία, Material Science University of Patra's, Patra's University Material Science Student, Καλαμάτα, Μεσσηνία

Smaragda Adamantiadou, Biologist, Athens

stella aggelaki, biology, chania, crete

Vassilis Anastassopoulos, Biomedical Engineer, Patras



Alkiviadis-Constantinos Cefalas, Phd, MSc, B.Sc, Physics, Physicist, Director of Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Attiki


Irene Dimitropoulou, Biology, Patras, Achaia

Christos Georgiou, MSc, PhD Biochemistry, Astrobiology, Oxidative Stress, Professor of Biochemistry, Biology Department, University of Patras, International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS), member of the Scientific Secretariat, Patras

Sotiria Goliou, Biologist, Thessaloniki

GEORGIA GOUDOULAKI, AGRONOMIST, EMPLOYEE OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF DODEKANESE, Secretary of the Board of Rhodes Environmental Protection Association, Rhodes

Loukia Kalampoka, Biologist, Athens



Christina Kampouri, Food technology master, Food scientist, Shop owner, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki


Michael Kourkoulos, Phd Education, Sciences of Education, Assistant professor, Department of Education, University of Crete, Heraklion, Crete

Dimitrios Kyriakoulis, Physical exercise education teacher, Mountaineering, Kalampaka

Theodoros Liakos, Biologist, Agriculturalist, Currently finishing a degree in Integrated Natural Resource Management, Thessaloniki

TheIoannis Lychros, MD, PhD, Director Physician of Greece, Patras


Lukas Margaritis, BSc, PhD. Electromagnetic Biology Research, Professor Emeritus of Radiobiology, Athens University, Athens

Theodore Metsis, PhD (Industrial Management), MSc (Mechanical Engineering), MSc (Mechanical - Electrical Engineering), Electrical-Mechanical-Environmental Engineer, Independent Consultant, Environmental Engineer, Electrosmog Specialist. Author of The Radiation of Technology 2016, Kifissia, Athens

Vasileios Papadimitriou, PhD Physics, Retire, Athens

Athena Pappas, PhD Astrophysics, Research Professor, Athens

Nikolas Primikirios, PhD Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Secondary Education, Iraklion, Crete


Polyxeni Nicolopoulou Stamati, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Pathology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens

Alina Symeonaki, Biologist, Owner of BioBest Environmental Services, Athens

Natasa Tzanakaki, Law degree and Msc in European and International Law, Lawyer, Chania

Elias Vathias, PhD Candidate, Informatics, Athens

Maria Vlahu, scientist, Architect, Kalamata, Messinia


John O'Mahony, Microbiology, Lecturer, Discovery Bay Lantau Island, New Territories

Sameer Safaya, MSc Earth Sciences, Sustainability Consultant

KH Woo, Environmental Science, ATO, Hong Kong


Zsuzsanna Bardocz, PhD, DSc, Biology, Biochemistry, retired, Budapest

Andras Borosch, Ph.D. Cell Biology, Psychophysiology, life science reserach, Senior research associate, Budapest

Lili Flink, Bachelor, molecular biologist, Biologist, Szeged

Alex Geiger, dr, biologist, Head of Department, Madaras, Bacs-Kiskun

Istvan Gyurko, quantum and medical physics MsC., Pharmaceutical Engineering MsC., cell and membrane physics , Budapest, Hungary

Réka Horváth, Environmental Researcher, Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem Budapest, Budapest

Krisztina Juhász, Naturopath, Budapest, Budapest

Anikó Krajcsi, Master degree, Biologist, Abony

Szalontai Krisztina, Hydrobiologyst (PhD), Teacher, Tihany

Eszter Kárpáti, Chemist (Bsc), Bioinorganic chemistry, Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar megye

Judit Mesko, Dr, Math-Physics, Budapest xiii

Regi Raffay, Semmelweis University, Biologist, Budapest

Szilvia Solyom, PhD in Genetics, Geneticist, Ecseg

Petronella Topolcsanyi, Biology Bsc, Szeged

Maria Toth, Biology, Kisujszallas

Reni Zehetmayer, Biology BSc, biologist, Budapest, Pest

Pal Zsadanyi, Msc.inPhysics, HG5CKP, Prof., freelancer computer educator-journalist, On pension, BUDAPEST, BP


VIKAS ., Ph.D. (Pursuing), Light propagation in biological tissue, Research Scholar, Research scholar, CHANDIGARH, Chandigarh

Narendra Babu, PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, Associate Professor, M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore

Avimanyu Bandyopadhyay, Pursuing a PhD in Bioinformatics, MTech in Computer Science & Engineering, Applied Computer Science & Engineering in Computational Biology, Kolkata, West Bengal

Amitabha Bhattacharya, PhD Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering, Professor, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur

Muthu Saravanan Chendhur Pandiyan, B. SC. Physics, ITES, Sr. Allocation Specialist RELX India Pvt Ltd, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Avinandan D, M.Sc, India Representative, World Parrot Trust, Regional Research Coordinator, Indo Malayan Region, Working group on Psittaciformes, International Ornithologists's Union., Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Suresh Deivarajan, Energy & Environment, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

uma devi, B.Sc PHYCSIS, Inspector of police, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Alex Hankey, PhD (Mass Inst Technology) Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Biology, Complementary Medicine, Distinguished Professor, Academic Teaching and Research Director, Stanford Linear Research Acceoeratory - Lindeman Post-doctoral Fellow; Maharishi International University, Assistant Professor of Physics, Professor of Physics; Maharishi European Research University, Professor of Physics; Manipal Universal Learning, Assistant to Director of Academics; Institute for Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Dean of Foreign Students; Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Distinguished Professor of Yoga and Physical Science, Bangalore, Karnataka

Ganesh Chandra Jagetia, M.Sc., Ph.D., Retired Professor, Department of Zoology, Mizoram University, Aizawl, Udaipur

Dhananjay Jahagirdar, PhD, Senior scientist, Hyderabad

Girish Kumar, PhD, Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai

Rajarajan Manoharan, M.Sc IT, Ecology, CEO , Blooming Blue Planet Labs, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

hemant meshram, M.Sc. (botany) P.G.Diploma in Forestry and Wildlife, Bhandara, Maharashtra

prof prem raj pushpakaran, PhD BioTechnology, DR, professor, Professor NITC, Calicut, Kerala

Shalini Upadhyay, M.Sc Botany, Bangalore, Karnataka

Gaurav Vig, Industrial Engineering, Geography and Environment, Yoga and Ayurveda, Auroville

salman zahid, Masters in Physics, Rampur, UTTAR PRADESH


Lucy Mitchello, PhD, Anthropology, Jakarta, DKI


Hamid Mobasheri, BSc (Cell and Molecular Biology), MSc (Biophysics and Molecular Biology), PhD (Biophysics), Biophysics, Bioelectromagnetics, Tissue Engineering, Neurobiophysics, Professor of Biophysics, Head of Laboratory of Membrane Biophysics and Macromolecules, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Tehran

Masood Sepehrimanesh, PhD, Biochemistry, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht


Helena Barrett, Environmental Studies, Cork, Co. Cork

Cathy Bowes, Medical Scientist, Medical scientist & Senior Sales Executive, Senior Sales Executive, Galway

Jim Coen, B Sc (hons) Pyhsics, Statistics, Statistician, Dublin, Leinster

Aoife Commane, Marine science, Student, Co. Kildare

William Considine, M Sc (Agr), Agriculturalist, Wexford, Wexford

sekeeta crowley, chemistry, environmental technology., SKIBBEREEN, Cork

Sinead Cullen, Masters Degree: Advanced Energy and Environmental Studies, Dublin

Audrey Desmond, Clinical research, Dublin

Lorna Fitzpatrick, (1) Analytical Science, (2) Acupuncture, Analytical Science, Genetics, Cavan, Cavan

Michael Gormally, B.Agr.Sc., Agriculture, Galway

Therese Keenan, Bsc hons physics & electronics, Ireland

Lorraine MacRory, BSc Environmental Geochemistry, Ma Management, Dublin

Linda Masters, Organic Chemistry, Dublin

Pauline McCullen, HORTICULTURALIST., Dublin

Karl Moore, Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc., Lic. Hom., Physicist and Homeopath, Senior Scientist, EFS Safe Space, Dublin

Ciara O'Connor, PhD Biomedical Engineering, BE Electronic Engineering, MBA, Dublin

Alannah Pardy, Science, Biochemistry, Kildare, Leinster

Michelle Phillips, Environmental Science, Sceince Instructor/Consultant, Bray, Wicklow

Robert Polak, Master, Computer software, Cork, Cork

Klaudia Rachwal, Bachelor, Microbiology, Data management, Naas, Kildare

Andrew Reay, Biomechanics Degree, Research Technician - Baker Lab, Dublin, Co.Dublin

Antoinette Reid, Phd, Analytical sciences, Galway, Galway

Veronica Santorum, PhD Ecology, BA Cantab. Medical Sciences, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick

Evelina Sereikaite, B. Sc, Scientist, Dublin

Elsine Slevin, BSc Environmental Health Hons, Independant Research, Quality Control Technion, Bsllyshane, Offaly

David Sullivan, M.Sc. Chemistry, Chemist, Delgany, Wicklow

Carla Taylor, Biochemist, Newry, County Down

damien tiernan, FIBMS, histopathology, drogheda, meath

Paula Tiller, BSc Honours Zoology, Educator, Killarney, Co Kerry

Jeremy Valdes, Computer Networks and Security, Network Infrastructure Planning, Amazon Web Services, Dublin

Aoife Wan, Medical scientist, Miss, Galway city, Galway


Boaz Capsouto, Environmental science, Geology, MBA, Entrepreneure, Givataim

Rachel Grasso, Wildlife Biology, Teacher, Jerusalem, Israel

Joshua Guetzkow, PhD Sociology, Sociology and Criminology, Senior Lecturer, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv

Yael Stein, MD, Physician at the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical Center, and researcher of health effects of electromagnetic radiation, Jerusalem


Antonio Atzeni, Tecnico di laboratorio chimico-biologico, Dr., Latina, LT

Manuela Bagatta, Doctorate in Biology, Researcher at CREA, Bologna

Angelo Baracca, Professor (retired) of Physics, Physics, Firenze Italy, Other

alessandro bartolozzi, Biology, Dr, retired, firenze, Firenze

FIORELLA BELPOGGI, PHD, Head of Research on Environmental Sciences, Head of Pathology - Ramazzini Institute - Bologna - Italy, Director, Research Department - Ramazzini Institute - Bologna - Italy, Bentivoglio, BOLOGNA

maurizio benfatto, PhD - Physics, Resercher - condensed matter theory, INFN, Frascati, Rome

Martina Bevilacqua, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, University of Padua, rossano veneto, VI

Elisa Bianco, MS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Torino, TO

Sue Bowerman, MA Neuroscience, Scientist, Suor Orsula Benincasa. Professor, Naples, Compania

Alberto Bracaglia, Laurea, Agronomist, Roma

Sabrina Branca, Dr, Radiology technician, Quartu Sant ‘Elena, CA

Stefania broglia, PhD in Vegetarian Dietetic, nutricoach, novara, Novara

Annalisa Buccieri, Ph.d., History and Sociology of Modernity, Communication, University of Pisa, until 2010. Currently teacher at secondary (high) school, Fiumicino, Roma

Daniela Caccamo, Associate Professor in Clinical Biochemistry & Clinical Molecular Biology, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Dental Sciences and Morpho-Functional Imaging, University of Messina, Messina

Nico Carrieri, Physics of energy, Bologna

Francesco Cicatiello, Perito industriale elettrotecnica, Elettrotecnica, Mogliano Veneto, Treviso

Elena Andreina Cicioni, Biological Sciences, Doctor, Carate Urio, Como

Giorgio Cinciripini, Doctorate in Biochemistry, Vice President, Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili, Gallarate

Valentina Cova, PhD, Biotechnology, San Michele all'Adige, TN

Roberta Crisarà, Phd Anthropology, Sant'Ambrogio di Torino, Torino

Fabia Del Giudice, Doctorate Chemistry, Lecce

Marzia Delitaka, Laurea, Biologo, Macomer, Nu

Antonino Drago, Associare Professor, physicist, associate professor of History of Physics, University Federico II of Naples, Calci, Pisa

Nicoletta Ferraris, Php in Neuroscience, master in Humana nutrition, Nutritionist, Grugliasco, TO

Concetta Gadaleta, Phd - physics, Solid state physics, Teacher, Molfetta (BA), Italia

Stefano Gallozzi, Physics Degree, Astrophysics and New Technologies for Astronomy, INAF – Rome Astronomical Observatory, Monte Porzio Catone

Giuseppe Giudice, University Professor, Astronomer, Astronomy, Napoli

Elisa Giuliani, PhD Science & Technology Policy, International Development - International Business, Full Professor of Management, Pisa, PI

Enrico Giurdanella, Sound Healing, Ragusa, RG

Giorgio Gobbi, Degree in Physics, Cecina, Livorno

Antonella Gualdi, Degree in environmental science, Teacher, Milano

Agnes Kreithner, Biologie, dott. scienze biologiche, Teacher, Bruneck, Südtirol

Timothy Landwier, Citizen Scientist, Independent Researcher, San Martino di Lupari, PD

Violeta Lazic, PhD Physics, Researcher at the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), Rome

alessandro macchione, biology , neuroscience, researcher, cosenza, cs

alessandro macchione, biology , neuroscience, researcher, donnici inferiore

Fernando Mameli, Laurea i Informatica, Informatico, Quartu Sant'Elena, Cagliari

Marco Mamone Capria, Ph.D., Mathematics, Physics, Researcher, Department of Mathematics and Computer science, University of Perugia, Perugia

Marina Marini, PhD, Neuroscience, DNA damage and Repair, Associate Professor, BOLOGNA

Ilaria Montis, Ph D archaeology, Archaeologist, Cagliari, Sardegna

Christina Niederkofler, Universitätsstudium Biologie, dr., Lehrperson, Bruneck, Provinz Bozen - Südtirol

Elisabetta Pace, doctor in Physics, dr., researcher in physics, Istituto Nazionale di FIsica Nucleare, Frascati, Roma

Andrea Pacher, Biotechnologist, Trento, Trentino

Roberta Palmieri, Laurea in scienze statistiche ed economiche; campi di interesse: territorio; piccola impresa; migranti; gender studies, territorio; piccola impresa; migranti; gender studies, Prima Tecnologa in Istat-istituto Nazionale di Statistica, Sede per le Marche; Referente di Sede., Ancona, Marche

Paola Panceri, Scienze Biologiche, Pavia, PV

Laura Parolini, Laurea in scienze naturali, Cologno Monzese, Milano

Riccardo Parra, Ph. D. in Neurobiology M. Sc. in Molecular Biology, Ph. D., Pisa, Pisa

Rosaria Pasculli, Graduate in biology, Science teacher, Liceo scientifico Fermi, Bari, Ba

Alberto Petri, PhD in Physics, Statistical Physics, Staff researcher at Italian CNR, Rome

Flavio Pontuale, health physics technician, radiation protection technician, Roma, Rm

Patrice Riemens, M.Phil, Geography, Geogtraphy, research fellow - now retired, Fiesole, Firenze

Patrice Riemens, Geography (U. Amsterdam), Drs, researcher, now retired, Dept of Geography, institute for development research (InDRA), member INURA (Intnl. Network urban reserach and Action), formerly amsterdam, now Fiesole (FI) Italy, Firenze, Italy

giovanna rocchi, PhD, biology, Osteopathic Academy, bergamo

VINCENZO SALFI, ordinary assistant, biochemistry, physiology and genetics, retired, l'aquila, aq

Cristina Savio, Physics, Milano, MI

Massimo Scalia, Retired Professor of Mathematical Physics, Department of Mathematics, Istituto “G. Castelnuovo”, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Coordinator of Bioelectromagnetism (BEM) Section of Interuniversity Research Center for Sustainable Development (CIRPS), Rome

Anna Schembari, PhD environmental epidemiology, Environmental epidemiology, None, Ragusa, Rg

Stefano Scoglio, Ph.D., Molecular biology, Nutritherapy Research Center, University of Urbino, Urbino, Pesaro-Urbino

Teresa Scolamacchia, PhD Earth Sciences, Dr, Geologist, ITERAS, Bari

paola elisabetta simeoni, Laurea, cultural anthropologist, Università Sapienza Roma, Roma, Roma

Maddalena Sordo, Master, Genomic, nutrigenomic, Roveré della Luna, Trento

Giancarlo Spadanuda, Prof. Dr. Eng., Electronic Engineering, University of Naples, Special Consultant against Electrosmog for High Court of Appeal of Italy, Catanzaro

Tania Spanò, Laurea, Ortottista, Assistente in Oftalmologia, Catania, Sicilia

Giacomo Strappaveccia, PhD Chemistry, Bari

Pietro Travaglini, Biologist, Roma, Roma

Egilda Ulisse, Laurea in Scienze Agrarie, Funzionario dell'Ufficio Prevenzione Inquinamento Elettromagnetico del Comune di Roma, Roma

Monica Ulivi, MA Pure and Applied Biology (Oxford University), Rome

Dario Vernelli, Bachelor in Physics, Bologna, Italy

Yasemin Yalcinkaya, PhD, Computer Science, Florence

patrizia zuncheddu, Lettere classiche indirizzo archeologico, laurea, Archeologa, cagliari, Cagliari



Mototaka Nakamura, Doctor of Science, climate dynamics, climate dynamics, Yamaguchishi, Yamaguchi


Mohammad Saleem, BSC, Computer Science, International Sales Executive, Amman


Viktoriya Morozova, Master of Geography, glacialist, Almaty

Darya Yachnik, Kazakhstan Kostanay


Jane Murungi, PhD Chemistry, Teaching chemistry at University, Lecturer, Nairobi

James Osore, Bachelor of Science in Inustrial Chemistry; Environmental Chemist, Environmental Chemist, Student, Nairobi

Raqib Valli, Ecology, Nairobi


Shorouk Almarzooq, Bachelor's in Zoology, Master's student in Environmental Sciences, Kuwiat City

Amani Alzaidan, Ph.D., Marine Ecology, Jabriya, Hawalli

Nora J, Microbiology, Kuwait, Kuwait


Ligita Ābele, Environmental science, Ķegums, Vidzeme

Elīna Karzubova, RVPĢ, Rēzekne, Rēzekne

Anastasija Piscika, Bachelor in Environmental science, Meteorologist, Riga

Jekaterina Vinogradova, Master degrees nanotechnology and medical physics, Ms, Dreilini, Stopinu novads

maruta Vite, bank specialist, Jelgava

Vineta Zeimane, Weitress, Ogre, Latvia

Kristine Zepa, Master in Evironmental Science and in Health and safety, Technical assistant, Daugavpils


Tsitso Mafantiri, BSc, Environmental science, Range Resources Management Officer, Maseru


Egle Jurenaite, Master Biodiversity, Vilnius

Jurate Markeviciene, Sustainable development, Vilnius

Jurate Morkuniene, Prof.dr. of Humanities, Philosophy, Philosophy, Professor at Mykolas Romeris university, Retired, Vilnius

Povilas Nebutinai, social work, Vilnius

Rimantas Petrosius, PhD, Nuclear geophysic and radioecology, Senior researcher, Vilnius

Mindaugas Potapovas, Neurobiology MSc, Vilnius University, Vilnius

Rita Skridailiene, Biologist, Vilnius


Amalia Kaklamanos, Msc. Analytical Bioscience and Drug Design / DNA studies, High School supervisor, Luxembourg

Paloma Marcos, Biologiste, Olm, Luxembourg

Ingmar Schumacher, Professor of Environmental Economics, Environmental Economics, Professor, Oberanven

antoinette welter, Doctorat de troisième cycle en écologie végétale, Université de Grenoble, professeur honoraire de Sciences, professeur au Centre universitaire de Luxembourg (1981-2002), professeur-assistant à l'Université du Luxembourg (2002-2004), Luxembourg, Grand-Duché de Luxembourg


Marija Attard, MSc environment science, environment science, NGO, The Gaia Foundation, Mgarr

Abigail Giuffre, Bachelors degree, Geologist, Wings of Freedom Virtual Services, Zejtun, Malta

Anna Spiteri, BA (hons) geography, post graduate in remote sensing, remote sensing, Managing director of Integrated Resources Management Co Ltd, Senglea, Cottonera


Gabriela Acosta, Phd, Anthropology, Iztapalapa, Ciudad de México


Fernando Alvarez, Bechlor Degree in Biology, Biologist, Student in master degree on Applied Ecology, México, Ciudad de México


Jose Luis Borja, Master, Public administration, Research professor, La Paz, Baja California Sur

Erika Bueno González Bosc, Nutritionist, Neuroscience, CINVESTAV, México, Puebla

Tom Burgess, plasma science, director at salasplasmahealthproducts, company owner, San Miguel de Allende, GUANAJUATO

Mercedes Cabañas, Doctorate, Chemical Bacteriologist and Parasitologist, Professor, National School of Biological Sciences, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico City

Susana M. Clares Fuentes, Ecologista, México, CDMX

Bianca Delfosse, M.Sc., Biology and Biogeography, San Antonio, Veracruz

Carlos Andres Diaz Garza, Professional, Biomedical Engineer, ITESM (Tecnologico de Monterrey), SAN PEDRO GARZA GARCIA, Nuevo Leon

Luis L. Esparza, PhD Geography, Independent Researcher, Mexico City, Mexico City

PATRICIA FLORES, PHD, Biomedical Research, Biologist, Technical Assitence, Mexico city, Mexico City

Ximena García, PhD Tropical Biology, BSc, MSc, PhD, Researcher in Science, Mexico City

Ashley David Gracia Barrera, Master in Science in oceanography, Coastal Oceanography, Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México

Claudio Guevara, PhD, Researcher and Journalist, Diario de Vallarta & Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta

Lilia Gutiérrez, Máster of science, Researcher of rural development, Querétaro, Querétaro

Paul Kimm, Theoretical Physics, Computer Science, Comparative Mythology, Psychology, Classical Literature, Bamboo as Permaculture, Information Systems Engineer, Shaman, Open Access Studion with Internet Society, Los Angeles Valley College, Control Data Institute, Founder of Open Access Studio, Director of information Bamboo Maya, San Cristobal Las Casas, Chiapas

Mariana Mata, M.Sc. Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, Environmental Sciences, Mexico City

Ulises Miranda Ordóñez, Doctor in Science, Researcher, Ciudad de México

Enrique Montalvo, PH D. Sociology, Sociólogy and History, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH), Mérida, Yucatán

Mario Pérez, MS Sustainable Development, Aguascalientes

Gloria Salazar, Licenciatura, Arqueóloga, bióloga, San Andrés Cholula, Puebla

Laura Saldivar, PhD candidate, Environmental studies and public policy, Student, Mexico city

Leonardo Soto, PhD in Information Systems, Profesor and Researcher, Dr Engineer Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI, Universidad de Guadalajara

Miguel Valencia, Chemical engineer - environmental impact, Ecologist, Coordinator of ECOMUNIDADES, Red Ecologista Autónoma de la Cuenca de México, Coordinator of ¡Descrecimiento o colapso! network, México, Coordinator of Red en Defensa de la Ciudad de México, Mexico City, México City


brahim elbouhali, gerant cyber cafe, berrechid, casablanca-settat

hugh mungus, science bachelor's degree, student, casablanca


Vdtira Hijamita KAHEE, Environmental Science, University of Scienuce and Technology, Windhoek, Khomas


Adam Ammersken, Woonbioloog, Muntendam, Groningen

Gertrude Arends-Zimmerman, Master of Environmental Hygiene, Waalre

Niels Baas, Master of Science Communication, Communication, University of Twente, Enschede, Overijssel

Cor Bakhuizen, Doctorandus in Biochemistry, Rotterdam

Marry Barrett, Biochemical Researcher, Leiden

Sonja Beijering, Hbo, Human Design System Analist, Amsterdam, Noord Holland

Catelijne Beijst, Applied Physics, retarded now, Amsterdam

Piet Blokland, Director special education, Special education director, Zeist, Nederland

S Bokkers, Master biotechnology, Microbiology, Lichtenvoorde

Dolly Bootsma, Educational science university, Doctorandus, Educator and teacher, University of Nijmegen The Netherlands Educational science university, Dronten, Flevoland

Hein Brik, Physicist and biologist, DEVENTER, Nederland

Hein Brik, Nuclear Physics, Drs, emeritus, DEVENTER, Overijssel

Lars Brouwer, BSc, MSc, PhD, Medical Biology, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Bilthoven, The Netherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht

Daan Buijs, drs., Education, AMERSFOORT, Utrecht

Albert Cath, Dr, Social Complexity; Sustainability Management and Coping with Climate Change, Amsterdam

Tom Damm, MSc (drs. Ecology), Heerhugowaard, Noord-Hollland

Daniel De Bruin, Political Science, Lecturer, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Noord Holland

Marja de Vries, Master in Biology, Author, Zutphen

Truus de Witte, PhD sociology, Social health care, Research Center, Niekerk, Groningen

S Dis, University, Anthropology, Amstelveen, Noord Holland

B. Doddema, Biology, Drs, De Knipe, Friesland

Kirsten Flierman, MSc, Anthropology, Breda

Klaartje Gastel, dr physics, Noordwijkerhout

Iris Goosen, Anthropology M.A., Radboud University Nijmegen, Westervoort

Marina Griebl, Data science, Harderwijk, Gelderland

Rolf Hadderingh, MSc Biology, Wageningen

D. K. Hammer, Doctorate in Physics, Dipl.Ing., Emeritus Professor, Technical University of Vienna, Technical University of Eindhoven and University of Groningen, Nunspeet

Michiel Hegener, drs. geography, Wassenaar, Netherlands

Maria Hermsen, Msc Agriculture, Wageningen,

Helle Hochscheid, PhD, Archaeology, Middelburg

Wilko Huiden, Univerity of Twente, Informatics, DICTU - License Manager, Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland

Anouk Janssens, Laborant, Warmond

Berto Jongman, Masters in social science, international relations, Social science, international relations, war and conflict studies, former researcher at University of Groningen and University of Leiden, former senior analyst Dutch military intelligence, Oegstgeest

Pascal Josso, Graphic Design, Nature's health, HAARLEM, Noord-Holland

Linda Kroeze, Master, Anthropology, Amsterdam

Trix Kruger, Ing, Environment engineering, Dieren, Gelderland

Angelika Kuzniatsova, Medical worker, Utrecht

Peter Lentjes, BSc Environmental Science, Forestry and Landscape Planning, Geographic Information Systems expert at Wageningen Environmental Research (part of Wageningen University & Reseach) (Retired), Innovation Advisor at Dutch Cadastre, Ruurlo

Peter Lentjes, Ing. (BSc) in Environmental Science, Forestry and Landscape planning, Retired Geographer, Zwinderen

Alan lentz, MSc, consultant sustainability, Zwolle

Marie Lepoutre, biology, Breda, noord brabant

J.G.A.M. Leushuis, drs. (Latin gerundivum docterandus, master degree in Dutch system before the master degree system came), computer scientist, physicist (anti-radiation), Zeist

Sarah M, Scientist, Regenerative medicine biotechnologies, Amersfoort, Utrecht

Ellen Maassen, MSc Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Junior Teacher, VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Karyn Maher, LLB hon2a. Grad dip NAT, Natural resources, Director, sustainable living association, Geffen

Raoul Meuldijk, MSc., Animal Science, The Hague, South Holland

Paul Müller, Ecosystem Restoration, Boxtel

Serge Mooijman, Bsc Sustainable Development, MSc Earth Science, MSc Water Quality, MSc Biodiversity Management, Sustainable development, Ecology, Amsterdam, Nederland

Albert Muller, MSC, Licheens, Bees, Nijbroek, Gelderland

ale overwijk, Drs geography, balk, friesland

Nick Paassens, BSc, (Organic) Chemistry, Papendrecht, Zuid-Holland

R Pouwels, Ir., aerospace technics, Zutphen, Gelderland

Anselma Remmers, HBO+, geography, goegraphy teacher, Tiel, Gelderland

Jessica Reurich, MSc Biology, Apeldoorn, Gelderland

Gabriëlle Rossing, MSc Environmental Sciences, Lecturer and Researcher at Hogeschool Zeeland University of Applied Sciences, Bergen op Zoom

Red Schonewille, MSc geology, earth water, AMSTERDAM

Frederika Schreutelkamp, Doctorandus in Molecular Biology, Retired, Amsterdam

Yulia Shcherbakova, MRI physics, Researcher, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht

Danijela Sijacic, PhD physics, Scientist, TNO,, Utrecht

Monique Slingerland, Drs., Historian, Leidschendam

Suus Strijbis, Bachelor Archaeology, Archaeology, Amsterdam, Nederland

Inge Swen, master, healtheducation, dietetics, quality of healthorganisations fron the view of patients, De Bilt, Utrecht

Albert ten Houten, Chem Engineer/ Environmental management, Arkel,, South Holland

Ger v, master in biology, teacher, Utrecht, Utrecht

Edwin Van Aken, Master, Economics, Asset Mgmt, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Hans van Beest, Physics/mathematics, ICT-specialist, Den haag, Zuid-holland

Guido van Belle, docent klimaat en wateruitdagingen, Alkmaar

Herman van Dam, Ph.D. Biology, Biology, Consultancy for Water and Nature, Amsterdam, North-Holland

Everine van de Kraats, PhD, MSc, Water Science, Amsterdam

beatriz van der Goes, Anthropologist, LEIDERDORP, Zuid-Holland

Keympe van der Gronde, Biologie universiteit, De Cocksdorp, Noord holland

Antje van der Zee, PhD (health sciences/epidemiology), PhD, MSc, Msc, Research advisor, Research Advisor (Research@ViZee), Research Associate (PMU Salzburg), PhD candidate (Maastricht University), Moorveld, Limburg

Thijmen Van gent, MSc, Sustainability, Amsterdam

Inge van Keulen, drs, geographer, Driebergen, Utrecht

Noisa van Malkenhorst, Msc, Economics, Leiden, Zuid-Holland

Jan Diek van Mansvelt, Dr. sc. Bioagronomy, retired, Former extraordinary professor Wageningen University, Broek in Waterland, Noord Holland

Jan Diek van Mansvelt, Dr. Sc., Agro-Biologist, Muiderberg, Noord Holland

Edwin van Ouwerkerk, Physics, Maarssen, Stichtse Vecht

kristel van ouytsel, university degree (phd), nuclear physics, high energy particle physics, researcher, The Hague

Daphne van Pelt, Bachelor Forest and Nature Conservation, Student in Master Sustainable Energy Technology and Master Forest and Nature Conservation, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland

Johanna Van Sebille, Doctorandus in Biology, University of Nijmegen, Faculty of Science, Nijmegen

Hans van Sluis, MSc Chemistry, Biochemistry, Retired, Amersfoort, Utrecht

Bas van Velzen, PhD, conservation of cultural heritage, Amsterdam

Judith van Woudenberg, Medical Anthropology & Biology, Drs., trainer/coach, BILTHOVEN, Utrecht

marjolein veldman, Master in human geography, Uithuizen, Groningen

Henk Verhoog, Phd Biology, Bioethicist (retired), University Lecturer, Leiden University, Giekerk

Marilyn Verkleij, PhD in Biology, Nieuwegein

J.A. Verwoert, Master of science (cum laude) nutritional physiology and Master of science (cum laude) teaching biology, medical-ethical adviser and teacher, Wageningen university and Utrecht university, Kesteren, Gelderland

Leendert Vriens, PhD, Physicist, Philips Research Fellow, Retired, Knegsel

C. Vuuren, Doctorandus in Biology, Master in Environmental Business Administration, Hoofddorp

Chandra Walter, Bachelor of Science - Ecology, Masers of Science - Organic Horticulture, Ecologist, Amsterdam

David Warning, Ict, Almere Haven, Flevoland

Rikst Wassenaar, Master in Sociology, Social Sciences, Amsterdam

Arthur Westra, Doctor of Biology, Haarlem, Netherlands

Johan Wisserhof, PhD, Delft University of Technology, Radboud University, De Steeg

Markos Xenakis, PhD Candidate in Computational Biology & Biophysics, MSc in Simulation Sciences, RWTH Aachen, Researcher, Maastricht

Jeroen Ykema, PhD - computer science, AI, Gouda, Zuid-Holland

Bert Zijlstra, Physics. MA, computer simulation, retired, Lelystad, Flevoland


Melanie Angland, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Immunology and transfusion medicine, Christchurch

Paul Bryan, Masters in biology, Social sciences, Auckland

María Ángeles Cabo, Professor of Biology, IES, Salamanca

Sarah Carter, Natural sciences, Researcher, Auckland

Isabel Challies, MSc Applied Environmental Geoscience, Christchurch

CL Claridge, PhD, Masters Land Resource, Social Environmental, Dunedin

Kate Cockroft, BSC Marine Science/Ecology, Horticulture, Mangawhai

Lisa Collings, Cardiac physiologist, Hastings, Hawkes Bay

Emma Cowan, BFA Mycology Biology Soil Regeneration, MS, Gardener, Thames, Thames

Adrian Daly, BSc Hon; MApSc (Hon), Geology, Natural Resources Management, Christchurch, Canterbury

Dr Elvira Dommisse, BSc(Hons), PhD (Biotechnology), BMus, LTCL, Biotechnology, Crop & Food Research Institute, Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, Christchurch

Elvira Dommisse, PhD Biotechnology, Former scientist at Crop & Food Research Institute, Lincoln, Christchurch

amy dunn, msc bsc in ecology and environmental science, queen bee breeder and teacher, hastings, hawkes bay

Patrick DUrney, BSc, PG Dip Engineering, MSc, Environmental Scientist, Christchurch

Geoffrey Fisk, Academic qualifications in pharmacology , biochemist , microbiology, Biochemist and product development, Aickland, North Island

Richard Gerritsen, Food Technology & Forensics, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty

Robbie Gray, Ecological Neuro Space Scientist, Papamoa

Gwen-Aelle Grelet, Ph.D. Plant Physiologist and Soil Molecular Ecologist, Researcher, Researcher - Soil Ecologist, Manaaki-Whenua - Landcare Research, Lincoln, Canterbury

gabriela gudex, neuroscience, dunedin

Barbara Guthrie, PhD, Health, Dun edin, Otago

Cristina Haddad, Environmental Science, Geography, Geology, Atmospheric research, Auckland

Tim Hay, PhD Physics, MSc Zoology, Environmental contractor, Lake Hawea, Otago

Chris Jamieson, BSC cellular & molecular biology, Dip Teaching, Cert Exercsie Science & Personal Training, Matakana, Auckland

Maria Moell Lundqvist, MSc Applied Physics, Auckland

R.b Marino, Biologist, Wellington, Central

Ricky Marino, Bach physics, Professor, Otago university, Dunedin, South island nz

Nicole Masters, BSc Ecology, AGROECOLOGIST, Huntly, Waikato

Jessica McLay, Master of Science, Statistics, Auckland, Auckland

Terence Morris, B.Sc, M.Sc., Physical Sciences, Computer Science, Dunedin, Otago

Heidi Munn, MSc Chemistry, MSc, FCP, FertilityCare Practitioner, Oamaru, North Otago

Sandra Murray, BSc PGCertPubPol PGCertSustMgmt, Environmental Consultant, Auckland

Ksenija Napan, PhD, Education/social work, Associate professor Massey University, Auckland

Janine Phipps, B.Sc Zoology, Taradale, Napier

Robert Randall, MA/Archaeology, Archaeologist, Wanaka, Otago

Wally Richards, Soil science, Author, Horticulturlist, Gardening Advisor, Palmerston North, Manawatu

Catherine Robinson, BSc (Hons), PhD, Biochemistry, Medical Researcher, Nelson

Tim Robinson, BSc Hons Biochemistry., PhD Neurochemistry, Retired Scientific Research, Nelson, TAS

Diederic Ruarus, Drs (NL) (or ~MSc) physical chemistry, physics and history of science, Christchurch

Ian Salmon, BSc, Biological Sciences - mammalian physiology (retired now), Whanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui

Roswitha Schroeder, PhD; Biology, Dr. rer. nat, Scientist, Auckland

Gregor Sedlmeier, (German) Diplom Physics, Phycisist, Wellington, Wellington

Jonni Sharland, B.A. (Soc) Biological Sciences (Under-Grad), Research Assistant, Plant and Food Research NZ, Hastings, Hawkes Bay

Murray Stentiford, MSc in Physics, Retired Engineer/Scientist, University of Auckland, New Zealand, Auckland

Johanna Stewart, MSc Environmental Health, BSc Hons Env. Science, environmental health practitioner, Christchurch

gwen struik, BA , MSc, PhD, plant and animal Ecology, nelson, nelson

Richard Swan, BSc, MSc ( Physics / Geophysics ), Property custodian, Retired from my profession as high school tutor / teacher ., Waikanae, Greater Wellington

Tony Trewinnard, B.Sc, Meteorology, Blue Skies Weather, Amberley

Sharon Watt, PhD Biological Anthropology, Tauranga

Glenn White, Bsc Msc, Geologist, Respiratory health, Director Buteyko Breathing Clinics New Zealand, Auckland


Byron Walsh, BSc Forest Ecology MSc Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Development Consultant, Professor of Natural Resources at American University, Professor of Environmental Impact Assessment at National University of Engineering, Professor of Natural Heritage at Nicaragua Tourism Institute, Founding Member of BOSAWAS Mission, BOSAWAS Biosphere Reserve NGO, Managua


Mojoyinola Awodele, Solid State Physics PhD, Dr. Mojoyinola K. Awodele Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo

Ayodeji Awodugba, Ph.D Solid State Physics Physics, Lecturer, Prof. Ayodeji Awodugba Department of Physics Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo

Grace Tona, PhD , Animal Science, Agriculture, ., Lecturer, Associate Professor, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria, Ogbomoso, Oyo State


Robert Aasen, Agricultural, Agrotechnitian, Pensioneer, Elverum, Hedmark

bernt gunnar aasprong, Chemist, trondheim, trøndelag

Thomas Aksnes, Health Technologies, Bergen

Eskild Bakken, PhD Architecture, Architecture, Associate professor, Norwegian university of science and technology, Boverbru

Eivind Beinlaus, PhD Vulvism and labiaology, Independent, Independent, Oslo, Oslo

Andrew Bennett, Bachelor - environmental science, Executive officer - Pollution, Oslo

Thomas Bøhn, PhD Ecology, Tromsø

Håkon Borch, MSc. biology and nature conservation, Researcher, Head of Department Urban Greening and Environmental Engineering, Ås, Akershus

Gunnar Boye, University of oslo, biologi andre chemistry, Cand. Mag., Chemist, Oslo

Pedro Cervantes Correa, Master in Space Science and Technology, Master in Theoretical Physics., Bergen, Hordaland

Lone Ebeltoft, Cand.mag Biology, Sami tourist guide and reindeer herder, Tromsoe

Turid Eilertsen, Antrophologist, Social Antropologi, Oslo, Norway

Frode Emil Fagerjord, Cand. Agric , Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), - Environmental sciences, ecology, resource and wildlife management, EMF Certified Practitioner, health practitioner, Former Leder (now 2.leder) of Future in our hands, Ås, Ås, Akershus

Einar Flydal, cand.polit. and Master of Telecom Strategy & Technology Management (MTS), Retired Researcher, University Professor and Senior Advisor, Oslo

Ingvard Frøyland, Bachelor Chemistry, Retired, Vindafjord

Margarete Gerhard, Master in Chemistry, Bergen

Daniela Gogova, Dr., Materials Physics, researcher, Oslo, Oslo

Carll goodpasture, PhD Entomology, Retired, Eidsvoll

Molly Greger, MSc Ecology, Biologist, UMB Ås Norway: MSC Tropical Ecology, graduated 2012 BSc Evolutionary Biology graduated at 2010, ETNEDAL, Oppland

Annette Grøsland, Master og Science, Oslo

Svajune Gurskiene, Bachelor in Physics, Saetre

Sissel Halmøy, MSc Cybernetics, Secretary General, Folkets Strålevern (“Citizens’ Radiation Protection”), President, International EMF Alliance, Hvalstad, Asker

Eva Høberg, Master of science, Research, Dønna

Ragna Heffermehl, Fluid Mechanics, Bergen

Lars Michael Hektoen, Bachelor in Renewable Energy and Master of Science in Industrial Ecology, Oslo

Brita Helleborg, Chemistry, Sivilingeniør from, PORSGRUNN, Telemark

Irene Hermansen, Master general ecology, Skien

jostein hertwig, Attorney at Law, Agriculture and food, CEO BERAS International Foundation, Tonsberg

Jørgen Holst, Master of sientist, Industry, Lierskogn, Lier

Svein Eirik Holten, farmer, agronomist, BINDALSEIDET, NORDLAND

Anne Hulbaekdal, Master in Biophysics and medical engineering, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, Steinkjer

Karsten Johannsen, master engineering, Kongsberg

Jarle Jørgensen, BSc Marine Biology, Driver, Arendal, Aust-Agder

Anne Siri Langelandsvik, Cand. Scient, Microbiology, Personal trainer and Yogateacher&therapist, Idrettspedagog, Kirkens Bymisjon, Oslo, Oslo

Marie Selboskar Lier, Cand.Scient Biology (Biodiversity/Sexual selection), Senior Advisor, Trondheim

Bernd Lohse, Master of physics, Teacher, Løvenstad

Tron Løvdal, M.Sc. Environment Management, Oslo, Oslo

Terje Meistad, Mecanic prosses Degree, Teamleader, Plactic molding, Gjøvik

Melinda Merunada, Master of Medical Science, Master of Public Health, Master of Psychology, Master in Adult Education, Study Director, Adult Educator, NOCNA, Oslo, Norway

Britt Mikaelsen, Cand.scient, oseanography, Cand.scient in Fysical Oseanography at University og Oslo . TEKNA, Næroset, Norge

Iver Mysterud, PhD, biology, Scientific editor, medical writer, book author, Oslo

Kirsti Nikolaisen, Cand scient, biology, Harstad, Norway

Ashish Rauniyar, PhD / Computer Science, PhD Research Fellow, Oslo

Mads Rohde, MSc, Public Health, Independent Researcher, Bodø

Tonje Løwe Rosenlund, Agronom, Oslo

Hanne Lone Ryttvad, M. Sc. Geology, Geologist, Sola, Raege

Asbjorn Saxegaard, Cand. mag., Biology, Adjunct, Aarnes, Akershus

Ingebjørg Helland Scarpello, Bachelor of International Environmental Science, Environmental profesional, Karmsund

Trond Skaftnesmo, Master of biology and of philosophy, Cand.Philol., Teacher, Lecturer at seminars on biology and philosophy, Haugesund, Rogaland

Bente Gilbu Tilset, Dr. scient, Inorganic Chemistry and Materials Science (corresponds to a PhD), Scientist, Asker

Bente Gilbu Tilset, Ph D Inorganic Chemsitry and Materials Science, Scientist, Oslo

Jan Erling Wasmuth, Cand. real. Biology and Chemistry, Bodø, Nordland


Charmaine White Face / Zumila Wobaga, BS Biology and Physical Science, Spokesperson for the Sioux Nation Treaty Council, Founder of Defenders of the Black Hills, International Advocate for Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Rapid City, SD, USA and Oglala Tituwan, Oceti Sakowin Oyate (Oglala Lakota of the Sioux Nation)


Wajid Sarosh, Horticulture, Rawalpindi, Punjab


DR.Mohammad Abu Omar, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Information Systems, Information Systems, Assistant Professor and Head of Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department - Faculty of Technology- Al-Quds Open University, Palestine, Tulkarm, Palestine


Eleuterio Lucio Encomendero Yépez, Magister en Ciencias del Mar,, Ex-Director de Escuela Académico Profesional de Acuicultura, Docente en oceanografía y Acuicultura Marina en la Universidad Nacional del santa, Chimbote, Perú, Nuevo Chimbote, Santa

Gabriela Hurtado, Biologist Microbiologist, Lima, Lima


Arsenio Calub, PhD Dairy science, Anmal Science, Los Banos, Laguna


Ewa Bialek, Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Founder, independent scientist, Institute of Psychosynthesis, Warszawa, Mazovia

Przemysław Brejna, PhD, Chemist, Kraków

Miroslaw Dakowski, professor, physicist, Warsaw

Kubicki Dariusz, master, astronomy, PHD Student of Nicolaus Copernicus Univeristy in Poland (Torun), Toruń

Marek Drozdek, Master of science, Chemistry, Chemistry, technical staff, Department of Chemical Technology Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Malopolska

Maciej Góralski, Museum Curator, Buddhism, Warsaw

Zbigniew Grześkowiak, Master of Physics, Information Technology, Poznań, Greater Poland

Adrian Harat, MSc, Electronics and telecommunication, Bielsko-Biala, Silesian Voivodeship

Monika Jagodzinska - Pietrzak, Mgr inż, Mgr inż, Ichtiolog, Warsaw

Nicola Kalicka, master of Science, environmental Protection, Milicz

Katarzyna Karnas, PhD, Data Scientist, Warsaw, Mazovia

Magda Kawka, MSc chemistry, environmental protection and programming, Business owner, Poznan

Marta Koziara, master of biology, enviromentalist, Lublin

Rafał Kwieciński, Master of Science (Physics), Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Computer Science), IT Specialist, Wrocław, Województwo dolnośląskie

Jadwiga Lopata, MSc Mathematics, Environmentalist and Farmer, Recipient of Goldman Environmental Prize in 2001, Stryszów

Barbara Miller, Master of science, Biochemist, Wrocław

Tomasz Nakonieczny, Master of Science of Environmental Protection, Warszawa, Mazowsze

Ewa Nartowska, MSc mathematics, Mathematics - retired, Kraków

Malgorzata Nowak, PhD mathematics physics, academic teacher, Radom, Mazowieckie

Elżbieta Obarska, MSc Biology, Editorial Secretary, Poznań

Przemysław Sanecki, PhD. Dr. Sc, Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry, Rzeszów University of Technology, Rzeszow

Michal Tomaszewski, MSc Electronics and Telecommunications, Scientist, Sadki

Elzbieta Wichowska, Material Science Engineer, Rzeszów, podkarpackie

Diana Wojtkowiak, PhD, molecular biology, independent researcher, Gdansk

Paweł Wypychowski, M.Sc. Eng. in Electronics & Telecommunication, Co-founder and former Vice-President of the non-profit foundation Institute of Electromagnetic Studies, named after James Clark Maxwell, in Cracow, Poland. The Institute’s mission is to create and develop initiatives pertaining to the state of our environment and electromagnetic safety, Owner and Director of EMF3 Shielding Solutions & Consulting, a company which provides professional solutions in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI), electromagnetic protection of classified information (TEMPEST), and health protection from the influence of artificial electromagnetic fields

Stanisław Zoń, MSc. technical physics, university lecturer, Warsaw

Anna Zydlewska, Master of science in food technology, Quality manager, Food technologist, Elbląg, Warmińsko- Mazurskie


Maria Alpoim, PhD oncobiology, University Teacher, University Teacher, Uniiversity of Coimbra, Figueira da Foz, NA

Olga Ameixa, PhD in Biology, Researcher, Aveiro

Sandra Baillergeau, B.Sc. Geoecology, Verride, Coimbra

Aleksandra Berg, Master of Art and PGD student, Social Sciences, Palmela

Jean-Yves Blot, PhD naval archaeology, maritime archaeologist, Retired, Maceira

Marta Brandao, Physics degree, Teacher, Lisbon, Lisbon

Paulo Caldas, PhD, Local Economy, Director Portuguese Industrial Association, Cartaxo, Santarém

Joana Canelas, MSc in Complexity Sciences, PhD candidate in Biodiversity Management, Environmental Sciences, PhD candidate and Research Associate at University of Kent, UK, Lisboa

Boaz Capsouto, B.Sc. Geology & Environmental Studies + MBA, Entrepreneure, Retreat producer, Mentor, Massage practitioner, Change agent, Porto

Alexandra Sofia Carreiras, Master in Environmental Science, Abrantes

sofia carvalho, PhD, Physics, lisbon

Ilda Teresa Castro, PhD, Art & Ecology, Integrated Researcher IcNova, Faculdade Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa, Lisboa

Sérgio Costa, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, LISBOA, lisboa

Carla Crespo, Phd, Psychology, Lisboa

Paulo de Oliveira, PhD Biology, Academic, Assistant Professor, Universidade de Évora Portugal, ÉVORA

Vasco Esteves, Master of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Foros de Amora, Seixal

Raffaella Fiorillo, Environment and development, Master environment, Santiago do Cacém

Ana Firmino, Ph. D. Geography, Sustainable development, Professor, Full Professor, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Department of Geography and Regional Planning, Lisbon, Estremadura

Claudia Franco, MSc Geographic Information Sciences, Nature Conservation Technician, Lisbon

Maria Nelma Gaspar, Ph. D. Food Science (retired), Food Science (retired), Óbidos

Ricardo Jorge Pinto Borges de Gonçalves, Biologist and master in Genetics, Coja

Maria Guedes, BSc in Physics, Student, Sintra

Lars Michael Stockhausen Hektoen, Bsc Renewable Energy, MSc Industrial Ecology, Environmental consultant, musician, Silves, Algarve

Carolina Henriques, PhD Urban Studies, Social sciences, Junior researcher, Lisbon

Carla Isidoro, Post-grad Anthropology, Lisbon, Lisbon

Catarina Joaquim, Agronomy, Agronomist, Evora

Diogo Lopes, PhD researcher, renewable energy, Instituto Superior Tecnico - Lisbon, Portugal, Lisbon

Rui Maia, PhD, Sociology, Teacher, Maia, Porto

ana masael, doctorate, anthropology, F. dos Vinhos

Rúben Mortágua, Speleologist, underground studies., GPS - Grupo Protecção Sicó ( ONGA and public utility), Pombal, Leiria

Domingos Manuel Ribeiro de Freitas, Public Health, Guimarães

ismael rienda, master in environmental studies, researcher, research fellow, aveiro, Other

Vera Santos, Master Degree in Human Biology and Environment, Biomedicine and biochemistry, Albufeira, Algarve

Inês Sarti Pascoal, Degree in Biology, Environmental Educator, Lisbon

Cláudia Silva, Biology, Lisboa

Margarida Silva, Ph.D. in Biology, Professor at the Portuguese Catholic University., Águas Santas, Maia

Paulo Trigueiros, PhD, artificial inteligence abd mschine Vision, Professor, Professor at IPP, Porto, Porto

Paulo Vale, PhD in Biology, Biologist, Senior Researcher; IPMA, Lisbon, Cascais, Lisboa

Jonathan Wilson, PhD, Humanities, Silves, Algarve


Amador Astacio, Bachelor in sciences, Biology, physics, astronomy, Bayamon

Marie-Helene Delmestre, PhD, Genetics, retired Professor UPR, San Juan, PR

Yaritza Perez, Microbiology, San Sebastian


Razvan-Mihai Aciu, Ph.D., Lecturer in Computer Science at Politehnica University Timisoara, Timisoara, Timis

Iulian Ambrus, Physicist, Mangalia

Molnar Andrea, PhD, Mathematics&Computer Science, Lecturer, Cluj

Marius Apetrei, Master in Electronics and Telecomunications, Constanta

Traian Babeț, Profesor de biologie, Educație, Brașov

Niculina Badiu, Masterat biologie celulară și genetica, FocsaFo, Vrancea

Ioan Baetu, PhD Student, MsC, Computer Science., IT, Teaching collaborator at Faculty of Computer Science, University of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi. IT security expert working at Bitdefender., Iasi, Iasi

Iulia Baies, Master Degree in Nature Sciences, Bucharest (Bucuresti)

Attila Bajko, IT, Gheorgheni, Harghita

DOINITA BEJAN, Ph. D, Physics, Physics, Associate Professor, BUCHAREST, ROUMANIE

Iulian Benta, Assistant Professor, PhD. in Electronics and Telecommunications, Pervasive Computing, Affective Computing, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca

Mircea Cimpoeas, Dr, mathematician, Bucharest, Romania

Adrian Ciuchi, Institutul Gh. Asachi IASI / Electronica Aplicata, Inginer, inginer, IASI, ROMANIA

Lenuța Colăcel, Geologist, ASĂU, Jud BACĂU, Bacau

Radu Coman, Meteorology, Timisoara

Costel Cotirlan, PhD, Physicist, Engineer, Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, National Institute for Materials Physics, Senior Researcher, Magurele

Ioan Mircea Craciun, Inginer mecanic, Wastewater Researcher, SC ICPE BISTRITA SA, Bistrita, Bistrita Nasaud

Maria Gabriela Craciun, Chemical Engineer, Professor Environmental Protection, Bistrita Sports High School, Bistrita, Bistrita Nasaud

Maria Dan, PhD in medicine, Mirobiology, Iasi, Romania

Liviu Dinca, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Associate Professor, University of Craiova, Craiova, Dolj

Botond Elekes, Phd, Geography, Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna

Stoica Elena-Iulia, Dr. Mathematics, profesor, Cluj

Camelia Eufrosie Mirica, economist, Vinatori, Vrancea

Ion Floarea, Plasma Research, Bucharest

claudiu gavriloaie, PhD, biology, bistrita, bistrita-nasaud county

Anca Geanta, PhD, Geology, Bucharest

Dana Georgescu, Dr, Earth sciences, Bucharest

Nicoleta Iulia Giulan, Profesor, Liceul Teoretic Ion Barbu, Pitesti, Argeș

monica groza, teacher, physicist, teacher ,second schooll,, arad

Roxana Huțanu, Physics, Iasi

Roxana Huțanu, PhD, Physics, Iași

Constantin Ioan Inel, Phd, History, Alba Iulia, Alba

Anca Veronica Ion, Dr., Mathematics, Senior Researcher, Mathematician, Bucharest

Stelian Ion, Dr. in Mathematics, Senior Res. in Applied Mathematics, Bucharest

Dobre Ionel Ștefan, Electronic, Bucharest, Bucharest

Daniela Ionescu, PhD, Electronics and Telecommunications, Electronics and Telecommunications, Iasi

RADU JECU, innovation & technology transfer, BUCHAREST

Mihai Keller, Physics teacher, Iasi, Iasi

Irina Lascu, Ecologist and working at a travel agency, Brasov, Brașov

Nicoara Ligia, Chemist, Chemist, Cluj Napoca, Cluj

Ildikó Ilona Mezei, Phd, Mathematics, Mathematics, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca

GURAU MILIAN, PhD, Doctor in Botany, Professor at V. Alecsandri University in Bacau, Bacau, Bacau

Lucia - Maria Mocanu, Teacher, Brasov

Filip Muresan, Biology, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

laura nani, mathematics, bucharest

maria nechifor, teacher, economyc, roman, neamt

Adrian Nedelcu, Economy, Ploiesti, Prahova

SIMONA Nicoara, Phd, Computer science, Ploiesti, Prahova

Grigore Oprita, Physics, Physicist, Brasov, Brasov

Paul Pestritu, Bachelor., Sailor, "Mircea cel batran" Academy, Conatanta, Romania

Alexandru Petrache, Physics, Pitesti

Angela Petrescu, phd, mathematics, senior researcher, Bucharest

Marius Petrila, PhD, Forestry, Environment, Geomatics, Rremote Sensing, Bucharest, Romania

Anca Plavitu, mathematics, Bucuresti

Domnica Rif, Physics Teacher, Technological High School, Jimbolia, Timis

Ionel Ovidiu Rusu, Geophysicist, Gura Motrului, Mehedinti

Fățoi Sanda, Techer, Teacher computer technologies, High school Nikola Tesla Bucuresti, București, Ilfov

Elena Shulea, Phd, Ethnomusicologist, Bucharest, România

Claudia Tomescu, Geographer, Bucharest, Romania

Oana Rodica Ungureanu, Biochemical Engineering Faculty -Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Research in bioassay - INCDSB -biochemist engineer, Scientific researcher now (former environmental protection engineer -including mobile networks -in 2001-2005), Bucuresti

Gabriela-Geanina Vasile, PhD, senior researcher, Environmental Chemistry, Senior researcher 2nd degree/ National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology ECOIND, Bucharest

Birzu Vasilica, PhD, Theology, Hospital, Sibiu, Sibiu

Ruxandra VINTILA, Ph. D., Application of Geomatics in agriculture and environment, Senior scientist, Computer engineer (background), Remote sensing and Image processing (MSc), agricultural modelling (PhD), Senior scientist at the National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Environment (ICPA Bucharest), Romania (, Bucharest, București

FARCAS VIORICA, mathematics theacher, Turda, Cluj

Alina Olguta Vlasin, Geography, Cluj Napoca

Leopold Williams, Master in pharmaceutical research, Researcher specialist first degree, Bucharest


Мария Крюкова, Gjjik, Казань

Владимир Петрольсаий, Профессор, Математика, Волгоград, Волгоградская область

Светлана Моисеева, Калуга

Марина Швыдкова, Менеджер, Химки, Московская область

Наталья Морозова, Бухгалтер, Пушкино, Московская область

Ирина Вагапова, Ufa, Bashkortostan

Мария Дымова, Ingeneer, Кронштадтский морской завод, Санкт-Петербург

Анастасия Клюкиеа, Екатеринбург

Светлана Суркова, Уфа, Башкортостан

Наталья Епифанцева, Магистр механика-математических наук, Преподаватель математики, Новосибирск

Aliya A, PhD, Master of science, Moscow, Moscow

Viktoriya Aliste, Flag, Perm

Galina Burukhina, Master of Science in microelectronics, Moscow

Anastasia Chernova, Food production, Kaliningrad

Irina Dolova, Nalchik

Ksenia Erokhina, specialist, ecology, Rostov-on-Don

Olga Galblaub, Ph. D, Ecology, Kazan

Aleksandra Gushchina, Ecological PHD, Saint-Petersburg

Alyona Ilyishkina, Bachelor, chemistry, Chemistry, Vladimir

Pavel Itskov, MD, Phd Neuroscience, Professor, Sechenov University, Moscow

Alexandra Ivanova, History of art, Saint-Petersburg

Olga Kalchenko, PhD, Economics and management, Associate professor, Saint-Peterburg

Oksana Karamushka, Moscow, Moscow

Timur Khamzin, MSc in Physics, MSc in Petroleum Engineering, Programmer, Tyumen, Тюменская область

Olga Kobalchuk, University, Tourism, Moscow, Moscow

Vladimir Kostin, education, Moscow

Ksenia Kucherenko, Newinnonyssk

tatiana kulikova, chemistry, retired, Penza

Anastasiya Levchishina, Aspirant, Economic, sociology, Aspirant RUDN, Moscow, Russia

Alexander Liashenko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, andragogy, Russian International Academy for Tourism, Voskresensk, Moscow region

OKSANA Lidukhina, Moscow

Valeriya Makarova, Master, Thermophysics, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow

Ivan Melnikov, Bachelor of Science, Math, Project Manager in Mobile Phone Maker company, Moscow


Anzhelika Mingalyova, Surgut

Afati Nadezhda, Krasnodar, Timashevsk

Galina Nesterova, Преподаватель биологии и географии, Хабаровск, Хабаровский край

Sofia Panskaya, Note, Moscow

Natalia Prokopeva, Economic, Voronezh, Voronezh

Maria R, Geologist, Moscow

Lyubov Rogova, Chemist, Surgut

Iren Savenko, Krasnodar, 350020

Marina Savenkova, scientist, Biotechnology, Moscow

Nataliya Severina, Phd, Molecular biology/hematology, Himki

Elena Shagurina, Master of biology, Virology, molecular biology, FGBI ARRIAH, Vladimir

Ekaterina Shkarina, Krasnodar

Olga Shvedkova, Ecologist, Khabarovsk

Daria Silanteva, Chemistry, Penza

Anna Smirnova, master of mathematics, PhD, bioinformatics, Novosibirsk

Marina Sokolova, Master of Physics, Moscow

Anna Somova, Agronomy, Sarapul, Udmurt Republic

Alina Sratnikova, Novosibitsk, Novosibirskay oblast

Kuzhel The Murderfucker, Theology, Guns, Grozny

Maxim Trushin, PhD, Geneticist, Associate Professor, Kazan Federal University, Kazan

Maxim Trushin, PhD, Geneticist, Kazan Federal University, Kazan

Olesya Ugryumova, Philologicol, Chelyabinsk

Elena Vasyutkina, Biological sciences, researcher, Federal Scientific Center of the East Asia Terrestrial Biodiversity, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok

LEONID VLADIMIROV, Dr., Polymer Composite Materials, Leading Research Scientist, Moscow

Olga Vostrikova, University degree, economist, Izhevsk, Udmurtian Republic


Veronika Zakharova, Economists, Moscow

Innokenty Zhdanov, PhD Artificial intelligence and computer vision, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, machine vision, image processing, Assisstant of Saint-Petersburg University of Informational technologies mechanics and optics, Saint-Petersburg


Colin Henshaw, BSc (Special Hons) Zoology, Astronomy and Light Pollution Mitigation, Instructor in Anatomy and Physiology, Language instructor, Health Studies and Training Centre, North West Armed Forces King Salman Hospital, Tabuk


Tamara Galonja Coghill, PhD Biology, University Professor, Novi Sad

Vesna Niketic, Ph.D. Chemistry, Biochemistry, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Belgrade, Belgrade

Uroš Ristić, Geographer, Belgrade

Milan Rogulja, Graduate of Military Academy, Founder and President of BIOGEN, the first Serbian non-governmental organization in the field of testing the influence of non-ionizing radiation and protection of health and the environment against non-ionizing radiation. BIOGEN initiated and founded the Southeast Europe Non-Ionizin..., Belgrade

Sladjana Spasic, PhD, Mathematician, Professor, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, Belgrade

Milena Stosic, PhD, Biology, Toxicology, Novi Sad

Pavle Tancic, PhD, Geology, Belgrade


Ivan Chia Chee Yang, Bachelor degree in Environmental, Occupational health and safety, workplace safety and health inspector, Ministry of Manpower, Current student at University of Newcastle, Singapore, Singapore

Dorien Herremans, PhD, Computer Science, Singapore, Singapore

Amber Sawyer, PhD Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Engineer, Singapore, Singapore


Janka Bazalova, RNDr. , natural sciences - mathematics and physics, Prievidza

Tomas Chabada, RNDr., IT, Malacky

Martina Dubinova, RNDr., Microbiologist, Bratislava

Ivana Estrella, Bachelor, cultural anthropology and ethnology, Banska Bystrica, Banska Bystrica

Beata Fialová, ceramics, Trnava

Miroslav GRANER, Ing., MSc., Scientist, University of Žilina, Slovakia, Humber college, Toronto Blanc Aero, Rugby, Airspace company, Zemberovce, Nitriansky

Jan Jakus, MD, PhD., DSc, University Teacher, Comenius University Bratislava, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Martin, Zilina

Martin Kalnovič, Bc. Ecology and landscape use, Environmentalist, Builder of natural houses, woodcarver, Bánovce nad Bebravou

Zuzana Kovačovičová, Ing, ecologist, ecologist, Štiavnické Bane, Slovenská republika

Jakub Misek, Engineer, PhD Medical Biophysics, Researcher, Comenius University Bratislava, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin

Roman Radil, Ing., PhD., Assistant Professor, University of Zilina, Zilina

Katarína Tuhárska, Ph.D., Landscape ecology, Dr., Nature conservation manager, Bratislava

Tomáš Vida, PhD, Forest ecology, Conservationist, Banská Bystrica


Ariana Barlič, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, PhD, Head of R&D, Educell Ltd, Cell therapy service, Ljubljana

Lucia Beznik, M.S. Molecular Biology and Genetics, Ljubljana

Robert Brezigar, finomehanik, Jesenice

Barbara Fojkar, Agronomist, Škofja Loka

Janja Francé, PhD in biology, researcher, Scientific associate at National Institute of Biology, Piran

Jon Gutierrez Aguirre, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Scientists, Senior scientific associate / National institute of biology, Lubljana, Slovenia, Ljubljana

Nina Vanita Hočevar, marketing, Postojna

Milijan Šiško, Bachelor of Biology, Senior Associate, Biologist, National Institute of Biology, Izola, Slovenija

Boštjan Japelj, PhD, Chemistry, Ljubljana

Alois Kolar, B.HSc., Velika Polana

Irena Kos Mlakar, Geodetski tehnik, Jesenje4, 1281 Kresnice

Boris Kuselj, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Solids, Head of Research and Development, Kranj

Tina Leskošek, Ecosystems, diploma, Biologist, Senior professional associate in Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana

Saša Mesec, geographer, Curator, Jesenice

Mihael Munda, + DVM Biomedical phD., human embryology and histology, veterinary, University of Maribor, Maribor

Nadja Osojnik, biology, Velenje

borut senk, chemistry, kocevje

Agata Slivka, Bachelor of Physics, Nova Gorica

Tina Trbuha, BSc Microbiology, stem cell biology, Ljubljana

IVAN VEDIC AI, B.S. Informatics, natural science, specialization is for insects, Ljubljana


samed bulbulia, Social and Health Sciences, cape town, western cape

Wanda De Beer, Hons.B.Sc, Mathematics, MCGREGOR, Western Cape

Leigh Esterhuizen, BSc Environmental Sciences, Botany and microbiology, Unisa, Wits, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Zoe George, BSc Geology MSc Hydrogeology, hydrogeology, groundwater, environment, Imperial College of Science and Technology BSc Geology, University College MSc Hydrogeology, both University of London, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Anne Gray, BSc Biological Sciences, Randburg, Gauteng

Hermanus Hanekom, MSc, DSc, Geologist, Stellenbosch and Pretoria, Western Province and Gauteng

Mike Hart, PhD, MSc, Professor of Information Systems, Consultant, Emeritus Professor, Cape Town

Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren, BSc; MA (Geography), Administrator, Mining Equiment Manufacturers of South Africa, Johannesburg, Gauteng

James Lech, MSc. Doctoral Candidate (BioPhysics - Sub-Molecular Medicine), Contracted by the South African Goverment to model the potential mm EMF has on the population and design mitigation options, Cape Town

Karel Lewy-Phillips, BSc Honours Sustainable Environmental Management, Environmental Management, Cape Town, Western Cape

Michele Muller, M.Sc environmental studies, chemistry and water utilisation, Environmental consultant, Pretoria, Gauteng

Talon Myburgh, BSc Applied Mathematics and Physics, BSc (Hons) Physics and Electronics, MSc Physics and Electronics, Radio Astronomy, Student at Rhodes University, Student at SARAO (SKA South Africa)., Cape Town, Western Cape

Cherenne Nel, Psychology, Resourcing Consultant, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Piet Otto, M.Ed., B.Tech., H.D.E., Bio-technologist, Cape Town, Western Cape Province

Evan Robinson, Masters degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Entrepreneur, Cape Town, Western Cape

Laura Taylor, BA (Hons), BSc, MSc, Environmental Scientist, Taylor EnviroWaste Consulting, Toti Conservancy, Durban

Dave Thorne, Computer technician, Computers, JHB, Guateng

Lauraine Margaret Helen Vivian, PhD, Anthropology and Psychiatry, Honorary Research Associate, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Signatory for South Africa

Saskia von Diest, BScAgric, PhDAgric (Plant Pathology), Agricultural researcher, Postdoctoral research associate at Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and at Centre for Agroecplogy, Water and Resilience, Coventry University, UK., Stellenbosch

Berenice Westmore, Bachelor of science, Actuarial science,, Entrepreneur, Cape Town, Western Cape


Jennifer Joo, MS degree for microbiology, Seoul, Dobong gu

Meeran Joo, Biology and microbiology, Science teacher, Seoul, Dobong gu

Meeran Joo, Ms degree for plant physiology, High school science teacher, Seoul, Gangnam gu


Jesús Abad, Geography, Madrid, Madrid

Laura Aceituno, PhD Environmental Sciences, Researcher, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, El Berrueco, Madrid

Dario Acuña-Castroviejo, MD, PhD Endocrinology and Aging, Professor of Physiology, Biomedical Research Center, University of Granada

Noelia Adrián silgado, Máster en Artes del espectáculo en vivo, licenciada en antropología y diplomada en educación social,, Técnico superior en dietetica y nutrición, Sevilla, España

Elisenda Alari, Immunology, PhD, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona

Carmen Almansa Sáez, PhD, Agricultural Engineer, Professor, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona

Teresa Ambroa, Biology, Madrid

Rosa Andreu, BSc Biology, Master in Aquatic Ecology, Tarragona

Daniel Armendáriz, Licenciado ciencias de la información, Kinesiologo neurológico funcional, Vitoria-Gasteiz, País Vasco

Javier Arocena Aramburu, Biologist, Condado de Treviño

Alba Azagra Rodríguez, Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology, Predoctoral Student in Biomedical Program, University of Barcelona, Barcelona

Francisco Ruben Badenes Perez, PhD, Entomology, CSIC, Madrid, Madrid

Beatriz Ballesteros, PhD un Chemistry, Valladolid

Alfonso Balmori, BSc, Master in Environmental Education, Biologist, Valladolid

Nandini Banerji, Phd, Physics, Physics, Vigo, Pontevedra

Angel Manuel Bellver Marti, Biology, Government, Sant Cugat del valles, Barcelona

David Belmonte Molina, Ingeniero, Ingeniero, UAB, Barcelona, España

Ana Benavides, Quemistry, Donostia

Aránzazu Bermejo, Degree in Environmental Sciences, Yoga Teacher, Cercedilla, Madrid

Ina Berniakovich, PhD, Biomedicine, Barcelona, Barcelona

Alberto Bernués, PhD Agriculture, Researcher at Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragón, Zaragoza

Veronika Blazkova, Master’s degree, Biology, Valldemossa, Balleares

Nuria Blázquez, Biologist, Project Officer, Ecologistas en Acción, Madrid

Sebastian Borja Tache, Licenciado en biologia, Biologo, Granada, Granada

Rocío Botana, Biologý, Teacher of Biologý, Ribadeo, Lugo

Martina Bueso Ferrer, Environmental sciences, Valencia, Valencia

Pablo Campra, PhD Chemistry, BSc Biology, Professor, University of Almeira, Almeira

ANTONIA Caritat Compte, Biologist, Olot

James Carr, Masters geography, Madrid

Francesca Casadesus, Biologist, Puigcerdà, Girona

Elisabet Casamitjana, Biologist and Ethologist, Barcelona

daniel cascado caballero, PhD on computer Science. Wireless communications, Computer architecture., University Professor, Seville

Mariona Coll, Chemestry, Barcelona, Barcelona

Ricardo Colmenares, Msc biology, Director fundacion triodos españa, Hoyo de manzanares, Madrid

Jennifer Corrales, Neurocientífico, Malaga, Andalucía

Virginia Corrochano, PhD Biology, Rare Diseases, Valencia

Mercedes Costell, Dr and professor in Biochemistry and molecular biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Full Professor, University of Valencia, Godella, Valencia

Montserrat Creixell Tomàs, Biologist, Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona

Alba Crespo, Mathematician and physicist, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Luis Cuena, master in environmental impact assessment, retired, Ecologistas en Acción - Cantabria | NGO, Somarriba (Pámanes), Cantabria

Sabina Cuesta de Ganzo, Master, History, Institucion, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

Virginia Cuevas Randé, Masajista, profesora de yoga, Barcelona, Barcelona

Magnus Dahl, MSc. Applied Physics and Eletrical Engineering, University of Linköping, CEO, Software and Cloud technology development, Nerja, Málaga

Eva Dallarés, Neuroscientist, Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona

Solis Daniel, Licenced in Science Chemical, Chemist, Muy Job is General Manager in Food Ingredients Company, Barcelona

Daniel De la Torre Llorente, Doctor en Ciencias Biologicas, Botanica, Profesor Titular de Universidad.Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Madrid

Barbara Del Hoyo Arriaza, Biology D clinical Trials, Post grade in Clinical Trial Monitorization, Madrid Moralzarzal, Madrid

Cesar del Rio, Neuromechanic, BMT CEO, Elche, Alicante

Elina Del Valle, Biology, Valladolid

JUAN D. Delgado, Ecology and Environmental Impact Assessment, Associate Professor, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Seville

Rosa Domingo Bernardo, Biology, Orba, Alicante

Irene Dupuis, Phd in Geography, Farm and food geography, health geography, risks and catastroph, Universidad of la laguna, Bajamar, Tenerife Island

Estefanía Egido de Frutos, Dr. of Biology, Agroecology, Segovia

Ramón Erauso Larrarte, Geologo, Irun, Gipuzkoa

Beatriz Escudero Pintor, Llicenciada en Ciencias Ambientales, Environmental educator, Vic, Barcelona

Tara Fehling, Biologist, Olivella, Barcelona

eva ferreras, epidemiology, madrid, madrid

Biel Ferriol, UB, Sports, Professor, Palma mallorca, Illes balears

Maria Teresa Flix, Geography, Terrassa, Barcelona

Carme Font, Superior Study, Puerculture, Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona

Lourdes Gallardo González, Licenciada en biología, Valladolid, Valladolid

Carme Gallart, Astrophysics phd, Researcher, Tegueste, Tenerife

Maria García Gonzalez, Degree, Geography, Madrid, Madrid

Blanca Ross Garcia, Degree in Geological Sciences, Geologist, Madrid, Madrid

Nuria Garcia Garcia, Zoologist, Sant Quirze del Valles, Barcelona

Lara GARCIA, PhD, Marine ecology and global change, Madrid, Madrid

Diego Garcia-Vega, BSc, MSci and MSc in Ecology and Environmental Policy, Madrid, Madrid

Àngels Gassiot, llicenciada en Biologia, Barcelona, Barcelona

Maciá Giménez, Biología, Elche, Alicante

Anna Gomar Larroy, Professor of biology, Biology, Sant Cugat del valles, Barcelona

Carmen Gomez Lorente, Licenciada en ciencias geológicas, MADRID, Madrid

María Luisa González Ponte, PhD Hematology, Cantabria

Carll Goodpasture, PhD, Entomologist, Cytogeneticist, Photographer, Alozaina, Malaga

jamie grant, computer, cala moli, ibiza

Gonzalo Guarrber, Physics, Girona, Barcelona

Antonio Guillén, Biology, Researcher, Almansa, Albacete

Ines Heredia, Licenciada en Antropología, Antropologa, Villaviciosa, Asturias

Julian Hernandez, Technican, Comunications, Madrid, Madrid

Luis Hernández, Biologist, Càncer research, Associated researcher, Barcelona, Barcelona

Luisa Hernández, Doctor, Biology, Tenerife, Islas Canarias

Antonio Hidalgo, Geólogo, Geologia, Funcionario, Madrid, Madrid

Rocío Hiraldo López-Alonso, Anthropology, Social scientist, Postdoctoral position, Sevilla, Sevilla

Jennifer Hoffmann, Student of naturopathy, Anthropologist (socialnabd cultural), Barcelona, BARCELONA

Conchi Hurtado Serrat, Biologist, Barcelona

Carolina Izquierdo Amaruch, Antropología Universidad Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona

Esther Jiménez, Biologa, Torrox, Malaga

Catalina Jiménez Ruiz, Biologist, 29649 mijas costa, Málaga

Sara Juárez, Grado en biología, Biología, Barcelona, Spain

Belén K. Gonzalez, Clinical psychology and Neuropsychologist Master Degree, Neuropsychologist, Director at Universal Mandala educational organization, Ibiza, Baleárica Islands

Desiree King, Strategic communications, Life, Barcelona, Catalonia

Verena Klevenz, PhD Geoscience, Valle Gran Rey, Canary Islands

Irena Kucherova, Animal Science and Health Degree, El Vendrell, Tarragona

Santiago Lamosa, Engineer, Agronomy, Temporary Lecturer, University of Santiago de Compostela, PhD in Agronomic Engineering, Lugo, Lugo

Susana Lara, Licenciatura Ciencias del Mar, Castellon, Comunidad Valenciana

Pedro Ledesma Rodriguez, Professor and expert in electromagnetic pollution, Tarifa, Cádiz

Paloma Leganés Nieto, Licenciada en CC Químicas, Consejería Medio Ambiente Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid, Madrid

Silvia Llàcer Paz, Biologist and master of statistics, Terrassa, Barcelona

Tatiana Lleida Sacristan, Geographer, Barcelona, Catalunya

Laura Llorens Guasch, Doctor in Biological Sciences, Biology, Associate Professor, University of Girona, Fornells de la Selva, Girona

María Cristina Lopez, Quimica, Granada, Granada

Belen Lopez rubio, Máster, Biologa, Granada, Granada

José Manuel López Manchero, Geologist, Expert in Electromagnetic Contamination, Coria del Río, Sevilla

Santiago López, Social st, Economics, Head of Research Institute, Salamanca, Salamanca

Nekane López valverde, Ciencias ambientales, Madrid, Madrid

Gregor Lundfall, Neurology, Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia

Olivella M Teresa, Phd. Now retired, Biologist, La Garriga, Barcelona

Ramón Maícas, Ph.D. Biologist, Ornithology, Retired, Córdoba, Córdoba

María José Madrid, Doctora en medicina, Biología, Cartagena, Murcia

Ceferino Maestú-Unturbe, MD, PhD Bioelectromagnetism, Director of Bioelectromagnetics Laboratory, Centro de Tecnología Biomédica (CTB), Parque Científico y Tecnológico de la UPM, Campus de Montegancedo, Madrid

Pablo Marinero Merino, Geologist, Engineering Geology Master, IT Technician, Segovia

Sandra Martinez, Biology, Blanes, Girona

Eric Masegosa, History degree, Social scientist, Lleida, Lleida

Mar Mata, Chemistry Degree, Madrid, Madrid

Cristina Medina, Gis and remote sensing mastering, Gis systems, Cordoba

Andrés Mellado Díaz, PhD Biology, Aquatic Ecologist, Researcher and Project Leader in BOD5 (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), Seville

Marisa Mena, PhD in Medical Sciences, Public Health, Post-doc at IDIBELL, Sitges, Spain/Barcelona

Maria Belén Mercader-Prats, Physicist, Teacher of vocational studies in electricity/electronics, Barcelona, Barcelona

Veeonica Michell, Marine biologist, Leon, Leon

Anna Monteys, Licenciada, Biologia, Docència, Barcelona, Catalunya

Blanca Morales Guerrero, PhD Doctor Natural Sciences, Genetics, Madrid, Madrid

Juan jose Moreno Valdeperez, Physic Science Degree, Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Miguel Anxo Murado, Doctor. Biology, Biotechnology, Profesor de investigación. CSIC, Vigo, Spain

Verónica Muriel Ordoñez, Biologist, Moià, Barcelona

Francisco Javier Navarron Lopez, Tecnico superior, Electricidad, 46182, Valencia

Carmen Núñez-Carretero, PhD Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, Associate Professor, Department of Medicinal and Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Granada, Granada

Teresa Genoveva O'Callaghan, Biology, Santander, Cantabria

Rosa Obregon, Licenciada en ciencias químicas, Jefa sección control ambiental ayuntamiento, Valladolid, Valladolid

Jessica Olcina Ibañez, Degree biology, Ecology and Biodiversity, Doctor, valencia, Valencia

Francisco Miguel Ontivero Aguilera, Consultant, Mataelpino, Madrid

Giillem Orfila, Environmental educator, Mao-Mahon, Illes Baleares

Oreina Orrantia, PhD MSc Biology, Environmental manager, Erandio (Goierri), Bizkaia

Bernardo Ortega Fdez, Quimico, Sant Quirze del valles, BCN

Carolina Ortega Palmerin, Teacher, Barcelona, Barcelona

Ana Maria Palomera Pérez, Licenciada en biology, Hinojedo, Cantabria

Aina Palou Serra, PhD Biomedicine, La floresta, Barcelona

Narcis Pares-Burgues, PhD Human Computer Interaction, HCI, AMVR, Tenured Associate Proffesor, Barcelona

Rebeca Pascua Echegaray, Licenciada in Biological Sciences, Professor of Qigong and Naturopathy, Toledo

M Teresa Pascual Rodríguez, Doctora en agronomia, Gorliz, Bizkaia

Enric Pascual-Cebrian, PhD, Geologist, VALLIRANA, Barcelona

Júlia Peiró, Prof. Geography and Histori, Oliva, València

Sara Pereira, Llicenciada, Nautical degree, Tarragona, Tarragona

Amanda Pi, BSc Ocean Science, MSc Environnental Management Systems, Director, Awareness Foundation, Ibiza

Ferrer Pilar, Quimica, Profesora, San Cugat, Barcelona

Jacobo Salvado Platero, Doctorate in Biology, Professor, University of Málaga, Málaga, Andalucía

Carlos Pons, Ba Hons Agronomy, Soils, Microbiology, Denia, Alicante

jaime prieto, cancer (PhD student), madrid

Daniela Provansal, Doctorate in Social Anthropology, Emeritus Professor of the University of Barcelona, Barcelona

Patricia Puente Guerrero, Criminologist, Sancti-Spíritus, Salamanca

Laia Pujol, PhD, Digital Heritage, Senior researcher at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Barcelona

Laia Pujol-Tost, PhD, Researcher, UPF-Barcelona, Barcelona

Fausto Javier Ramírez Nûñez, Mathematician, Puertoll, Ciudad Real

María Lirios Reig Laporta, Mathematics, Madrid, Madrid

Anna Ripoll, Environmental scientist, Barcelona

Susana Rivera, Licenciatura en matemáticas y fisica, Meteorologia, Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid

Elena Roa, Physicist, Madrid

Anna Roca, Environment, Celrà, Girona

Pedro Rodríguez Barbuzano, Master, Geography, La laguna, Santa Cruz Tenerife

MIGUEL ANGEL ROLDAN GONZALEZ, Biologist, Marine Aquaculture, RDI technician, SANTANDER, Cantabria

Antonio Roque, Degree in Experimental Science, Nature Guide, Granada, Andalucía

Adriana Ruiz Blanco, Biologist, Malaga, Malaga

Yaiza Ruiz calvo, Diplomado, Fisioterapeuta, Leon, LEÓN

Julia Ruiz, Nutrition and Dietetics, Barcelona

Soraya ruizbiolo, Biología, palma de mallorca, BALEARES

Marta Sales, Ph.D. Biology, Marine Biology, Es Mercadal, Baleares

Blanca María SALINAS ÁLVAREZ, Degree in Geography and History, Retired Teacher, Segovia

Malen Sampol, Biology, Biomedicine, Palma, Baleares

PILAR SAN PABLO MORENO, Doctora en Comunicacion por la Universidad de Valladolid, España, Communication, Profesora Audante Doctor Universidad de Valladolid, SEGOVIA, CASTILLA Y LEÓN

María J Sanchez Puga, MBA, Mathematics, Madrid, Madrid

Raquel Sanjuan, Biology, León

María Santa-Maria, A, Biodiversity, Cazorla, Jaén

Roser Santacatalina Mas, Doctorado en investigación clínica., Enfermería de calidad, Profesor asistente UB, FUB, UAB, Barcelona, Barcelona

Paloma Santiago, Doctor in Educational Sciences, Educational Research. Qualitative Metodology in Social Sciences, Oviedo, Asturias

Isabel Sanz, Bióloga, San Justo, Villaviciosa, Asturies

Pilar Sanz, PhD Biology., Forensic Biology (retired), Seville

Gessami Sardà, Degree in Environmental Sciences, Regional Council of Baix Camp, Advisor to the Land Bank, Reus, Tarragona

Jacinto Seara, Física, Universidad Complutense Madrid, Ourense, Galicia

MD Susana Sáenz de Navarrete García, Degrees in Geography and History, Official in the Parliament of Navarra, Pamplona, Navarra

Paloma Señor, MSc Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development and Political Science, Translator and Therapist, Altea, Alicante

Maribel Sevila fernandez, Alterativas, Alicante, Alicante

María Sintes, Degree in Environmental Biology, Environmental Educator, Segovia

María Sintes, Biologist, Environmental Educator, Segovia, Segovia

Daniel Sisto, Ciencias de la actividad física y el deporte, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

Laura de Los Ángeles Sánchez Tiburcio, Profesora, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

Xavier Soler, Geography, environment studies, environmental studies: environment, sustainable tourism, conservation of biodiversity, education and environmental awareness., Estanyol, Girona

Mario Solis, PhD, Engineer, Professor, University of Sevilla, Sevilla

Gabriel Soria, Chemical Engineer, Analytical Chemist, BARCELONA, BARCELONA

Marta Tejera, Forestal, La iruela, Jaén

Laura Tey Estragués, Enviromental engineer, Barcelona, Barcelona

M. Carmen Titos, Biologist, Teacher, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona

Inés Torres Bonet, Master Degree on Marine sciences, Teacher, Palna, Balearic Islands

Agnès Torres Ramis, Biologist and Marine Scientist, Ibiza

Fernando Tucho, Phd, Communications, Profesor, Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Madrid

Esther Valero Nadal, Degree in Sociology and Political Science, Phd in Territorial Planning and Environment, Degree in Social Work, Master in Environmental Education, Master in Territorial Planning, Urban Planning and Environment, Master in Environmkental Management, Master in Dietetics and Nutrition, University Courses in Naturopathy, Arroyo de la Miel, Málaga

Sara Vaquero Tostado, Licenciada, Biology, Madrid, El Boalo

Isabel Verdu, Chemistry licenciado, Teacher, Alicante, Alcante

Fernando Vinegla, MSc Biology and Restoration Ecology, Manager at International Foundation of Ecosystem Restoration, Madrid

Fernando Vinegla, Biological Degree and Restoration Ecology MSc, Enviromental Project Manager, Manager at International Foundation of Ecosystem Restoration, Madrid

Shane Williams, Water science, Barcelona, Catalunya

Zena Woodward, BSc Biochemistry, Retired, La Herradura, Granada

Fe Ybañez, Degree, Marine science, Las Palmas de gran canaria

Guillermo Yoldi, PhD Biomedical Science, Post-Doc Researcher, Barcelona

Guillermo Yoldi, PhD in Biomedicine, Cancer Biology, Postdoctoral researcher, Barcelona, Barcelona

Begoña Zorita, Sea sciences and teacher, Alajar, Huelva


Jeyaraj Sivakumar, Psychological advisary center, Batticaloa, Eastern province


Mikko Ahonen, PhD Information Systems, Researcher at Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Västernorrland

Johan Andersson, Biology, Eslöv, Skåne

Maria Appelqvist, PhD Socioligy, Behaviour science, Malmö

Robert Bergholm, Behavioral science, Stockholm, Stockholm

Tommy Block, Communication, Stockholm

Randi Breili, Teacher, Falun

Ann-Charlotte Carlsson, Nature science, environmental and computer science, Student, Umeå Universitet, Umeå, Västerbotten

Mats Carlstedt, evolutionary biologist, Heberg

Izabela Czartoryska, MSc in biotechnology, Translator, Torsås, Kalmar

Caroline Ekberg, Philosofie Licentiate in Immunology, Biology, Immunology, Biology, Former researcher at Stockholm University, Stockholm, Stockholm

Emma Ekenberg, Biochemistry, Malmö, Sweden

Isabelle Enell, Biomedical scientist, Lidköping

Mary Engelhav, Nutrition, Stockholm

Linda Englund, Biochemistry Msc, Sigtuna

Ingrid Franzon, MSc, Nutrition, Nutrition Consultant, Falun, Dalarna

Julia Fries, MA, PhD candidate, Drama education and imagination for sustainable futures, KATRINEHOLM

Carina Hagström, Barchelor of computer science, Uppsala universitet, IT, Stockholm, Stockholm

Martin Hallinger, PhD Ecologist, Uppsala

Jonas Hallström, Msc, Material science, Stockholm

Andreas Hansen, Ecology, Degerfors

Daniel Hansson, MS, ME, MA, Environmental Chemist and Educator, Terra Religata, Strängnäs

Johanna Hansson, Master in MarineBiology, Marine biology, Gothenburg

Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Medical Doctor, Associate Professor, The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation, Örebro

Olga Hardt, magister, agronom, Järna, Schweden

Lena Hedendahl, MD, Researcher at The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation, Örebro, Luleå

Simone Heupel Santos, Master of Science, Ecology, Umeå

Hans Hägeby, M.Sc.; civil engineering, environmental studies (chemistry, physics, geology, oceanography, climatology etc) and applied measurement techniques (i.e. mass spectrometry), GIS, archaeology, M.Sc., GIS engineer, Växjö

Margareta Holm, Master of science in Biology, Rimforsa

Sophie Holmstrom, Student, Cancer, Sundbyberg, Stockholm

Elisabeth Johansson, PhD, Microbiology, Therapist Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mariefred

Olle Johansson, PhD, Retired Associate Professor and Former Head of The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and Retired Adjunct Professor at The School of Architecture and Built Environment, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Eva Jonzon, Ph D, Public Health, Stockholm

Aigars Kalnins, Historical Linguistics, Stockholm

HARALD KJELLIN, Docent, system science, Stockholm, Stockholms län


Jennie Kvintahs eriksson, Master Degree, Stockholm, Stockholm

gunilla Ladberg, ph.d., educational psychology, retired, åkersberga

Ingemar Lext, Master of Science in Forestry, jägmästare / forester, Research, Rydboholm

Paulina Liljander, Master biology, agronomist, Vaxholm, Stockholm

Kristina Lindfeldt, Biologist, Environmental work, Varberg

John Lindgren, Master in ecotoxicology, Marine ecotoxicology, Västmanland county, Stockholm

Jimmy Lindsjo, Environmental science, Sustainability counselor, Malmö

Jimmy Lindsjo, Environmental science, Health and nature consultant, Malmoe

krister ljungqvist, msc, radio communication, solna, stockholm

Veronica Luca, Malmo, Sverige

Katarina Lunner, Ph.D. Public health, Stockholm

Carina Mare, M. Science in chemistry, Torslanda

Teresia Millberg, Master in Conservation, speciality in gardening, garden design and garden history, Brandstorp, Jönköping

Agneta Önfelt, associated professor Genetic and Cellular Toxicology, PhD, previously Stockholm University, Stockholm

Marie Nilsson, Biology and Health/Medicine, Therapist, Uppsala, Uppland

Silviu Nitescu, Bachelor's Laboratory Medical Scientist, Medical laboratory, Virology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Lena Ohlson, PhD Molecular Toxicology, Scientist, 74631

Lena Ohlson, PhD Molecular Toxicology, Bålsta

Irina Radulescu, PhD Medical biology, Biotechnology, Stockholm

Christina Reimann, Dr. history, History, Postdoc Researcher, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg

lucy rist, PhD biological sciences, social innovator and entrepreneur, Umeå

Fredrik Rönnung, MSc Engineering Physics, part of PhD in Physics, Superconductor sensors for IR and sub-mm waves, Engineer, Lofsdalen

Linnea Rundgren, Ba/Science, Technician, Stockholm

Ivan Scheblykin, Prof., physics, University Professor, Lund, Sverige

Detlef Singer, Biologist, Ornithologist, Author of Field Guide to Birds of Britain and Northern Europe (1991), Animales del Bosque (Animals of the Forest) (1991), Welke Vogel is dat? (Which Bird is That?) (2018) and other books, Småland

Elaiza Sinnemark, Norsborg

Marie-louise Sjöberg, Healer, Stockholm

Gösta Sundberg, Building material including energy storange, Söderhamn

Inga Swanberg, MPH, Retired, Stockholm

Petra Thorpert, Doctor of philosophy. PhD in Landscape Architecturer, Landscape Architecturer, Scientist/lecturer at the Swedish Universiyt of Agricultural Sciences, Lund, Lund

Tove Tingvall, PhD molecular biology and functional genomics, Scoentific writer, Sollentuna

Ivan Trefny, historian of art, pensioner, Huddinge

Carl Uhr, Civil engineer, technical physics, master degree in maths, physics and theoretical physics, Software systems development project manager, customer and sales training specialist, Färjestaden, Sverige

Åke Wikström, Doctor of Technology, Assistant Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

Sara Wildenor, Theoretical physics, Malmö

Michael Zazzio, Scientific researcher, researcher and clinician in medicine: audiology/ENT/infection, Audio Laser Clinic and Unificator research institute, Hovmantorp


Manuela Alava, Laboratory technician, microbiology, Basel, Schweiz

Sayan Ali Khan, Physics Student, Zürich

Massimo Amico, Agronomist, Senior Underwriter for Agribusiness, Beinwil

Burri Antoine, Biology, Master degree, Vevey

RICHARD Antoine, Master of ecology, Teacher, Gampelen

Agmes Aregger, M Ph, linguist, llinguist, Zuerich

Judith Arlt, MgSc Biology, Geology + Anthropology, Rapperswil, St. Gallen

Claudio Beretta, Master ETH, Environmental Science, Msc. env. sc. ETH, Scientist, PhD candidate at the Department of Environmental Engineering of ETH Zurich, Zürich, Kanton Zürich

Francois Blanchoud, Master in Solar Radioastronomy, Aviator, Zurich, Zurich

Sabine Blaser, master of science, environmental sciences, Frau, Winterthur, Zürich

Stephane Blumer, PhD anthropology, Anthropology, Lecturer in Sociology, Geneva, Geneva

Jane Boardman Doyle, MSc, Research, micro chips, materials chemistry, Küsnacht, Zürich

Manuela Boffa, Medica anthropologist, Locarno, Ticino

Marika Bohnet, Master of Geographic Studies, Teacher, Lucens, Vaud

Johanna BORCIC, Gegraphie, Géographe, Géographie et Sciences sociales, Université de Genève Suisse, Genéve, Genéve

Carlo Born, Dipl. Eth, Mathematics, Bellinzona

Rahel Boss, Master student biology, Biel

Regina Brücker, Master of Geography, Teacher, Altdorf, Uri

Jamie Brown-Hansen, MSc Development Management, Biomimicry Specialist, Managing Partner, Biomimicry Switzerland, Wilderswil

Laetitia Brun, Master in biology, behavioural studies, Biology teacher, Geneva

catherine Bruschweiler, Founder of a yoga center, yoga teacher, energy healer, Licence en Biology - university of Lausanne; Sustainable Development post grade degree - university of Geneva, cheserex, vaud

Marie Bucher, Biologie, CH-3313 Büren zum Hof, Switzerland

Rute Bucho, Master, Biologist, Uni Genève, Genève

brigitte buell, biochemistry MSc, teacher, 1256, 1256 Troinex

Egon Burgener, MSc, 3612 Steffisburg

Carolina Burki, Master Science biology, Director of product development, Prangins, Vaud

Klaus Christen, Dr. phil. nat., Chemistry, Kerzers, Freiburg

Michele Courant, Dr es Informatics, Senior Scientist and lecturer, Fribourg

Michele Courant, Dr, Computer Science, MER In Informatics / University of Fribourg/ Institue Human-IST, Fribourg, Fribourg

Ibolya Csönge, Basle, Basle

Ekaterina Cupelin, PhD Anthropology, Researcher, yoga teacher, Genève, GE

Malgorzata Czarska Desjardins, Licence, Mathematician, Fribourg, Fribourg

Clara D'Atena, BIOLOGIST, Retired, Geneva

Walter Daenzer, lic, oec. publ,, Economics, agricutlrual policy, business administration, management, CEO of LifevisionLab, author of the groundbreaking book THE INVISIBLE POWER WITHIN FOODS, ORGANIC AND NONORGANIC IN COMPARISON, Schlieren, ZH

andres devanthery, water expert, saint-maurice, valais

Kaethi Diethelm, PhD Mathematics, Computer scientist, Basel

Christian Droux, Electronic Engineer, IT Specialist, Geologist, St-Aubin-Sauges, Neuchatel

Louis Du Pasquier, PhD, Immunology and Zoology, Professor, Scientist, Emeritus professor, University of Basel department of Environmental Sciences (Switzerland) Dr h.c. University of Waterloo (Canada), Basel

Rolf Dubs, Biologist, Montreux, Vaud

Daniel Favre, Dr. phil. nat., Biologist, A.R.A. (Association Romande Alerte aux Ondes Electromagnétiques)

kiran finley, diploma, biologist, geneva

Manel Frötscher, Master in Biology, Laboratory Manager, Cornol

Eduard Fuchs, Dr. phil. II, Ornithology, Biologist, Oberwil, BL

Edith Gallay, biochimiste, geneve, Suisse

Irina Georgieff, PhD Urban Anthropology, Champéry, VS, Valais

Christiane Gerber, Fachhochschule, Stäfa, Zürich

Jean-Pierre Gähler, Master of sound engineering, researcher and scientist, Zürich, Zürich

Nicolas Gninenko, PhD, neuroscience & neuroprosthetics, Scientist, EPFL, Geneva, Switzerland (CHE)

Lara Grandgirard, Biologist, Fribourg, Fribourg

Tullio Grassi, PhD Electronic Engineering, instrumentation for physics experiments, Geneve

Sébastien Haye, MSc Environmental Sciences, Consultant, Geneva

Petra Heid, MSc. Geo-Ecology (Agroforestry, Soil Science, Forest-Ecology, Sustainability in Agriculture), Head of Sustainabilty at Chocolats Halba, Switzerland, STeckborn

joke huurman, cultural anthropology, drs., 4143 Dornach

Röbi Ineichen, Master of natural sciences, Biologist, Grüningen, Zürich

Python Jacques, ing. HES, Villaz-st-Pierre, Fribourg

Martha Kaeslin, PhD in Cell Biology, Insect Physiology and Cancer, Olten, Solothurn

Frances Kaestli, Dr. Biology,, Veterinarian, Stettlen, Bern

Bernhard Keller, Dr. phil. nat. Chemistry, CEO/CSO Phytovero, Meikirch, Bern

Monika Keller, Master of Science, 8507 Hörhausen

Stephan Klee, Msc. Biology, Sissach

Bettina Koch, BSc Environmental Science, Environmental Specialist, Dintikon

Niels-Victor Koetter, Bachelor in biochemistry, Food, Bergdietikon, Aarau

Olivier Kolly, Bachelor, Geograph, Pont-la-Ville, Fribourg

Renate Kranenburg, Master of Science in Health Sciences, Health Scientist, Zürich

Monika Kriens, Dipl. Chem., Coppet

Sandro Leuenberger, Ph.D. Chemistry, Manager at Climate Alliance Switzerland, Bern

Jack B. Liver, Specialized engineer, Solar physics research institute, Solar physics research institute, Ascona, Ticino

Marianne Lörcher, lic. phil. nat., Anthropology and Jin Shin Jyutsu, Sevelen, Swiss

D'Andrea Luigi, PhD Biology, Neuchatel

Seraina Lutz, Biochemist, Freienstein

Graziella Maiano, Electrobiologist, Meikirch

Zufferey Marc Antoine, EPFL Polytechnic in microtechnics, Microtechnic, Chernex, Vaud

Cécile Marti, Dr. of Music, Arts and Science, Zürich

Rüttimann Max, Chemie, Biologie, Dr. sc. natw. ETH Zürioch, Biologe, Quality Manager, Zürich, Zürich

Andrea Mayer, PhD, Dr.ret.nat., Scientist and Homeopath, Cugnasco, Ticino

Daniel Megert, Biology, Retired, Fribourg, FR

Lilo Meier, masters, dipl. snc. nat., Biologist, Zürich, Zürich

Leila Michellod, Master of sciences in biologie université de Lausanne, Biologiste, Ovronnaz

D'Inverno Mirko, Bachelor, Biologist, Martigny, Valais

Eliane Müller, Ass Prof, Cell Biology, Biologist, University of Bern, Bern

Myrta Montani, Biologist, Hünibach

Aurélien Moreau, Master's degree - Demography, Demographer, Bussigny

Eva Moser, Dr. rer. nat., plasma technology, nano technology, production of thin films, Bioggio, TICINO

Frank Mueller, Master in Physics, Geneva

Andreas Nievergelt, Prof. Dr., Philology, Winterthur

Micheline Nordmann-Spillmann, medical lab technician (retired), Erlenbach, Zurich

Christoph Obrecht, lic.phil. I, Consultant, Master in Biology, Zoology, Agricultural ecology, University of Bern, Switzerland, Bern, BE

Hans-Georg Pabst, Dr.-Ing., Electrical Engineering, Zollikon

Sophie Pasch, Master of biology, Morges

Néstor Pedocchi, Music Frequence Therapy, Zürich

Javier Perez-Saez, PhD, Environmental Engineering, Postdoctoral researcher / Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne

Sylvie Peter, Environmental Protection, Translator, Zurich

Laura Ravazzini, Doctor in Sociology, Sociology, Neuchâtel, N/A = Not Applicable

Annick Rebetez, Master in Environment, Teacher, Geneva

Steven Reese, B.S. Biology with Honors / Electron microscopy, Radiocarbon age-dating, Biologist, Zurich

Linda Reissig, Environmental Science, Diplom, Research associate, Winterthur, Zürich

Nathalie Richi, Master of Biology, Biologist, Intern in the environmental education for the World Wildlife Fund, Neuchatel

Rovero Roviolo, Dr. Prof., Quantum Phisics, Bellinzona, Ticino

Dietmar Salamon, Dr. rer. nat., Mathematics, Prof. Dr. em., Professor of Mathematics (emeritus), Prof. Dr. em., ETH Zürich,, Zürich

Romina Salerno, Umweltwissenschaften, Umweltphysik, Dipl. Umweltnaturwissenschafterin ETH, Environmental scientist, Ins, Bern

Emilie Sammali, Msc in Hydrogeology and Geothermics, Hydrogeologist, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Sandra Schatz, Biochemistry, Legal Advisor, Basel

Johannes Schindler, PhD Climate Sciences, MSc Physics, Physicist, Bern

Johannes Schindler, PhD Climate Science, MSc Physics, Bern

Christian Schneider, MSc in Computer Science, Computer Scientist, CH-3114 Wichtrach, Bern

Louis Schnurrenberger, PHD, Organic Chemistry, Riehen

Christian Schütte, Master of Business Administration, Zug, Zug

Arthur Schwaninger, MSc, Computational Science + MPhil, Philosophy of Science, Cognitive science and philosophy, PhD Student, Zürich, Zürich

Linda Siegenthaler, lic.phil. geograpy, Langnau

Véronique Sommaro, Phd biology, Geneva, Geneva

Heinz Stadler, Dr. Phil. Nat, Bern

Dieter Steiner, PhD, Human Ecologist, Professor Emeritus, ETH Zurich, Affiliated with European College of Human Ecology, Zurich

Sabine Stern, Ph. D Radiobiology, Teacher, Geneva

Magali Stitelmann, Master in Agriculture and Environment, Environment Educator, Geneva

Yolande Suard, Dr in biological sciences, retraitée, Lausanne, Canton de Vaud

Caroline Suresh kumar, University of Biology, Teacher, Geneva, Geneva

karen Suter Allsman, B. A .Bacteriology and Immunology , Oncology field, Luzern

Michael Suter, Diplom in Mathematik Universität Zürich, Pensioniert, 9230 Flawil, St. Gallen

Dominique Taggiasco, Assistsnte médicale, La Tour-de-Trême

Maurizio Tarantino, Diplome es Sciences (Physique, Enseignant, University of Geneva, Geneva

Patricia Teixidor, PhD Animal Behaviour, Scientific Officer University of Bern, Lausanne

Virginie Thomas, PhD biochemistry, biochemistry, translator, La Tour de Peilz, Vaud

Elena Toll, biologist, teacher, Genève, Genève

Volker Ullrich, Prof. Dr. Biochem., Triboltingen

Peter Urbscheit, phd Geography, Geography, Wetzikon

Johannes Utzinger, Astronomer, Langnau i. E., Bern

Mariska Van der vliet, Environmental scienses, Teacher, Arzier le Muids, Vaud

Luis Velasco, PhD, Musicology, Fribourg


Emese Verdes-Tennant, PhD, Statistic, Statisticien, lecturer, University of Debrecen, Hungary data analyst, WHO, Geneva, Geneva, - please select item -

Simon Vogel, Master Biology, Student, Lausanne

Carine Vuilliomenet, Biologie master, Enseignant, Courroux, Jura

Michael Weber, Master Biology, Teacher, Bern, Bern

Patrick Weber, Dr. phil. nat., Biologist, Jegenstorf

Ruedi Weber, Dr. chem., lic. theol, Chemist, Bigenthal, Bern

Ruedi Weber, Dr. chem., lic. theol, CH3513 Bigenthal

hanspeter witschi, Goldschmied / Musiker /astronom, Member of: Astronomischer Verein Basel / Amnestie Intenational / Roteskreuz Schweiz / procap Nordwestschweiz / VPOD Basel / Unia Basel, Basel, Basel-Stadt

Remo Wüthrich, Master of Science, Aquatic Ecologist, Zürich

Michael Wuethrich, Phd in climatology, Teacher, President UVEK, Basel, BS

Gouffon Yves, Dr es sciences, géologue, Bern

Amparo Zapata, PhD, Chemist, Basel

Hans-Christian Zehnter, Biologist, Editor, 4143 Dornach, Solothurn

Maggie Zhou, PhD in Genetics, Basel

Susanne Zuelli, Dector, Molecular Biology, Retired, Küttigen, AG

D. Juliana Zweifel, Bachelor of environmental studies, Scientific assistant, Zofingen, Schweiz


Fay Hwang, Master of Forestry, Taipei


Ahmed Hassanali, BSc and BSc Hons (Adelaide), PhD (Nottingham), DSc (Kenyatta Uni, Nairobi), Chemical Ecology & Bio-prospecting, Retired from Uni of Dar-es- Salaam, ICIPE (Nairobi), and Kenyatta University (Nairobi), Nairobi, Kenya


Chris Odbratt, PhD, Food and Agriculture Scientist, Professor, Phetchabun

Anne Trottier, PhD anthropology, Bangkok

Rosanne Trottier, PhD, Anthropology, Phayathai, Bangkok

Rosanne Trottier, PhD, Anthropology, anthropologist, Bangkok


Berfin altay, Biologist, Ecology thesis, Novartis Patient safety admin, istanbul, istanbul


Ihor Demkovych, Master degree in Radio Physics and Electronic, Software Engineer, Kyiv

Olena Nizhelska, PhD, Biophysics, The Scientific and Training Center “Physical and Chemical Material Science” of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Kate Seden, Ecologist, Chernigiv

Darina Shevchenko, master, lawyer, Kyiv, Kyiv


Sharon Thomas, Medical imaging technologist, Radiologic technologist, Dubai


Izabela Abel, Life Sciences (student), student, Brighton

Yulia Aleshina, PhD, Food Science, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Karen Allan, BSc Hons Biochemistry, Aberdeen University. Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Analysis & Design (IT) , Napier University. Both UK., IT Specialist (retired), IT Specialist, IBM; Enabling Technologist, Robert Gordon University., Montrose, N Scotland

Paul Anderson, PhD Philosophy, Law, Environmental Sustainability, Research Fellow at the Schumacher Institute, Bristol

Rex Anderson, Maths, Fundamental Physics, Crowborough, East Sussex

Ruth Andrade, Environmental Science, MSc in Environmental Studies, Environmental Manager, Regenerative Development Officer, Lush Ltd., Poole, Dorset

Anna Antoniou, BSc Environmental Science, Surrey

Ranw Aso, Biomedical Sciences, London

Susan Bardocz, PhD, DSc, Prof. habil, DSc, biochemist, retired, Aberdeen, scotland

Jude Bartlett, General Science, Student, Dingwall, Highland

Jane Bayley, BSc Hons Geology, Senior Lecturer in Environment & Health including Epidemiology Trinity College, University of Wales 1986-2001, CARDIGAN, PEMBROKESHIRE

Sian Bearcroft, Forensic Science Bsc Hons, Marketing, Ledbury, Herefordshire

Peggy Bentham, MPhil PhD, Environmental & Occupational Health, Macclelsfield, Cheshire

Maria-Victoria Bermudez, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, Cancer immunology, PhD Student, London, Greater London

janet bestwick, BSc hons, psychology (retired), exeter

Nicola Bindon, Environmental Science, Bristol

Amanda Bingley, PhD Health Geography, Lecturer in Health Research, Yealand Redmayne, Carnforth, Lancashire

Natascha Boehler, BSc Biology, MSc Ecology, Buckfastleigh, Devon

Natascha Boehler, BSc Biology and MSc in Ecology, Diplom Biologist, Environmental Educator, Workshopleader, Guide for sustainable travel, Totnes, Devon

Julie Boreham, BA in Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Reach, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

James Boswell, Bsc in Physics; PhD in astrophysics, College lecturer in physics, Sheffield

Michael Bott, BSc (HONS) ECOLOGY & Environmental Chemistry, colchester, Essex

Jenny Bowen-Davies, BVSc MSc Veterinary Science, Biology, Epidemiology, Dr, Veterinary Surgeon, Epidemiologist, Biologist, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Matthew Bragg, Bsc Pharmacology, MSc Biochemistry, Company Director, Director, Soft Byte Ltd, Oswestry, Shropshire

Howard Brindle, BSc MIET, EMC RF effects, Waterlooville, Hampshire

Delny Britton, PhD Ecology, Independent Researcher, Gloucester

Daniel Brooks, Ornithologist., Oban, Argyll

Caroline Brouard, student, London, London

Kane Brough, Bbc honrs Environmentall Science, Teacher, Frome, Somerset

Keith Brown, Herpetologist, Senior technical analyst, Chester, Cheshire

Kim Brown, PhD Health Science and mPhil Research Methodology, Director, Southampton, Hampshire

Heather Burroughs, BSocSci Anthropology, MSc Research Methodology, MSc Educational Psychology, PhD Social Psychiatry, Research Fellow, Keele University, Sandbach

Tess Burrows, Bsc ecological science, Ecological science, Haslemere

Karine Butchart, BSc Zoology Honours Degree,, Frome, Somerset

James Campbell, Bsc, MSc. Ecology, Retired, Dorchester, Dorset

Tom Carpenter, BSc. Hons in Chemical Engineering and MBA, Chemical Engineering and Health/Environmental Consultant, Dorking, Surrey

Eleanor Chandler, B.Sc. Hons. Mathematics, Glastonbury, Somerset

Mickey Chapman-Pincher, Hexapods, Citizen Scientist, Pershore

Bojidar Chkorev, Doctor of Natural Sciences, Ecology, University of Rome "La Sapienza", London

Jack Cleasby, RSO and Environmental science, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Lee Conlon, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Trevor Cooke, Graduate Degree in Nuclear Science and Engineering MIT & Cambridge (UK), Nuclear Science and Engineering, WADEBRIDGE, Cornwall

Rebecca Cootes, BSc (Hons) Marine Biology, Brighton, Sussex

Karl Cox, MSc, PhD, Computer Science, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton, Worthing, West Sussex

Elizabeth Crawford, BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine, Medical Herbalist, Totnes, Devon

Trish Crawford, BA Archaeology; MSc Anthropology, Cardiff

Yasmeen Dahdah, Biology, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Nick Dalton, BSc, MSc, Biology (Marine), Constantine, Cornwall

Mairead Daly, Msc Science, Researcher, London

Greg Dance, Environmental Science & Renewable Energy Technologies (OU), I.T Specialist, Stroud, Glos

Caroline Daniel, BSc Hons Biological Sciences , Health, Herbalist, Manchester

Andy Davey, PhD (chemistry), illustrator, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Alison David, PHD, Archaeologist, British museum, Cardigan, Ceredigion

Benjamin Davis, BSc Molecular Genetics, Genomics, London

Julia Dawson, MSc Sustainable Environmental Management and Bsc Rural Resource Management, Sustainable environmental management, Retired from Plymouth University UK, NEWTON ABBOT, Devon

Nicola Day, BA hons, MSc, PhD, Teacher, University of Liverpool, Liverpool

CHRIS de Lacy, space & climate phisics, Hove, East Sussex

joanna delves, quantum physics, glastonbury

Lara Donfrancesco, Medical microbiology, Leamington spa

Caz Donovan, BSc, Geology, Totnes, Devon

Susan Dornan, PhD BSc, Belfast

Kian Dowsett, Physics, Braintree, Essex

Linda Duffy, Glasgow

Louise Dynes, Biological Sciences (Animal Biology), Dungannon, Tyrone

Patricia Eccleston, PhD, Anatomy, Retired, Grimsby, N E Lincolnshire

Nicola Edgell, Ba hons business studies dnn cpni, Clinical psychoneuroimmunologist, Brighton

Sheila Edwards, BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Biology, PGCE, Llangollen, Wrexham

Gilan El-Attar, MSc Forensic Analysis, BSc(Hons) Chemistry with Forensic science and Pharmaceuticals, Analytical Chemist, Butterworth Laboratories Ltd, London

Alice Eldridge, Psychology BSc, Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems MSc, Computer Science PhD, Ecoacoustics, University of Sussex, Newhaven, East Sussex

PATRICIA ENGLAND, Lancaster University Degree - fields Nuclear Power, protecting & ehancing Morecambe Bay, extensive community improvement, 7 Equality Standards, Domestic Violence Charter, Lancaster

Colin Fairhurst, Bsc (Hons) Physics, Company Director (retired), Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Vanessa Fawcett, BSc (Hons), Retired, Torquay

Anne Feakes, BSc Physics, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

stephane flasse, PhD - Earth Observation, Earth Observation and Natural Resource Management, Larkfield, Kent

Diggory Frampton, Environmental Science, Outdoor Education, Alumni of Murdoch University, Tribe Leader at The Bushcraft Company, Alton, Hampshire

Amber Frettingham, Bachelor of arts, biology., Bachelor of art., Market Rasen, Lincolnshire

Shane Fudge, PhD, Environmental governance, Teaching Assistant, Teaching Personel Recruitment Agency, Bournemouth

Daniel Fulcher, BSc Physics & Medical Physics - MSc Mechatronics, Consultant researcher, London

Aiste Garneviciene, MSc Energy Society and Sustainability, Student at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Philip Gaut, B.Sc., Ph.D. Botany, Forest Pathology, Llanrwst, North Wales

Russell Geake, Physics, Director, Deciduous Partners Ltd, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Annie Gedye, BSc, Marine Biology research, Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach and Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach Trainer, Reading, Berkshire

Catarina Geoghan, BSc Human Sciences, PhD Psychology, Independent Researcher (Retired), Brighton

Sandra Germay, Master in environmental studies, BSc in homeopathy, London

Syed Ghulam Sarwar Shah, MBBS, MA, MSc, PhD, Public Health and Heath Studies Research, Former Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Guys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London and Former Research Fellow, Brunel University, London

Gloria Giambartolomei, MSc Environmental Science, PhD researcher at Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University, Coventry, Warwickshire

Jim Gibson, Ecology, Eastbourne

Beatriz Gil Quitian, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Milton Keynes, Bucks

Ayala Gill, MSc Ecology, Yoga and meditation teacher, London

leah gill, professional electrician, electricity, city and guilds, cardiff, cf117lw

Zoe Gillespie, Environmental science, Teacher, Orpington

Zoe Gillespie, Environmental science, Teacher, London

Amanda Gillies, Food Technologist, Bussgage, Nr Stroud, County (optional)

Estelle Gillingham, PhD Chemistry, Research Chemist, Saint Buryan, Cornwall

anna glover, msc biotechnology, Sunderland

Desiree Goerrissen, Computer science, Uckfield

Andrew Goldsworthy, BSc PhD, Retired University Lecturer, Imperial College London, London

Cat Goodall, Pharmaceutical program director, London

Caroline Gordon, BSc Biochemistry, Glastonbury, Somerset

Nicola Gould, BSc Hons, Ecology, Mrs NJ Gould Co-director Gould Ecology, Clynderwen, Pembrokeshire

Peter Gourley, Horologist, Durham

Samuel Green, BSc (Hons) Biology, MRes Ecology & Environmental Sustainability, Aberdeen

Sarah Greenaway, Msc, Environmental health officer, Bangor

Barrie Griffin, Pharmacology, Woodbridge, suffolk

Jill Griffith, BSc(Hons) 1st (mammalian biochemistry). Physical Chemistry, Chemical analyst, equine scientist, Nantwich, Cheshire

Victoria Hands, PhD Sustainable Development, Director Sustainability Hub, Kingston University, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

arabella harding, bsc biomedical scientist, scientist, kings college london, haywards heath, West Sussex

Kerstin Heath, Health, Forres, Moray

Janina Henly, Environmental Biologist, Swansea

Vanessa Hill, BSc(Hons), PhD, microbiology, virology, gene therapy., DR, Inventor and research scientist., Warwick university, QMC London, Qeen Mary Hospital, Imperial college, RHUL., London

Urara Hiroeh, PhD Epidemiology, Edinburgh

Adrian Hoban, Environmental Geology, Asbestos, Bath

kath holdsworth, Expert researcher into dangers of EMF radiation and 5G risks, retired, leeds, yorkshire

Helen Holt, MSc Radiation and Environmental Protection (Univ of Surrey)., Complementary health practitioner, Special needs teacher, Guildford, Surrey

Richard House, PhD Environmental Sciences, Chartered Psychologist, Writer, Formerly Senior Lecturer at the Universities of Roehampton and Winchester, Fellow, Critical Institute, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Suzanne Houston, Biology BSc, Southampton

Guy Hudson, BSc, Physicist, CEO benficial Environments, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

Sarah Hulme, Ecology BSc, Tregaron, Dyfed

Hafsa Illyas, Science, Cancer biologist, Dagenham

Louisa Inch, BSc Environmental Pollution Science, MCIWEM MIEMA, Chartered Environmentalist, Truro, Cornwall

April Jackson, Biology BSc, Ms, Previously Hatchery Husbandry Assistant and Teaching Assistant., Felinheli, Gwynedd

Sam Jarrah-Moon, Ecology, Forestry, College Lecturer, Forest Row, East Sussex

Graham Jevon, Biologist, Microbiologist, Totnes, Devon

diane johnson, BSc Hons Ecology, PGCE, Ecologist, Wirral, Merseyside

Fiona Johnson, BSc Hons Environmental Science, Plymouth, Devon

Glenda Jones, BSc., PhD., Environmental Geophysics, Geoscience, Stoke-on-Trent

Mark Jones, Psychology BSc Honours, Brunel University, Advanced Levels: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Farnborough, Hampshire

Susan Jones, BSc (Hons) Chemistry, Bristol

Susan Jones, MSc Osteoarchaeology BEd Hons, Osteoarchaeology, Dorchester, Dorset

Brian Josephson, Ph.D., Physics, Physics, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Cambridge University, CAMBRIDGE, Cambs.

Liz Joule, BSc Hons Molecular Biology, Clinical Research, Fakenham, Norfolk

Birgit Juen, M.S. in Mathematics, Ascot

Zana Juppenlatz, BSc Hons Ecological Science, MPhil Landscape Architecture, MA Environmental Law, LLDipCPE Law, Environmental Law & Policy, Environmental Impact Assessment, Institute of Environmental Management, full member, retired; Council Member UK Environmental Law Association, retired; Member Landscape Institute, retired, Castle Douglas, Dumfries& Galloway

Usman Kayani, Mathematics MSci, Theoretical Physics PhD, Scientist, King's College London, London

Ethan Kear, Physics, guildford, Surrey

Helen Keeble, BSc Physics with Astrophysics, Oxfordshire

Beth Kidd, BSc Hons St A Ecology, Retired Scientist, Dundee

Andrew King, PhD entomology, Entomology and crop protection, Formerly Head of the crop protection programme at the Natural Resources Institute, agency of UK Govt Overseas Development Administration (now DIFID), London, London

Susannah Kirkland, BSc Hons Chemistry, Bath

Lesley Knight, Homotoxicology, Bio Electric Functions diagnostics, Microbiology, The College of Progressive Homeopath, TIverton, Devon

Beth Kydd, BSc(Hons) ECOLOGY and Botany., Ecologist, GOOLE, North Yorkshire

Ria Laplain, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science (First Class), Biomedical Science, Braintree, Essex

Vivienne Laval, BSc, PhD Molecular Genetics, Dr, Biology Teacher (11-19), Biology Coordinator St Anthony's Girls' Catholic Academy, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Eleanor Lawson, Ecology, Edinburgh

Heather Lee, PhD, Biochemistry and Nutrition, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Victoria Lee, MSc, Social sciences, Bristol, Bristol

Mel Leonis, BSc (hons) Ecology, Plymouth, Devon

Mel Leonis, BSc(hons) Ecology, Plymouth, Devon

John Lincoln, BSc Biochemistry, MSc Operational Research, PhD Immunology., Project manager, Research Assistant, University of York, University of Glasgow., Edinburgh

Bella Lindsell, Geography, Barnstaple

Alf Littler, Chemistry, Loughborough University 1970, Water Treatment Consultant, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Imogen Lloyd, geographer, Eastleigh, hampshire

Ulrich Loening, BA, PhD Molecular Biology and Human Ecology, Research Biologist (Retired), Department of Zoology, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Larisa Logunova, Msc in Medical Biochemistry and Immunology, Research, Senior Research Technician at the University of Manchester, UK, Manchester

Rona Lohoar, Biology, retired, StAndrews, Scotland

Denise Longman, BSc Pharmacolgy, Bath University. MSc Neuroanatomy, Manchester University School of Medicine, Southwold, Suffolk

Sarah Lowick de Paz, BSc in forestry, Women’s health and well-being facilitator, Buxton

Anne Ludlow, B.A. (Harvard), MST, Biology, Ecology, Earth Science, Paignton, Devon

Jean Mackay, BSC Hons Chemistry, Administrator, Carer, Buckfastleigh, Devon

Juliet Mackenzie, Degree in Astrophysics, Mathematics Teacher, Lewes

Joe Manger, Master of Physics, Leicester

Denis Martin, B.Sc., Applied Physics, Teacher (retired), Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

Jennie Martin, MSc, Ethnobotany, Naturalist, Forres

Jennie Martin, Masters Ethnobotany, Ethnobotany, Forres, Moray

Kirk Martin, The study of the universe, Tilbury, Essex

jane martindill, Diploma in anatomy and physiology, and reflexology., romford

mo mason, Anthropologist., cardiff, ceredigion

Joanne Massey, Sociology PHD, Social sciences (sociology and criminology), Senior lecturer, MMU, phD, Stockport, Cheshire

Helen Matthews, MA Medical Anthropology, Medical researcher, Associate member of staff, University of Worcester, Hereford

John Mauremootoo, PhD Biology, Biology, Ecology, Health, Bristol, Avon

Sarah Maynard, BSc (Hons) Chemistry and Environmental Science, Former Environmental Chemist now Teaching Assistant, Brixham, Devon

George Mc Neil, Earth Sciences, Retired, Edinburgh

Chloe McDaid, MMath and Phys, PhD Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Manchester, County (optional)

Yvonne McDermott, BSc Horticulture & Horticultural Science MSc Landscape Ecology Design & Maintenance, Henfield, West Sussex

Michelle Mckenzie, BSc Human Nutrition, Nutrition, Hastings, Uk

Abby McMillan, BSc Environments & Ecosystems; MSc Aquatic Resource Management; PhD Water management and tourism, Water, London

Jacob McNamee, Anthropology, London, London

Wendy Meddelton, PhD, Neurologist, Christchurch

Helen Meratti, MSc Public Health, MA International Relations, Previously Health Consultant at Mott MacDonald Ltd, Currently Freelance Consultant in International Health, London

John Midwinter, BSc, PhD, 4xHon.DSc, FRS, FREng, Optoelectronics & Optical Communications, Professor, Physicist, Research Professor, Emeritus Pender Professor, Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University College London, London, Middlesex

J Mistry, BSc Physics, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

Alan Mitchell, HND Nautical Science, Merchant Navy, Waterlooville, Hampshire

Lila Morris, MSc Ecology, Consveration Officer, Somerset Wildlife Trust, Banwell

Raymond Munro, BSc, CEng., FIME, Physicist, Engineer and Biochemist, Bearsden, Glasgow

Dimitra Myronaki, BSc Physics; MSc Radiation and Environmental Protection, Radiation Protection, London

louise nadim, Ph.D environmental micro- biochemistry, specialist mentor for learning disabilities, Newcastle emlyn, wales

Max Nall, Biology BSc (Hons), Food Testing and Sleep Studies, WORCESTER, Worcestershire

Karen Nathe, B.Sc.(Hon) Biochemistry, Postgraduate Diploma Environmental Education, Biochemistry, London

jacky newnham, environmental science, Therapist, horsham, west sussex

Chris Newton, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D., Biomedical Research, Director CIMMBER, Hull, East Yorkshire

Patricia Noguera, PhD, Fish Pathologist, Senior Histopathologist at Marine Scotland Science, Aberdeen, Uk, ABERDEEN, Aberdeenshire

David O'Druaidh, Plasma Cosmology, IT, London

Barbara Olioso, Dr in industrial chemistry, chemist developing green cosmetics, Wells, Somerset

Vanya Orr, Medical and Environmental, Newport Pembs SA420QN, Pembs

Arpad Ousztai, PhD, Dr, Biochemist, retired, aberdeen, scotland

Mesut Ozer, BSc Pharmacology, Medical trial volunteer coordinator, London, Hertfordshire

Rochelle Parkes, Horticulture, Southampton

Ivanda Pavlovska, Ms in Biology, Biology, London

Ivanda Pavlovska, Ms in Biological sciences, London

David Payne, Diploma Wildlife & conservation, Hunstanton, Norfolk

Neal Pearson, Ecotoxicology, Senior Assistant Scientist, Sittingbourne, Kent

Michael Phillips, Bsc.Microbiology, Newton Abbot, Devon

Kirstie Philpot, Wildlife conservation ecology, Frome, Somerset

Alexander Pinnock, MCHEM Master of Chemistry with Industrial Experience, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Runcorn, Cheshire

Joanna Powell, MSc Forestry (Oxford), Frome

Kenneth Power, BA. MA Soil Science, Retired, Retired teacher, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Joshua Price, Biomedical Science, Scientist, Research Technician, Birmingham, West Midlands

Kirsty Price, Environmental Science, Student, Open university Milton Keynes, Cardiff

Arpad Pusztai, FRSE, PhD, Biochemistry, retired, Aberdeen, Scotland

Bogdan Radasanu, IT and Finance, London

Jackie Raymond, Animal Behaviourist, Southampton

Robert Reed, MSc Forestry; fields of study: (1) agroecology and (2) Kundalini Yoga, Project Manager - A Team Foundation, London

sarah rees, FdA, BA, MSc Neuroscience and Education, Hereford, herefordshire

Diane Reid, M.Cert,project management / BSc../ S.R.N, Computer project manager, SOUTHAMPTON, Hants

Jennifer Rhind, PhD Biological Science, Former lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University, Moffat, Dumfriesshire

Jorge r Richards, Physics and astronomy (MPhys), Bank manager, Crewe

Sonia Richards, Biology, Birkenhead, Merseyside

Laura Richardson, PhD Marine Ecology, Marine ecology, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Bangor University, Bristol

Yvan Rioux, BA Biology Montreal University, Biologist, Lecturer at British School of Homeopathy, Bath, Avon

Anne Roberts, BSc MSc biological sciences, Ecologist, Newton abbot

Jane Robertson, BSc environmental science. Undergraduate osteopath, Environment, Maidstone, Kent

Maarika Rool, BSc genetic engineering, LINCOLN, Lincolnshire

Sergio Ruiz Cayuela, MSc Sustainability Science and Technology, Early Stage Researcher, Marie Sklodowska-Curie PhD fellow, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University, Coventry, UK

Lesley Russell, Chemistry, Ph.D., Edinburgh

Rosalind Salter, Ecologist, Inverness, Highland

David Saunders, BSc Chemistry, Environmental Consultant, Bristol

judith saxon, BSC Herbal medicine, Carer, Manchester

Alan Schutt, Geology, Geologist, Harberton, Devon

Jochen Schwu, PhD, Physics, Biology, Forest Row, East Sussex

Linda scotson, MPhil student Dept Neuroscience UCL Restorative recovery in neurologically challenged children, Neuroscience, Deparment of Neuroscience Institute of Child Health University College London, Forest Row, East Sussex

Emily Scott Bolton, BSc Biochemistry, Biochemist, Norwich, Norfolk

Fran Scott, BSc (Hons) Human Genetics, Leeds

Julian P. Scott, MA, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Electronics, Phillips Research Laboratories (retired), Bath

Rosemary Seager-Jones, BSc Hons Zoology, Zoology, Swansea

Barrie Sharrock, Aquarist, biology teacher, archaeologist, photographer, retired, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

daphne shearadd, bachelor of Arts, Social & environmental Sciences, Human Conscousness, research scientist, bournemouth, doreset

Rupert Sheldrake, PhD Biology, Dr, Research Scientist, Fellow, Institute of Noetic Sciences, London, London

D Shim, Environmental science, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Munesh Singh, Sport science, Sport, Coventry university, London, London

Phoenix Siria, PhD Oncology, Glasgow

Romana Slovakova, Viroligy, London Muswell Hill

Richard Smale, Post Grad Forestry/Agroforestry. Higher Nat Dip. Conservation Management, Environmentalist, Bembridge

Russell Smart, MSc Taxonomy and Biodiversity, Colchester, Essex

Cyril Smith, MA Psychology, PhD Physics, DIC, Retired from Department of Electrical Engineering, Salford University, Eccles, Manchester

Tony Smith, PhD, Behavioural Science, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Vanessa Spedding, BSc Chemical Physics, Science writer, Hereford

Caroline Spencer, BSc hons ecology with Wildlife Management, Forest School leader, Exeter, Devon

David Spooner, BA Honours, Geology and Geography, Project Manager, Stirling

Manolis Stalford, BSc (Hons) Biology, Horley, Surrey

ben Stallard, Environmental Biology, marlow, bucks

Viking Starbeam, Earth Science, Exeter

Andrea Staton, BSc(Hons), Chemistry, Complementary Therapist, Sheffield, South yorkshire

Viv Stein, Environmental Biology/Nutrition and Food Science BSc; Human Nutrition MSc, Environmentalist, London, London

Olena Stoica, Biochemistry and Genomic Medicine, Procter&Gamble, Manchester

Anthony Stokes, BSc, Environmental and Health Sciences, FRAS FRSPB MRi, Brentwood, Essex

Rebecca Surett, Msc Human Ecology, Gardener, Llanymynech, Wales

Jonathan Swann, BA(Hons) Physics, Retired, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Roger Taylor, BVSc (veterinary) PhD (Immunology), Retired Reader in Immunology, Retired from National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London and from Department of Pathology, University of Bristol, Guildford, Surrey

Thora Tenbrink, PhD Linguistics, Linguistics, Reader in Cognitive Linguistics, Bangor University, Wales, Bangor, Gwynedd

Nikita Thierry, Environmental Geography & Politics, Belhaven, East Lothian

David Thomas, B.Sc., M.SC. D.I.C., F.G.S., Earth Sciences, Doctor of Chiropractic, Forest Row, Please Select

Marco Tibbetts, BSc Forestry, Forester, Bromyard, Herefordshire

Caroline Tinney, BSc Cell Biology, MSc Physiotherapy, Forest Row, East Sussex

Matthew Toomey, BSc Env Science, Offshore environmental, Perth, Perthshire

Jessica Triana de Ford, Environmental Science, Kingskerswell, Devon

Barrie Trower, British Military Intelligence Scientist (Retired), Physics Degree specializing in microwaves, Teaching Diploma in Human Physiology, Currently teaches advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College and campaigns worldwide to remove wireless technology from schools

Nicola Turner, Physics (subatomic particles), Manchester

SARAH TURNER, msc neuroscience, Photobiomodulation, Bournemouth, Hertfordshire

Raqib Valli, BSc Ecology and Conservation, St Andrews, Fife

Anastasija Vasiljeva, Master degree in Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemist, Derby

Lowri Vaughan, Biomedical Science, Anglesey

Robert Verkerk, BSc, MSc, PhD, Sustainability, health sciences, agriculture, food, Executive Director / Alliance for Natural Health International, Dorking, Surrey

Rick Vialli, BSc Ecology and Conservation, Ecology, St Andrews, Fife

Cheyenne Vigileos, Environmental Science, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Saskia von Diest, PhDAgric, Agriculture, Postdoctoral researcher, Stellenbosch University, Elham

Peter Wadhams, MA PhD ScD (Cantab). Physics and oceanography, Oceanographer, glaciologist, Professor of Ocean Physics, Cambridge University, Cambridge

Hanna Waldbaum, MSc Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies, Sustainability Advisor (retired), Ashburton, Devon

Tilly Walker Wood, Environmental Science, London, Greater London

marion wallis, Microbiology Special related to diagnostic Microbiology in the NHS, BA Hons joint hons Ceramics and Fine Art, Shiatsu practitioners Diploma., orpington, kent

Marion Wallis, Biomedical Scientist, Orpington, Greater London

Georgina Walsh, MSc, Environmental, Forest Row, East sussex

Margery Ward, BA Earth Sciences Open University, Louth, Lincolnshire

Sylvia Warner, NDD & ATD (Art & Design), Art & Design, Retired Lecturer, Morecambe, Lancashire

Peter Warnock, Human Consciousness, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Somatic Therapy, Breath and consciousness, Pilton, Somerset

Marie-Ange Watson, Medical Biology, National Health Service, Dunstable

David Charles Webb, BSc Applied Physics, Ph.D. Space Physics, Professor Emeritus, Patron of Scientists for Global Responsibility (UK), Convenor of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Gillian Webster, Physics BSc and PhD, Company Development Officer, Buckfastleigh, Devon

Eva Wegel, Degree and PhD in Biology, Dr, Biologist, Norwich, Norfolk

Robert Welham, PhD, Mathematics, Now retired, Bristol

John Wheeler, BSc physics MSc microwave physics Ph D portland cement., Civil Engineering. and Food technology, Reading, Berkshire

Dee Whitro, Degree in Biochemistry, Lecturer, Nottingham

Kenneth Williams, BSc Astronomy, Mathematician, Castle Douglas

Delyth Wilson, M Sc Geochemistry, Geology & Chemistry, Retired teacher, Anglesey, Wales

Claire Winchester, Teacher and complementary medicine teacher & practitioner, Dingwall, Ross-Shire

Julie Withers, PhD Soil Microbiology, Forest Row

Annie Wood, BSc Chemistry, Gillingham, Dorset

michael wood, medical, Kingswinford, West Midlands

Ian woods, PHD BIO/CHEM/, MARINE SCIENTIST, ..., London, London

Geoffrey Wooster, Physics, Chemistry, Crystallography, Scientific Instrument Design, Managing Director, Crystal Structures Ltd, HUNTINGDON, CAMBRIDGESHIRE

Julia Wright, PhD, MSc, BA, Agroecology, Academic Research in Sustainable Agriculture, Senior Research Fellow Agroecological Futures, Coventry University, Coventry, Warwickshire

Salma Yusuf, MSc Biomedical scientist, Haematology biomedical scientist, Oldham Royal Hospital, Leeds

Lara Zane, MA hons cantab (natural sciences), London

Edward Zealley, Anatomy, University of Bristol, Bristol


E. Abdoney, Bachelor of Science, post graduate Medical Hypothermia, Medical Research Laboratory Administrator (Ret.), Riverview, Florida

David Abram, PhD, Cultural Ecologist, Educator, Author, Director of Alliance for Wild Ethics, Professor, Distinguished Teaching Fellow, Schumacher College, England, recent Arne Naess Chair of Global Justice and the Environment, University of Oslo, Santa Fe, NM

Radka Adam, Microbiology, Director and President of medical equipment, Hoffman Estates, ILLINOIS

Stephen Adams, bs, physics, Gautier, Mississippi

Mary Adkins, B.S., M.Ed., Former Configuration Manager, MK 48 ADCAP Torpedo Program, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport, Public Health Educator and Rhode Island Regional Director of Citizens for Safe Technology, Wakefield, RI

Vince Alfait, PhD, Health research and clinician, Director, behavioral medicine services of Hawaii, Pacific Grove, CA

Margie Alfonso, B.S. Bacteriology and Public Health, Eagle Forum, Volunteer Lobbyist in D.C., Public Speaking, Tulsa, OK

Cara Alhadeff, PhD, Environmental Science, Jews Of The Earth, Zazu Dreams, Oakland, California

courtney allen, Ecology, black mountain, North Carolina

Jetana Allison, MA Ecology, Staff Research Associate, Agroecology Program, University of California, Staff Ecologist, Escalante Wilderness Project, Tucson, AZ

Leslie Anderson, B.S. Biochemical Nutrition, Researcher, San Rafael, CA

Josh Andrews, Biology,genealogy,electric magnetic fields research., Dr.joshua andrews, Research of human health, Knoxville, TN

Margaret Anne, PhD Maharishi Vedic Science, Faculty, University Education, Fairfield, Iowa

Stephanie Archer, BS, MS, Microbiology, Shelburne, Ma

Abby Artemisia, BA, Botanist, Burnsville, NC

Sayward Ayre, Masters in Environmental Studies MES), Field and Underwater Archaeology (BA), Researcher, Author, Speaker, Eugene, OR

Randall Babaoye, Bachelor's in Chemical Science, Phoenix, New Mexico

Robert Bagnall, Pharmacology, Yulee, Florida

Cierra Bailey, B.A. in Environmental Biology, Forestry, Glouster, Ohio

Taloah Bain, Mycology and botany, Herbalist, Vacouver, Washington

James Baldauff, Associates degree in electronics engineering technology, material science, Pittsburgh, Pa

Coral Barber, Oceanographer, GROVELAND, Massachusetts

Ariel Barfield, B.S., M.A, Chemistry; M.S., Ph.D, Physics, Retired/volunteer, Tucson, AZ

Ariel Barfield, B.S., MA chemistry and PhD Physics, Retired, Tucson, AZ

Michael Barfield, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Rick Barnes, Bachelor of Science, Motion Picture Production, Film Producer, Coalition for informed Consent, Bozeman, Montata

Frank Bartlo, MS in Atmospheric Science, Studied Biology and Philosophy, Property Inspector, Builder, Real Estate Agent, Garden City, MI

Linda Bauer, Master Degree in chemistry, Chemist, Kingsport, TN

James B. Beal, B.S.(,M.E.), Consultant, Retired, electriomagnetic field effects, Wimberley, Texas

Amy Becker, Biologist, Volunteer with Institute for Applied Ecology, helping to restore native habitat in the Pacific Northwest, Corvallis, OR

James Beene, Nuclear Physics, Theortical Physics, Mathematics, Design Engineering, electronics, Avant-gard Research, Wise technology, Poulsbo, WA

Shaktari Belew, BS Psychology, Permaculture Teacher’s Certificate, MSc Ecosystem Regeneration, Retired, Ashland, OR

amber berg, PhD Psychology, Master of Science, yoga. chef. retreat owner, L.Ac. Methodist Hospitals Houston Texas., pahoa, hawaii

HOWARD BERG, PhD, Herchel Smith Professor of Physics and Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Emeritus, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Larry Berryman, Bachelor of Science in Biology, Retired Halth Inspector and Administrator, Environmental Health Specialist (field inspector in the food industry), Program Manager for wholesale food manufacturing program, Program Manager for the hazardous substances program for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment,, Aurora, Colorado

E Biber, Chemistry, biology, medical,, Research Chemist, Columbia, SC

Joy Binah, Graduate degree in Gerontology, Health and Wellness Coach, retired, Santa Cruz, California

Beau Binder, BSc Physics, BSc Applied Mathematics, Eugene, OR

Joan Bird, Ph.D. Zoology, B.S. Psychology, Writer/ Educator, Retired from work in conservation non-profits and state government, Helena, MT

Abigail Boak, Environmental Science, St. John’s, Mi

Leah Bodenhamer, Environmental Science, Lake Oswego, OR

Jana Bogs, BS Nutrition, MS Animal Science, PhD Horticulture and Food Science, Dr., Nutrition Grown Horticultural Consultant, Director- Beyond Organic Consulting, Inc., Ocean View, HI

Betty Bona, BA Biology, JD, Former Professional Research Assistant at the University of Colorado Anschutz Center, Denver, CO

Gary McG. Boone, A.B. (1951), M.A. (1954), Ph.D. (1958-59) in Geology, Research & UniversityTeaching in petrology, Professor emeritus in geology, Syracuse University Fellow, Geological Soc. of America, Presque Isle, ME

Sandra Booth, Ph.D Physical Anthropology, Austin, TX

Steven Borish, PhD, Anthropology and Biology, Professor, Professor, Department of Human Development and Women's Studies, California State University East Bay, Hayward, California, Hayward, California

Kathleen Boyd, Chemical Dependency, Anthropology, Forestry, Botany, Retired, Spokane, WA

Steven Boyer, BS Biochem BS Chem Eng, St. Paul, Minnesota

Deborah Braman, BS, Biochemistry, Retired, Tallahassee, FL

Bruce Brandt, B.S. Geobiology, Ecological Restoration and Preservation, Henderson, Minnesota

Robert Broadhead, ma biology, Black Mountain, NC

Manuel Bruce, BSc Geology, Retired, Greensboro, NC

Michael Brunjes, MPH, Med, Environmental Health Researcher, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Los Angeles, CA

Colleen Buchanan, Wildlife Biologiy, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Henry Buser, MS Chemistry, Chemist, Easton, Pennsylvania

Bruce Cain, 5 years Medical Research in Department of Radiation Physics (Henry Ford Hospital), Retired, Dearborn Heights, MI

Natalie Campbell, MS human nutrition, Nutrition, Pleasant Ridge, MI

Carlos Caridad, Masters in Electronics, Scientist on cancer treatment, Engineer and Energy Healer, Valley Cancer Institute, GS Medical Center (Pain Management Clinic), Torrance, CA

David O. Carpenter, MD, MPH, Rensselaer, Director and Professor, Institute for Health and the Environment, School of Public Health, University at Albany, NY

Jodi Carr, Mathematics, Sr Technical Manager, Aerospace and Telecommunications, Major Aerospace Coroporation, Phoenix, AZ

Anthony Carrancejie, BS Earth Science, Ocean Ridge, Florida

Robert Carson, Chemist, Asheville, NC

James Cayon, Associates', Telecommunications / Television Sciences, Independent Theoretical Physicist, Investigator, Easthampton, Massachusetts

P Centrus, PhD, Environmental, Phoenix, Arizona

William Cheek, Multidimensional, Biology, physics, spiritual,environmental, Peru, In

Sandra Chianfoni, Environmental Researcher, Monterey, Massachusetts

Michelle Christopher, BS in Biological Sciences, Research Associate, Denham Springs, LA

Alfred Chrzan, BS Biology, MS Health and Nutrition, BS, MS, Retired, Eureka, South Dakota

Michael Clarage, PhD, Researcher in Astrophysics, Acton, MA

michael clarage, Ph D Physics astrophysics plasma physics, researcher and teacher, Physics teacher at AMSA charter school Lead scientist at Shepherd Scientific, Acton, MA

Barbara Clark, Environmental Science/Natural Resource Management, Rogue River, Oregon

Joy Clarkeson, Ms Science, MSRD, retired Health and Science teacher, Hopewell, NJ

Cedric Clendenon, Biology B.S., Graduate Student, Biology PhD Student in the Department of Earth and Biological Sciences at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA

Mark Cochran, Water chemist, Port St Lucie, Fl

William Collinge, PhD, Health Services Research, Principal Investigator, Collinge and Associates, Inc., Eugene OR

Vic Connor, BS physics, MS electrical and computer engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, graduate student in computer science at Wayne State University, Detroit and assistan professor of Applied Computer Science dept Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois

Richard Conolly, BA Psychology, MS Aerospace, LLD, Retired, Dallas, OR

Grace Cormons, BS Ecology, ornithology, Parksley, VA

Jay Corrales, Masters Electrical Engineering, Computer, Department of Defense Air Force, Santa Margarita, CA

Gabriel Craig, MS Electronics and Telecommunications, New port Richey, Florida

Kirk Cunningham, Ph.D. Physical chemistry, Aquatioc chemistry, U.S. Geological Survey (retired), Boulder, Colorado

William Dabby, M.S. in Physics, Professor, Retired, Altamonte Springs, Florida

SARAH DAVIE, B.S., Biochemistry, medical research, fall city, WA

Andrea Davis, B.S. Environmental Toxicologist, Sequim, WA

Marilyn Davis, Ph.D., Physics, Computer Engineering., Instructor, UCSC Silicon Valley, San Jose, California

Birgit De Gregorio, PhD, Theoretical Physics, Cascabel Conservation Association, Benson, AZ

Jesse De La Torre III, Data Science, Pasadena, California

Jennifer DeGraffenried, Anthropology/History, Department of Defense Archaeologist, Lehi, UT

Timothy DeLorey, Ph.D. Neuroscience, Neuroscience, Senior Scientist, Eden Regenerative Design, Joshua Tree, California

James DeMeo, BS Environmental Science, PhD Geography, Earth and Atmostpheric Science, Retired Professor of Geography at Illinois State University and University of Miami, Ashland, OR

James DeMeo, PhD, PhD, Environmental Health, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Retired, Ashland, Oregon

Sebastian Derosia, Research and Development, The Winston House, Seattle, WA

Edward DeRosier, Biochemistry and Biology, Writer and Editor, Aromas, CA

Sharon Dewey, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Biology/Ecology, Biology and Aquatic Ecology, Lawrence, Kansas

Jason Dingeldein, B.S. Botany, Botanist, Enterprise, OR

James Dodson, Entomology B.S. University of Maryland, Concord, NH

Sandy Dossman, Masters of Public Health, Long Beach, CA

Pat Downing, BA Biology / Environmental Science, Executive Director, Oregon Nature and Environmental Discovery Center. (ONE Discovery), Cave Junction, Oregon

Walter Dragus, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Holistic Health, Doctor of Naturopathy, AS in Engineering Science, Multiple Electrical Engineering Diplomas, Forensic Analyst, Woolwine, VA

Ron Drucker, B S , Doctorate, B.S. ( M. T. A.S.C.P.), D.C., Medical Research, Consultant, Author, FCPA, Davie, Florida

Kristian Duffey, Ellis, Greene, Cooper, culinary, food, Griffin, ga

Michael Dugger, Chemistry, Pristine Materials, Greenbelt, MD

Jozo Dujmovic, PhD Computer Science, Professor, San Francisco, CA

David Dunak, B.S. PsychoBiology (UC Riverside 1979), Clinical Laborarory Scientist , Fontana, California

Ronan Duncan, Cymatics, Los Angeles, California

Shiree Duncan, Environmental Science B.S., Moab, Utah

august dunning, mars radiation and missions in interplanetary space, Associate Professor, phycisist, Caltech, Pasadena, CA

Trist Durham, Religion, Fresno, CA

Kathleen Eagan, M.S. neuroscience, Research scientist, teacher, early childhood specialist, Corrales, New Mexico

Andrea Echeverry, Microbiology & Immunology Ph.D., Hair loss & scalp microbiome, Delray Beach, FL

David Edelman, PhD Human Paleontology, Neuroscience, Neuroscientists, Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Nicholas Eisenhauer, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences, University of California at Riverside 1982, Hazardous Waste Mitigation Specialist II, Environmental Engineering and Research Scientist, Retired Environmental and Hazardous Waste Enforcement and Inspection Engineer, State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection - Division of Hazardous Waste Management, Princeton, New Jersey

nikita Eisenhauer, Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Research Engineer in Microwave Radar Algorithm programming, RFphased array design, Research Engineer, Princeton, New Jersey

Mara Eisenstein, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Champaign, IL

Ann Eldnur, Chemistry, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Walter Epley, BS Agronomy, Retired Soil Scientist, Albuquerque, NM

Angelika Evans, MS, Medical Technologist, Westwood, MA

Christine Evans, Master of Science in Sustainability Management, Boulder

Craig F, Biology, La plata

Tom Fabian, PhD, Molecular Biology, Functional Health Practitioner, Educator and Consultant, Denver, CO

Alison Fahland, Geologist, Gemologist., Makawao, HI

Jenny Falcon, Geography, Uuniversity of California Berkeley, Oakland, CA

Christine Faler, Biology, Health Researcher, Dana Point, California

Peter Farrell, B.S. Nutrition Chemistry, Chemist, Baldwinville, MA

Alexia Fertitta, Math and physics, Seattle, WA

BoMA, BA, AA, Psychology; Filter, MA, BA, AA Psychology; AA Philosophy; AA Electronic Engineering; AA French, Social - unsponsored, Point Roberts, Washington

Michael Finch, Mitochondriac, Wichita, KS

Arthur Firstenberg, BA Mathematics/Physics plus 3 years of medical school at University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, Author, Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution (Cellular Phone Task Force 1996, 1997), Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life (AGB Press 2017), Founder and President, Cellular Phone Task Force, Co-Founder and President, Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety, President, New Mexicans for Utility Safety, Co-Founder, Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS), Independent Researcher for 37 years into the biological effects of radio frequency radiation, Santa Fe, NM

Janet FitzGerald, BS, MS Speech and Language Pathology, Founder of FitzCom, Past NYU Adjunct Professor and Director and Founder of the Curriculum for Non-Native Speakers at IBM Research, Fairfax, CA

hatti fleming, agriculture science, ryde, ca

Lynda Fletcher, BS in Biology working in nutrition, Earlham, IA

Rebecca Fletcher, Masters in biology, Hollister, Ca

nikki florio, Natural Sciences, Sustainability, Founder/Director, Educator, Founder/Director: Tahoe Regional Environmental; Education (TREE) Program; Founder/Director: Bee Heroic - Pollinator/Climate Project, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Elizabeth Foley, BA, Behavioral Epidemiologist, Research Health Analysist, Durham, NC

Natalie Foote, Marine Biology and Ecology, Marine Science and Outreach at the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, Avalon, Ca

RW Forkner, BA Psychology, Physics and Biometrics, S Lake Tahoe, California

Julia Fosdick, B. S. Forest Science, Forestry, Pontiac, IL

Raymond Francis, BS, MSc, DSc Chemistry, Health Advisor, Bestselling Author, Founder of Beyond Health Corp., Coral Springs, FL

James Frank, BS Forestry, Retired, Reading, PA

Anna French, Live Cell Microscopist, Brevard, North Carolina

Julia Frick, Degree in Environmental Science, Founder and Managing Director of Earth Conscious Community Cultural Organization (ECCCO), Santa Cruz, CA

Jeffrey Friedman, MPH, Health Care Administrator, Edgewater, NJ

Fariha Friedrich, Harvard ma in anthropology, YONKERS, NY

Catherine J. Frompovich, BS, PhD Nutrition & Holistic Health Sciences Holistic Nutritionist (Retired) Consumer Health Issues Researcher/Journalist (current work), Ambler, PA

Allyson Frye-Henderson, College graduate/Environmental Studies, Del Mar, CA

Olivia Fuller, Aeronautics, Liberty University, Fairplay, MD

GERALD GABRIELSE, PhD, George Vasmer Leverett Professor of Physics, Emeritus, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Iskra Galic, PhD Psychology, Psychology, Los Angeles, California

Michael Gallo, BA Physics, High School Physics Teacher, Physics Teacher, Whitney Young Magnet High School, CHICAGO, Illinois

Carla Gamper, Fields of study, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Sustainable agriculture, Human dynamics, Health, spirituality, more. AA Art and Design, BA Religous Studies, Atlanta, GA

Joel Gendler, MA in astronomy, Education: editorial and marketing, Director of Product Development at Victory Productions, Shrewsbury, MA

Aurora Gernert, Sociology, Researcher, GTA at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

Nadina Gheorghiu, PhD in Condensed Matter Physics, Researcher, Superconductivity, Fairborn, Ohio

Nadina Gheorghiu, PhD, Physics, Fairborn, OH

David Gipson, Political and biblical., Houston, TX

Ann Louise Gittleman, Nutritionist, Health writer, PHD -- Holistic Nutrition MS -- Columbia Univerrsity, Post Falls, Idaho

Tiffany Glasgow, Fisheries and Wildlife Scientist, Roseburg, OR

Sheldon Glashow, PhD, Physics, Higgins Professor of Physics, Emeritus, Harvard University, Boston University, Boston, MA

Cinda Godfrey, Bachelor's Degree in Eduction, Sales, New Philadelphia, OH

Kelli Goldsmith, AA Natural Science/Geology, Geology/ Environmental, Conchas Community Committee, Conchas Dam, New Mexico

Dennis Goode, PhD Cell Biology, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Adam Gottsdanker, Meteorology, Santa Barbara

Rachel Grasso, Wildlife Biology, Atlanta, GA

David Green, Biology, Farm Services Technician, Denair, CA

Gene Groves, BS, MA, PhD, Retired, Ashland, OR

Daniel Gruen, Environmental Science, Environmental and water resources, Springfield, VA

Job Guidos, Astrophysics, Oregon State University - College of Science - Department of Physics, Corvallis, Oregon

BERTRAND HALPERIN, PhD, Hollis Professor of Mathematicks and Natural Philosophy, Emeritus, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

James Hamblin, AS and BS in Aeronautics, CW4 retired Pilot and Aeronautics Instructor, ARAU, US Army, Dexter, KY

Jennifer Hammer, Anthropology, Anthropologist, Researcher, Wyckoff, New Jersey

Maria Hanley, Bachelor of Science Biology, CLEARWATER BEACH, FL

Allan Hardman, BS environment ecology, spiritual teacher, Santa Rosa, CA

Lindsey Harris, BS Environmental Systems, Arcata, California

Travis Harris, Biology, Portland, Oregon

Michael Hart, Biomedical sciences, Student, Oceanside, California

Barry Hatfield, M.Sc., Biological Sciences, Ecological consultant, Researcher, Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, NM

Joseph Heckman, PhD Soil Science, MS Agronomy, BS Agronomy, Professor of Soil Science, Department of Plant Biology & Pathology, Rutgers University, Ringoes, NJ

Laura Heinz, B.S. Geology University of California Davis, Livingston, Montana

Sandra Held, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Alice Henneberg, BA, Greenhouse Practices, Horticulture, CA, CA

Diane Henshel, PhD, Associate Professor, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Diane Henshel, PhD, Neuroscience, toxicology, risk assessment, Associate professor, Indiana university, Bloomington, Indiana

Joe Henson, B.S. (Biology), M. S. (Zoology), Ph.D. (Entomology), Biology, Entomology, Microbioology, Chemistry, Geology, BBob Jones Univerity - Professor, Dept, Chr, Div Chr.,Clemson - Professor, S. Car. - Professor, Greenville, SC

J. Marvin Herndon, Nuclear Geophysicist/chemist, C.E.O. Transdyne Corporation, San Diego, CA

jolly hibbits, Botany MS, Pathology of Invertebrates Retired, Univ. WA, NMFS/NOAA research biolgist retired, bandon, oregon

Chris Hill, Masters, Risk Assessment and Toxicology, Erie, Colorado

Olivia Hill, BSc, MS, MEd, Psychology, Agriculture, Education, Gainesville, FL

Patrick Hogan, M.S. Geology, Scientist, Foster City, CA

Patsy Holden, Master of Anthropology, (organic fermented food, nutritional therapy), Saint Cloud, FL

GERALD HOLTON, PhD, Physics, Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Professor of the History of Science, Emeritus, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Bruce Horowitz, Masters Degree, Sustainable Community, Owner, Teacher, Ecological Landscaper, Bellingham, WA

PAUL HOROWITZ, PhD, Professor of Physics and of Electrical Engineering, Emeritus, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Brian Horsfield, BSc, PhD Environmental Science, retired, NAPLES, FL

Bonny Horvath, Sc.D. in Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, Dr, Researcher, Maharishi University of Enlightenment, New Yortk, New York

Mark House, BSci, Professor, Plasmacist, KfSSI, Bremerton, WA

Samuel Howard, Geochemistry, B.S., Geology, M.S., Researcher, teacher, Grand Valley State University, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Cass City, MI

Kimberlee Howell, quantum biology, Easton, United States

Deborah Huber, B.A. Applied Mathematics; M.S. Computer Science, retired, Oldwick, New Jersey

Edward Huff, BS- General Psychology; MA- Experimental Psychology ; Ph.D.- Mathematical Psychology, Behavioral Science; Applied Statistics., NASA Ames Research Center, Senior Scientist, Sunnyvale, CA

Mark Hughes, MS Biology, Software Engineer, Marina, CA

James L. Hulbert, MPH, PhD, Biologist, Professor of Environmental Studies, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL, Lt. Commander, National Institutes of Health, US Public Health Service, past president of FL Bentholigical society, member FL Lake Management Society, Winter Park, FL

Doyal Hunter, BS- Biology, Director of Technology, Technology support for K-12 school, Cottage Grove, TN

Joan Hutton, MS, Marine Science, Senior Analyst, Environmental Geologist, Kennesaw, GA

Joan Hutton, MS Marine Science, Environmental Geologist, Kennesaw, GA

Aiko Ikegami, Ph.D Neuropharmacology, author/illustrator of Picture books, Hilliard, Ohio

Kenneth Ingham, Ph.D., Theoretical and Astro-Physics, President, Jupiter Technology (Retired), Waban, MA

Bethany Ingram, Agronomist, Farming, Macedonia, IL

Dennis Inman, Geologist, Quemado, NM

Kate Inserra, BS Biology, Ringwood, NJ

Dan Iscru, Biophysics, Columbus, OH

Danielle J, Ph.D., Geosciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Teacher, Wanship, UT

Frederick Jackson, Bs Physics, MS, PhD Physical Oceanography, Microwave remote sensing of the oceans, AST Physicist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 1978-1995, Alexandria, Virginia

Halle Jackson, Botany, O'Fallon, Illinois

Mark Jackson, BS Geology, Geophysics, Austin, Texas

Shawn Jackson, MA, Physics, Senior Lecturer, Physics, Tucson, AZ

Ruba Jacobs, Bachelor’s degree in science, Computer Science, Aldie, Va

Hayuta Jain, Chemical Engineer, MS, Bioengineering, Medical Devices, Alamo, CA

Joa Janakaoayas, BS in Forestry, Faculty, President of University of Mount Shasta, Mount Shasta, CA

Anthony Janson, PhD Harvard in Art History, Extensive Electronics Expertise US Army, Retired, doing medical research on effects of EMF's on humans and animals at all levels, Mount Pleasant, SC

Deb Jellick, Environmenta/Soil Scientist, Severna Park, Maryland

L. Jenkins, BS Environmental Studies, San Marcos, TX

Melissa Jensen, Bachelor's of Science, Entomology, Research Scientist, Hotchkiss, Colorado

Dengjian Jin, Ph.D in Public Policy, Science and Innovation Studies, Curley Faculty Chair in International Studies, Business, and Management, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

James Johansson, Linguist, Roseville, MN

Cheryle Johnson, Biology, Biotechnology, Hesperia, California

David Johnson, Chemist, Uniondale, New York

Heidi Johnson, Optician, Physics, Eau Claire, WI

Stephen Johnston, Research, Astronomy, Santa Monica, California

Matia Jones, Medical Anthropology MA, Western Washington University, Graduate Assistant, Lopez Island, WA

Heidi Junger, PhD, Mag., Biologist, Postgraduate Researcher, San Diego, CA

Heidi Junger, Dr.rer.nat.,. Mag.rer.nat.;. Biology, Medical research, Environment, Nutrition, Biologist, Independent researcher, San Diego, CA

Cathy Justus, RSA, FAN National Spokesperson Against Fluoride Poisoning In Animals, Toxicology of fluoride, Pagosa Springs, CO

Patricia Kaminski, University degree plus higher graduate studies, natural science, Executive Director: Flower Essence Society, Nevada city, California

Dorrie Kanofsky, MMSc, Biology, Ormond Beach, Florida

James Karma, North Canton, Ohio

Jennifer Keck, MS, marine biology, Education & Research Coordinator Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences, St Petersburg, Florida

Betty Kelley, B.A. Biology/chemistry, Research Associate for 40 years, Biolgoy/microbiology/genetics, Research Associate: Duke University; Research Associate: University of Maine; Research Asst.: Rhode Island Hospital; Research Asst: Tufts New England Medical Center, Bahama, North Carolina

E. W. Kellogg III, PhD Biochemistry, Bioelectromagnetics, Research Scientist, Ashland, OR

Ed Kellogg, Ph. D., PhD Biochemistry, Biochemistry, Bioelectromagnetics, Retired, Ashland, Oregon

Patti Kemner, B.S. biology and earth science, Harrison, Idaho

M. Nisa Khan, BA Physics and Mathematics, MS and PhD Electrical Engineering, R&D Scientist and Entrepreneur in the field of RF, Optics, Electronics, Optoelectronics, and LED Lighting, President, Founder, and Managing Member of IEM LED Lighting, Red Bank, NJ

Holly Kicklighter, BA Ecology UCSD, MA Environmental Geography SDSU -San Diego, Ecologist, 21 years City of San Diego -Multiple Species Conservation Program, San diego, California

Allison King, PhD Public Health, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Barbara J King, RN, Research positions (Technologist/Scientist) in Genetics, cell Biology and stem cell biology since 1968, ClSpCytogenetics, Registered Nurse, Researcher, Scientist, Medical Technologist specialized in Cytogenetics, Laboratory Technologist, Animal Nutrition Laboratory, University of Florida Research Technologist, Emory University Cytogenetics Technologist, University of Colorado Medical Center Researcher, Genetic Engineering Inc RN Coordinator, Reproductive Genetics,In Vitro Scientist, Edison Animal Biotechnology Center, Ohio University Cytogentics Technologist, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Gainesville, FL/Atlanta, GA/Denver, CO/Athens,Ohio/ Chapel Hill, NC

Christian L. King, Marine Biologist, Ecological Engineer, San Francisco, CA

Robert Klauber, PhD, Retired physicist, Fairfield, IA

Robert D. Klauber, PhD, Physics, Fairfield, IA

Jamie Klomparens, B.A. Biology, B.A. Criminal Justice, Pharmaceuticals, Wyoming, Michigan

Lynn Klotz, BA and PhD in Mathematics and Physical Chemistry, Biological and Chemical Weapons Arms Control and Bio-Security, Former Assistant and Associate Professor, Harvard University, Former Visiting Associate Professor, Princeton Univeristy, Former Vice President BioTechnica International, Present Member of the Scientists Working Group, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, Gloucester, MA

Maggie Knapp, restoration ecology, University of Victoria, continuing education. BA, UC Santa Barbara, artist and restoration ecologist, Camino, CA

Robert Kolodny, PhD Urban Planning and Community Development, Former Associate Professor, Columbia University and Former Adjunct Faculty, New School University, Principal, Robert Kolodny & Associates, New York, NY

Laura Kornstein, BS, Molecular Biology, Milton, GA

Nataliya Kostereva, Biology, Dr., Pittsburgh, PA

Anna Kramer, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bacherlor in Modern Literature, Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice, PhD Candidate Clinical Research Methods, Manual Therapy Research--Comparative Outcomes, Brooklyn, New York

Yury Kronn, Phd, Physicist, Eagle Point, OR

Tyler Kruszewski, Bachelor in Biological Sciences, Biological sciences, Philadelphia, PA

Corinne Kuhlmann, Electronics Engineering AA,, Research, Scientist, Oakley, California

Asmita Kulkarni, MS Biotechnology, Biotechnology, Reno, NV

Laurie Kuntz, Biology, Meridian, ID

Nicholas Labriola, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical engineering: currently examining cellular responses to low frequency energy, Andover, MA

Christopher Lackhan, Biomechanics, Astoria, New York

Mary Lahren, PhD Geoscience, Emeritus Research Professor at University of Nevada, Reno, NV

Mary Lahren, Ph.D. Geoscientist, Geoscience, Retired Research Professor - University of Nevada, Reno, NV

Chiu-Nan Lai, PhD Chemical Physics, Health Educator, Creston, CO

Rajni Lakha, Bachelor's in Science- Microbiology, Scientist, Thermofisher Scientific, Dublin, California

Jennifer Laporta, BS environmental science, Environmental health specialist, Santa Rosa, CA

Robert Larson, BS Soil Science, Brisbane, CA

Joseph Lazio, M.A., Anthropology (Archaeology), Archeologist, Construction Equipment Operator, Santa Rosa, CA

Michael Leahy, B.S. in Health Science w/ Specialization in Community Health, Health Scientist, newbury, massachusetts

Kaliloa Lee Loy, B.S. Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, Entomologist/Conservationist, Hilo, Hawaii

Stephanie Lee, Health, Botany, Anthropology, Santa cruz, CA

Jessica Lerner, MA Environmental Science, Educator, FAIRFAX, CA

Dr. Joel Levey, PHD, Psychology/neuroscience, Faculty, University of Minnesota Medical School, Seatte, WA

Barry Lia, PhD Neurobiology, Seattle, WA

Edwin Lindgren, Environmental Scientist, Overland Park, KS

Rudy List, B.S. (Mathematics), MSc. (Mathematics), Ph.D. (Mathematics), Mathematics, Computer Science, Dexter, MI

Savanah Litton, Bachelors degree in biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience, Clarkston, Michigan

Matthew London, Geology, Washougal, washington

Alexandra London-Gross, MPH, Charlottesville, Virginia

Sharon Lopez, B.S. Cell Biology, Gastroenterology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Richard Lorenz, MS Physics, Aerospace (retired), Auburn, Washington

Leo Lotter, PhD, Microbiologist, Menlo Park, CA

Lonnie Low, BS Physics, Pagos Springs, CO

Heidi Lumpkin, Bachelor of Science, Soil Science, International Regulatory Compliance, Sandpoint, Idaho

Vangelis Lympouridis, PhD, Interaction Design, University of Southern California, USC, West Hollywood, CA

Nikita Madison, Human biomechanics Specialist, San diego, California

David Magnus, MS in Cell Biology, Syracuse University..Teaching and Research Assistant, Barnet, Vermont

Dusan Maletic, Master Degree in Physics, Scientist, Data Scientist at Maletic Research LLC, West Orange, New Jersey

Zack Mallark, MSc in Engineering and Technology Management, Computers, Portland State University, Beaverton, Oregon

Francis Mangels, bs forestry, MS Zoology, CS GS-9 equivalents in over 12 related fields, Range, Wildlife, fisheries, botany biologist GS-11/10, soil conservationist, geologist, watershed, hydrologist etc, retired USDA, College of Siskiyou, Natural resources, MSU human anatomy and General biology, USDA 35 years now retired, mt shasta, California

David Mann, BS, Marine science, Nmfs, Pittsburgh, PA

Kaylee Marshall, Toxicology, Pysiology, and Biomedical and Environmental Ethics, Retired, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Timothy Marshall, PhD in Neuropharmacology, MA in Organic Chemistry, BS in Biochemistry, Dr., Chief Science Officer, Neuropharmacologist, Nutritional Biochemist, Tucson, AZ

Trevor Gordon Marshall, BE, ME, PhD, Professor, Director, Autoimmunity Research Foundation, Thousand Oaks, CA

Lynn Martin, BS, Bluffton, South Carolina

donny martmouth, bs, Environmental Science, olympia, WA

Varsha Mathrani, Master of Public Health (MPH) in Environmental Health, Bachelors degree in Biology, Flushing, NY

Bryce Matthews, BA Economics, Chemistry, physics, soil microbiology, agriculture, Grass Valley, CA

Christina Matthews, Registered Histologist, Jamison, Pa

Lindsay Maushak, ecological restoration and biodiversity, college of the redwoods, eureka, California

Stephanie Maxheimer, B.S. Biology, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Monica Mayer McKenzie, Masters Of Environmental sciences, Entrepreneur, Holywood, FL

Sarah Mayer, biology, Cave Junction, OR

Bethany McDaniel, Bachelor of Science in Biology; Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Chemist, Katy, TX

Patricia mcdonald, Cardiopulmonary science, Chalmette, LA

Paul McDonald, Neuroscientist, Oakland, CA

Debra McFadden, HILLIARD, OH

Allayna McFarlane, Geology, BYU, Vineyard, UT

Stephanie McGehee, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Atlanta, Georgia

Janice McGuigan, BSc Biology, Sammamish, WA

Edward Mclaughlin, BS Marine Biology, Biologist, Newport Beach, CA

Luke McLaughlin, BS Biology, Founder and Director of Holistic Survival School, Weaverville, NC

Maureen McLeod, PhD Molecular Biology, Research Associate, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, Associate Professor and Chair, Microbiology and Immunology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, NY, Professor, Chair and Associate Dean of Research, The Commonwealth Medical College, PA, Retired, living in Silver City, NM

Emilie McVey, BA, Environmental Geography, Hershey, PA

Kate McWiggins, BS Botany, Environmental Consultant, Field Biologist, Maple Valley, WA

Li Medeiros, FoS: herbalism, ecology, zoology, botany, atmospheric sciences, Herbalist, landscaper, and commercial shellfish harvester, West Warwick, Rhode Island

melissa medina, Environmental Science, Writer, astoria, NY

Robert Melamede, PhD Molecular Genetics, Retired Associate Professor and Department Chair, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Vermont

Richard Menet, MD, MPH, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Retired, Appleton, WI

Marsha Merrifield, BS horticultural sciences, Chemistry, soils, weather, biology, engine repair, Mount Angel, Or

James Merritt, Retired Chemist, Lab Tech with City of San Diego 3 years, then 30 years as a Chemist with the City of San Diego Water Utilities, La Mesa, CA

Mary Metcalf, B.S Botany/Plant and Soil Science, naturalist, Vergennes

stanley metelski, University degree from physics, retired, Kingwood, TX

Birgit Michael, Life sciences, Researcher, Petersburg, Virginia

Anna Mihaly, Physiology and Neuroscience, San Diego, California

Danielle Miller, Bachelors degree in Environmental Geography, Asheville, NC

Judy Miller, B.A. Biology, Retired, Mariposa, California

Kim Miller, BS Biology, Biopharm analytical, Warminster, Pa

Kirby G Miller, MA, Clinical Neuropsychology, Retired, Farmington, MI

Dean Mindock, BS Atmospheric Physics, Collinsville, IL

Dean Mindock, BS Atmospheric Science, Retired, Taught computer science, technology, and programming at Southwestern Illinois College, Collinsville, IL

Heather Mitchell, B.Sc Biology, M.Sc Human Genetics., Genetics, Science Education, Lopez Island, WA

Alan Mizeras, AB Biology, Radiation, Indiustrial Hygiene, Hendersonville, North Carolina

Bridget Moffly, AS and BS, Geoscience, Tucson, AZ

Alijah Mohammed, PhD, Engineer, Chicago, IL

Adam Monzella, BS in Environmental Science, Ithaca, NY

Deborah Moore, PhD, Environmental Health, Vermont

Michael Morningstar, BA Biology / Environmental Studies, founder of Morningstar International a Health, Safety & Environmental consulting company specializing in health, nutrition and wellness, Sugar Land, TX

Michael Morningstar, BA - Biology, Environmental Studies, Health Consultant, Sugar Land, TX

julia morrison, bachelors in biology and environmental science, artist, new york, new york

Marianne Mosher, SB Mathematics, PhD Aeronautics, retired, former NASA research scientist, Snowflake, AZ

Karsten Mueller, MS Nutrition, PhD Environmental Science, Consultant, Santa Cruz, CA

jana Mariposa Muhar, BS Zoology, Marine biology, Botany, Horticulture, Ecology, Horticulturist/Musician/Grandmother/, Santa Rosa, CA

Jean Mukherjee, Scientist, Worcester, MA

Gabriela Munoz, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, M.S. Soil Science, Dobbs Ferry, NY

Rebecca Murakami, BS International Agronomy, Maple Valley, WA

Maxwell Murphy, Student at Bentley University majoring in Earth, environment, and Global Sustainability, North Reading, MA

Yaroslaw Myshchuk, B.S. Chemistry and current PhD Candidate in Chemistry, Chemistry/ Medicinal Chemistry, Research Assistant, Buffalo, New York

Alex Nagel, polymath, Flagstaff, Arizona

Jeffrey Nagel, B.S. Biology, Teacher, Hamtramck, MI

charlene nash, masters/agriculture/animal science/horticulture/soil science, horticulturist Tennessee Aquarium President; Soil Resources Initiative, chattanooga, TN

Deborah Natola, Animal Science, Equine Reproduction, Sustainable Agriculture, Agriculture Entrepreneur, Edmonton, KY

Eugene Nau, PhD Biology, Retired, Formerly: Research Scientist at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, Assistant Professor at Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA, Lecturer at Denver University, Denver CO, Castle Rock, CO

DAVID NELSON, PhD, Professor of Physics and Applied Physics; Arthur K. Solomon Professor of Biophysics, Professor of Physics and Biophysics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Marie Nelson, BA in Zoology, Retired, Penn Valley, CA

Donna Newman, PhD Biochemistry, BA Zoology, MT(ASCP), Research Associate scientist, Cell Biology at NCSU, Raleigh, NC - retired, Raleigh, NC

Chris Newton, Master in tourism, Salt lake city, Utah

KANG-KUEN NI, PhD, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Alison Nikolov, Environmental Science, Portland, OR

Michael Nisbet, geologist, retired, Geologist, Atlanta, Georgia

Tomas Nofziger, BA in Ecology, UCI, Nutritionist, Newport Beach, CA

William Now, B.S. Aquatic Studies, Technical Writer, Inverness, CA

Rico Nunez, Life & Biology, Biology, New York, NY

Sandra O'Brien, BS Biology, botanist, restoration ecologist, Hobart, Indiana

Jessica O'Sullivan, BA Environmental Studies, Shoreham, NY

Lucrezia Oddie, Botany, Haiku, Hawaii

JOSEPH ONEIL, Natural resource, Research, Oregon Hatchery Research Center, manager, Alsea, OR

Patrick ONeil, PhD biochemistry, Manager, Genetics Lab, Research, Purdue University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Westpoint, Indiana

Joseph Onesto, Zoology, He who walks with god, Chicago, Illinois

John Otter, M.S. Engineering science (Nuclear), Nuclear Physicist, retired, Santa Fe, NewMexico

Brianna Oxhandler, Chemistry, CEO, Chemist, High Five Labs CEO, Santa Fe, Nm

Enoch Page, PhD Anthropology, Anthropology, Mass-Amherst, Retired, Vallejo, Ca

Virginia Page, Endocrinology, Encinitas, CA

San Pai, BS, Medical, Brooklyn, New York

David Pajer, Biophysics, Transportation, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, residing in Portland, Oregon

Frank Papp, BA Chemistry, Tires & Rubber, Indian Land, SC

David Parkinson, Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, West Bend, Wi

Vanessa Patman, PhD, Organic Chemistry, Educator, Associate faculty- Mira Costa College, Adjunct faculty - Miramar College, San Diego, California

WILLIAM PAUL, PhD, Physics, Mallinckrodt Professor of Applied Physics & Professor of Physics, Emeritus, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Nancy Peden, PhD Transformative Learning and Change/Environmental Studies, researcher/faciliatator of 43 k online using co-operartive methods, Albuquerque, NM

Michael Pellegrino, Master of Science - Clinical Human Nutrition, Clinical Nutritionist, Princeton, NJ

Matt Perella, B.S. Biochemistry, Researcher, Genetics, Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

Andy Peri, BA Physics, MA Geography and Environmental Planning/Resource Management, Consultant, Fairfax, CA

andy peri, Physics, geography, environmental science and advocacy, Advocacy Professional/Consultant, Fairfax, CA

Bill W. Perkins, M.S. Chemistry and Mathematics, M.S. Nutrition, Microbiology and Biochemistry, Professional Animal Scientist (P.A.S.), Bel Aire, KS

Alex Perlman, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Ph. D., Projects Management, Pridec LLC, Fairfield, IA

Frances Peterson, BS. Biology, Lynnwood, WA

Rodolfo Petschek, PhD in Physiology, Physiology, Nevada City, CA

Anthony Phillipson, BA Naturlal Sciences, MA Cantab., Diiploma inEducation, MA Psychology, Geologist, San Rafael, CA

Marian Phillipson, MPH, Honolulu, HI, USA

Kate Pickford, B.S & M.S. Geology, Geolgist, Aztec, NM

Ernest Piedmont, BS, Environmental Sciences, New York, NY

Suzanne Pinar, Biologist, San Francisco, California

Sharon Pirkl, Bachelor of science, Colona, IL

Jason Plyler, Master of Science Cancer Biology, Gaithersburg, MD

Yuriy Podvysotskiy, PhD, Economics, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Timea Polgar, PhD, Pharmaceutical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Chemist-Biologist, NaturAI Inc, GLOBE Program Association, Hilton Head, SC

Steven Polito, scientist, Seattle, Washington

Gerald Pollack, PhD, Professor of Bioengineering, Editor-in-Chief, WATER, Box 355061, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Catherine Poloynis, B.S. Biology, M.A. Psychology, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Santa Rosa, CA

Margaret Powers, Biologist, Retired, Vernon Hill, VA

Patti Powers, Entomologist, Winchester, New Hampshire

MJ Pramik, Biological sciences, HBE0GX, San Francisco, CA

Matt Prater, Bachelors in chemistry, Chemical research, Graduate student at the university of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Andrea Presler, M.A. Applied Anthropology; B.A. Anthropology/Biology; Ethnobotanist; Cultural Ecology, Senior Scientist Northwest Anthropology, LLC, Adjunct Professor Anthropology CWU, Environmental Studies Instructor De Anza College, Curator of Coker Arboretum North Carolina Botanical Garden UNC, Roslyn, Washington

Lisa Price, BS Biology, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Sedona, AZ

Gabe Prindle, Biology, Analyst, Chemist, Richmond, CA

Gabriel Prindle, BA Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Ecology, Sustainability, Analytical Chemist, Richmond, CA

Gabriel Prindle, Bachelor's, Chemist, Richmond, California

Amy Priode, BSc, MSc Horticultural Science, Landscape Designer and Licensed Landscape Contractor, Winston-Salem, NC

Autumn Prouty, Study of Land and Animal Bio-Science, Real Estate Appraiser and Realtor, Oscoda, Michigan

Mary Przybyla, Bachelor of Science, Rogers City, Michigan

Jennifer Purcell, ph.d. biological oceanography, biological oceanography, research scientist, Bellingham, Washington

Jennifer Quackenbush, Physics, Healing, Blue Lake, CA

stewart quarles, Mass Spectrometrist, Scientist/Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts

Alfredo Quarto, BS Aero and Astro Engineering, Program Director, Mangrove Action Project, Mangrove Specialist Group/International Union for Conservation of Nature, Port Angeles, WA

ALFREDO QUARTO, BS, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering, Environmental Consultant, Envirtonmentalist, PORT ANGELES, WA

Stephanie Quintero, Bio, Assistant teacher, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Wa

Chelsea Ramm, Animal Science, Mountain View, CA

Hartmut Ramm, Ph.D., Physics, Retired, Physics, Physical Geography, Philosophy, Kennesaw, GA

Ken Ray, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, CSUC, UCSD, Sparks, NV

Ken Ray, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Business Owner, CEO / President, Truckee, Ca

Monette Rebecca, B.S. environment, water resources, Environmental consultant, Founding Director Richland Creek Watershed Alliance, Nashville, Tennessee

Gregory Reck, PhD Anthropology, Research Professor, Professor, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

Sara Reece, BA, Literature, University of Washington; BS, Wildlife Biology, University of California, Davis, Biological Consultant - Hydroelectric Energy and Forest Management, Folsom, California

Sara Reece, BS, Wildlife Biology, UC Davis, Wildlife Biologist, Elk Grove, CA

Nancy Reinstein, PhD Nutrition Science, BA Chemistry, RD Registered Dietitian, MS Nutrition, Affiliation: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Atascadero, California

Janine Rice, PhD Computer Science and Ecology, Research Ecologist, Researcher, University of Colorado Rice Consulting LLC, Fort Collins, CO

Nicole Richardson, Environmental, Raleigh, NC

Beverley Rider, PhD, Immunology, Microbiology, CEO of Rider Health Group, San Jose, CA

Danielle Roach, Biologist/Botanist M.S. Focus studies in areas of: on mine site restoration, native plant habitat/vegetation mapping with GIS for 6 years., Previously worked with Department of Fish and Wildlife in California, Gilroy, California

Jon Roberson, Bachelors of Science in Biology, environmental, Los Alamos, NM

Mallory Robert, Environmental science, Teacher, Southlake, TX

Shannon Rogers, Associates degree in applied sciences, Medical laboratory technician, Steele, Alabama

James Rohrssen, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Forestry, University of Montana, ITHACA,, NY

Elizabeth Rose, B.S. Geology, Geology, Sonoma, CA

Katherine Rose, M.S. Physics (Columbia University) 1964, Retired, Asheville, North Carolina

Marsha Roskopf, BS, Nuclear Medicne, Technical Specialist Radiation Physics SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Sandra Ross, Ph.D, Holistic Health, President Health & Habitat, Inc., Mill Valley, California

rr rr, phd, gerontology, san fernando, ut

Beverly Rubik, Ph.D. Biophysics, Biophysics; Integrative Health Studies, Saybrook University; Institute for Frontier Science, Oakland, CA

Manuel Ruiz, Farmers, General contractor, Concord, Nc

Pedra Ruiz, Biologist, Manager, San Francisco, California

Tara Rule, Associates in Applied Science - Mortuary Science, Thanatochemistry, Microbiology, Biology, Forensic Pathology, Schenectady, New York

Deborah Rush, Layman 5 year independent Environmental Studies, Arte DeRosier, Prof.Artist, Little Valley, NY

Victoria Rushing, M.S. Geoscience Remote Sensing, Murray State University, KY, USA, Professional Geologist TN, KY, FL, Sarasota, FL

bethany russell, Biochemistry/ Environmental Science, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Protection Agency, suwanee, georgia

Stephen saathoff, Biology, Laboratory Research Technician, USDA Biological Research, Columbia, Missouri

Philip Sacco, B.S. Biology and Physics, Public speaker, author, dental ceramist, President A.I.M., President Roman Daze, Owner Sacco Dental Laboratory, Stone Mountain, GA

Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD Evolutionary Biology, Professor in Residence Chaminade University, Honolulu, HI

Jason Saleeby, Geology professor, Scotts Mills, OR

Zorka Saleeby, Geologist, Scotts Mills, OR

Peter Saltanis, Masters of Science in Environmental Science, Monroe, CT

Isabel Sam, MS in Informatiton Systems, Information Systems/Engineering, Orlando, Florida

Sheena Sanders, NUTRITIONAL HEALTH, BS DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, Nutrition, Business owner, San diego, California

Ryan Schade, BS Chemical Engineering, BA Biochemistry, Microbiology, Kemin Industries, Radcliffe, IA

Jeremy Schewe, BSc Ecology, Professional Ecologist, Botanist and Environmental Consultant, Board Member, Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative, President, Chief Scientific Officer, Owner and Manager of Ecobot, Asheville, NC

Nicholas Schmidt, PhD Biochemistry, Saratoga Springs, NY

Katherine Schoenberger, BS Physiology, MS Forensic Science, Forensic Scientist, Strongsville, OH

Claudia Schuchardt-Peet, MSc Geoenvironmental Science, MLIS, Director of the Health Science Library, Chambersburg Hospital, Adjunct Professor, Geoenvironmental Studies, Penn State University and Shippensburg University, Greencastle, PA

Noah Schwaegerle, Biochemistry and molecular biology, Rye, New Hampshire

Dan Schweitzer-Tong, Ph D Neuroscience, Neuroscience, Retired from Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

lawrence scrima, PhD, Physiological Psychology, D,ABSM, FAASM (Sleep Medicine), Physiological Psychology, D,ABSM, FAASM (Sleep Medicine), Associate Resersearch Professor of Medicine (Pumonary, Psychiatry, Interdisciplinary Toxicology, U. Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Assistant Professor of Medicine (Nurology, Psychiatry), U. Miami School of Medicine; board certified sleep specialist (Emeritus, semi retired), Aurora, Colorado

Ginger Sebastian, BA geography & Environmental Studies, MA Geography, Energy healing, Sedona, AZ

Kenneth Segroves, Ph.D., Geology, Paleontologu, Professor, U. Connecticut (Storrs); Research Scientist, Amoco Production Co.; Entrepreneur, Devils Lake, ND

Catherine Seiffert, Quantum physics, Medical professional, Port Townsend, Wa

amanda seissian, EKG monitor technician, dunedin, florida

Allie Sennett, Master's Degree of Science in Environmental Management, Wildlife Biologist, Sacramento, CA

Brinda Shah, Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Masters of Science in Microbiology and Immunology, Research Scientist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

David Shannahoff-Khalsa, neuroscience and psychiatry, Del Mar, CA

Shelby Sheehan, MS Public Health, Environmental Consultant, Alameda, CA

Gary Shelby, BS, MS biology, Shady Valley, TN

Joanne Sheridan, M.S., Speech & Language Therapist, Ottawa, Illinois

Monika Sherin, Diploma of Natural Scince by ETH Zurich, Switzerland ( Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule ), Natural Sciences, now retired, Encinitas, California

Jerry Sherman, Physics, nuclear physics, electrical engineering, SPOKANE, WA

Robert Sherman, M.S. - Physics, Retired, Senior Analyst at DTE Energy, Pleasant Ridge, Michigan

Jolene Sherwin, Technology, Hurst, Texas

Dr. Michelle Shine, PhD in Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science, Scientist and Lab Manager, Asheville, NC

Shir shoham, M.Sc Biology, Austin, TX

MORGANA SIDHOM, m.s. biology, san rafael, CA

Megan Siegrist, Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Teacher, Longwood, FL

Donald Silva, Ph.D. Optical Physics, Retired, Ewa Beach, Hawaii

John Simonsen, PhD, Chemistry, Corvallis, OR

John Simonsen, PhD Chemistry, Professor, Professor in the Dept. of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Teresa Skiba, Biology BA BS, Wildlife Biology, Albuquerque, NM

Natalia Slepko, Ph.D., Cell Biology. Mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases., Mount Shasta, California

Tracy Slintak, B.S. Ecosystems Biology, environmental science, Highland, Michigan

Danetta Sloan, PhD, MSW, Behavior Scientist, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Laurel, MD

Angie Smith, Biological sciences BS, Clinical Scientist, Medical Technology, Raleigh, Nc

Avery Smith, BS Biology, Kingsport, TN

Dion Smith, Physics; Anthropology; Technology; Societicide, Social Health and Integrity; Psychology; Technology;, ; upcoming:, Burbank, California

Donald Smith, BS in Anthropology, Archaeologist., Capitan, New Mexico

Douglas Smith, Ph.D., Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genomics, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Hayley Smith, Master's of Earth Science, Undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Geology, Professor, Hanover, Indiana

Heidi Smith, Cell and Molecular Biology, Dept of Surgery University of Washington 1989-1992, Seattle, Washington

Karen Smith, BA Biology, Clinical Chemist, Rockford, IL

Sami Smith, electrical engineer researcher, Louisville, co

Szilvia Solyom, PhD, Genetics, Takoma Park, MD

Eun Song, PhD Biology, L.Ac., Acupuncturist, Clinical Nutritionist, Samira University, Alabama University, Beverly Hills, CO

Marilyn Soule, PhD, Molecular Biosciences, Teacher, Wauna, WA

Theodosia Southern, mathematics, Boulder, CO

Stephan Spencer, Masters in Biochemistry, Podcaster, author, keynote speaker, Internet entrepreneur, Santa Monica, California

Roger Spurr, Physics..chemistry...atomic modeling and light research., Owner operator Mudfossil University, Middletown, Connecticut

Michelle Stamm, Biologist, Sarasota, Florida

Daryl Stanton, PhD Humanistic Studies, Holistic Health Practitioner, Eco Designer, Owner and Founder of TANSUCASA, a company specializing in designing and building small dwellings that merge health, sustainability and lifestyle, Santa Fe, NM

Joanne Steele, Chemist, Saint Remy, NY

john stein, MS - Biology, fairfield, iowa

Peter Stekl, MS, CHA, Geology and Geophysics, Boston, MA

Dana Stephens, MS Environmental Studies, Environmental Consulting, Ojai, CA

Robert Stern, BA Environmental Studies, Ashland, OR

Shari Stevenson, BS Fisheries and Wildlife Biology, Environmental Chemist, Sioux City, IA

Rosemunda Stewart, Geology, Northern, Florida

Wendy Stout, PhD in Natural Health, Sand Springs, OK

David Stupin, PhD Physicis, retired from University of California, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Santa Fe, NM

Rebecca Summer, PhD Process Geomorphology, Hydrology, Research Geomorphologist / Hydrologist, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Guest Lecturer, Geomorphology, Utah State University, Montana State University, and University of Minnesota Morris, Senior Hydrologist, US Environmental Protection Agency, Senior Hydrologist, Expert Scientist Group, Sandia National Laboratoratories, Senior Geomorphologist/Hydrologist, Gila Resources Information Project, Silver City, NM

Erde Sun, BS Human Biology, Retired, Port Angeles, Washington

Elizabeth Sussky, Masters of Science - Entomology, Sequim, WA

Marilyn Sutcliffe, BA, Medical research, Lab technician, Nashville, TN

Karen Sutherland, BA Anthropology & Sociology; Graduate work Anthropology, Organic farmer, S.Hadley, MA

John Sutton, PhD Physics, Berkeley Springs, WV

Eugene Szumlas, Computer Science, Owner / ES tech services, Camdenton, Missouri

Oksana Tatis, B.Sc in Environmental Science, Kauneonga Lake, New York

Fred Taylor, PhD. Environmental Studies, College Professor, Adjunct Professor, Keene State College, Keene, NH; Environmental Coordinator for Vermont Conference, United Church of Christ, Brattleboro, VT


Tekla Taylor-Lagway, Ph.D., Professor, Mathematics, Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University Professor Emeritus, Earlham College, Columbus, OH

Felipe Tendick-Matesanz, Master of science in occupational and environmental health, Public health Scientist, Chicago, Illinois

Diane Testa, PhD, professor of biomedical engineering, senior lecturer in mathematics, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Western New England University, Springfield, MA

Cosima Theloy, PhD Geology, Geoscience, Conifer, COLORADO (CO)

Deborah Thorpe, Microbiology BS, Retired Medical Loboratory CEO, Clancy, MT

Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, Director, Safe Tech Kids NC, Asheville, NC

Trisha Tipton, Agriculture Science, Soringfield, Tennessee

Jean-Michel Tournier, PhD, MS, PE, Nuclear and aerospace engineering, McKinney, TX

Ethan Towle, Audio Radio and Broadcasting, Quality Assurance, Austin, Texas

Michael Townsend, PhD Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Scientist, Director, Pharmaceutical Development, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Director, Pharmaceutical Development and Parenteral Manufacturing, Pyramid Laboratories, Carlsbad, CA

Christine Trame, PhD Physics, Biophysics, Synchrotron Instrumentation, Postdoc in Macromolecular Crystallography, Protein Purification, Expression, Crystallization, Structural Genomics and Beamline Design, Bielefeld University (Germany), Hamburg University (Germany), Stanford University (USA), Berkeley National Laboratory, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Pacifica, CA

Sophia Trapp, MA Lanscape Design, Ecosystem restoration, Rancher, environmentalist, New York

Dagmar Truckses, Ph.D., Biochemistry, Rockford, Ilinois

Will Tuttle, PhD, Educator, Author of The World Peace Diet, recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award, Co-Founder of the Circle of Compassion and the Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals, Healdsburg, CA

steve Tygart, Biochemist, Eugene, Oregon

Tucker Tyrrell, Masters of Science, Ecologist, Schumacher College, Bellingham, Washington

Christopher Ulysse, Biology, Brooklyn, New York

Elizabeth Vaala, B.S. Biology, Story, WY

Jose Valverde, Master Degree in Statistics, Sommelier, New York, New York

Richard A Van Camp, Biology, Human Medicine, Farmington Hills, MI

Jaap van Etten, PhD Biology, Retired, Clarkdale, AZ

Marjorie Veiga, MA Telecommunications, Program Director, Wellness for Humanity Foundation

Roy Venton-Walters, Cryogenics, Military Mobility, Aviation, Neshkoro, Wisconsin

Domenica Ventura, Aquaculture, Marine Research, habitat, Art, CEO, Research, Provitapax Marine Research Association, CEO, Englewood, FL

Claire Viadro, PhD Public Health, Chapel Hill, NC

Vinayak Vinayak, PhD, Doctor of BioEnergetics, Kihei, HI

Vitaly Vodyanoy, PhD Biophysics, Professor, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Vitaly Vodyanoy, Ph.D. Biophysics, Professor, Auburn University, AL USA, Auburn, Alabama

Ginger Vogler, Geological Remote Sensing, Botany, Marketing, former manager of WM Keck Geological Remote Sensing research Lab, UW, Seattle, no longer in existance, Kailua Kona, HI

Anita Vohra, Bachelors degree in Biology, Cardio-oncology, Boston, MA

VERENA VOMASTIC, PhD (Mathematics, Physics), Bioenergetics Practitioner, Manitou Springs, CO

Ibrahim Wael, Ph.D. Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering, Aerospace Engineer, Centennial, CO

DR. JOHN WAGMER, Communication systems., FRANKLIN, Wisconsin

David Walker, AB, AM, PhD, Geologist, Higgins Professor Emeritus, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observtory of Columbia University, Catskill NY

Solenne Walker, Master of Science - Marine Science and Geology, Natural Resources Manager, Port Townsend, WA

Linda Walling, MSEE Electrophysics, Physicist/Engineer, RF/Microwave Engineer, Experimental Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory RF Engineer - Superconducting Supercollider Applicatons Engineer, Ansoft Corp, Livingston, MT

Lawrence Wallman, B.A., Environmental Health, Chicago, IL

Cheryl Walsh, Biochemistry, Virginia Beach, VA

Bonnie Walter, B.A. Biology, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, currently retired, Sacramento, CA

KENNETH WALTON, Ph. D., Neuroscience, Molecular Biology, Maharishi University of Management, FAIRFIELD, IA

Jing Wang, Master degree, physics, Medical physicist, Sacramento

aleksandra wasylyk, BA and MPH, retired teacher healing arts awareness to public health issues, chicago, illinois

Brian Waterman, PhD - Public Health Studies, Public Health, Division Vice President, Hospital Industry Data Institute, Litchfield Park, AZ

Charissa Waters, Environmental Science, Environmental Planner, Tenino

Daniel Webb, Agriculture, Desert hot springs, Ca

Adrian Weber, Biofeedback, Energy Medicine BA Psychology, BS Biology, Natural Products Industry, Cottonwood, AZ


Ryan Weiss, Computer Science, Computer, Philadelphia, PA

Robert Wells, Biology, independent researcher, Cotati, California

Gertrude West, BA in Biology, Retired, Allegan, MI

Kimberly Weston, Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences, mathematics, Tenure-track assistant professor of Mathematics at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Metuchen, NJ

Ruth Westreich, PhD - Environment, Dr., President of a Foundation, The Westreich Foundation, President, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Wendi Wheaton, Electronics, Information Technology, Phoenix, Arizona

Alysse Whitcomb, Environmental Science, Forestry, Merlin, OR

Donald White, PhD physics, Retired researcher, GE research and development, Adjunct professor at RPI, Schenectady, NY

Jennifer White, BA psychology, Psychology, Louisville, Ky

Richard Whitten, Biology/Chemistry/Entomology, Invertebrate Biology, Research Associate, Biology University of Costa Rica, Orofino, Idaho

Bonnie Wilber, BA Biology, Retired, White City, OR

Karin Wildman, Mechanical Engineer, Environmental Consultant, Janesville, WI

Jennifer Wilks-Christian, Bsc Hons Applied Biology, Mount Shasta, CA

marta will, biology MA, author, red bluff, ca

Marta Williams, MS Biology/Ecology, red bluff, cA

Sarah Williams, BS in Biology and Chemistry, Professional Research Assistant in Gastroenterology, PRA at University of Colorado Denver, Lakewood, Colorado

Karen Williford, BS Biology, BS Medical Technology, Masters Certification in Holistic Nutrition, Medical Technologist (ASCP), Nutritionist, Laboratory Medicine, Mt Pleasant, SC

ivor willington, Professor of Astrophysics and Genetic Biology, Professer Ivor, Developer of Astrophysical Technology at Independent Research Organisations., Harvard, Massachusets, The harvard one, Harvard

Margaret Willson, Ph.D., Anthropologist, Seattle, WA

Christine Wilson, Anatomy & physiology, Huntington Beach, California

Deanna Wilson, BA Geology, Geologist, Coeur D’Alene, ID

Deanna Wilson, B.A. Geology, Geologist, Coeur D Alene, ID

Sara Wittenberg, BS/MS, Biology, Centerton, AR

Ariel Wolansky, Biotechnology, Grass Valley, CA

Deanna Won, Master of Science, Physicist, Founder, Keynotes to Life, Arlington, VA

W. Bruce Wright, M.S. Earth Science, Biological Sciences, Former Operations Manager at the University of Rhode Island Greenhouse Facilities, Newport, Rhode Island

Ken Wryn, Geology BS, Estacada, OR

William Wulff, Computer, Sarasota, FL

David Young, MPH, Indoor Health Investigator, INLOGIX Enterprises LLC, Fairfax, VA

David Young, MPH, Indoor Health, INLOGIX, President, Fairfax, VA

Steven Young, MS, atmospheric science, Voorheesville, NY

Varda Zamir, Ma. Anthropology, Retired, Grass Valley, Ca

weifan zheng, B.S. Chemistry; M.S. Organic Chemistry; Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor & Principle Investigator, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, North Carolina Central University, Cary, NC

XIAOWEI ZHUANG, PhD, Chemistry, David B. Arnold Jr. Professor of Science Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and of Physics, Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Marina Zlatin, PhD Biology, Retired, Portsmouth, NM


Ismael Acosta, Bachelor in Biological Sciences, Bachelor in Astronomy, Astrobiology; Earth Sciences; Systems Biology, Laboratory of Micropaleontology, Department of Paleontology, Institute of Geological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, University of the Republic (UdelaR), Montevideo, Other

damian carballo, universidad de arte dramático, idustria y comercio, uruguay, montevideo

Octav Fercheluc, PhD, Mathematical Statistics, Military Technical Academy, Montevideo, Montevideo

Daniel Hernández, MSc in Ecology, Ecology, Zoology, Education, Montevideo

Leticia Iri, neuroscience, Maldonado, Maldonado

Cristina Jesús, Lic. Oceanografía, Piriápolis, Maldonado

Diego Lercari, Doctor, Marine biology, Montevideo, Montevideo

Marcelo Loureiro, PhD, Biodiversity, Professor Ecology and Evolution Department, Montevideo, Montevideo

Esmaralda Mallada, Licenciada in Astronomy, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, Faculty of Sciences, University of the Republic, Uruguay, Co-founder and Honorary President of the Association of Amateur Astronomers, Montevideo

Claudio Martinez, PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, MVD

Claudio Martinez, Dr., Q.F., Molecular biology, Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad de la República., Montevideo

Laura Montes de Oca, Master in Science, PhD student, Phylogenetics, biogeography and conservation of Mygalomorphae spiders, researcher, Montevideo, Montevideo

Carla Silva, Bioquímica, Montevideo, Montevideo

Matias Soto, PhD, Biologist and geologist, Montevideo


Laura Mull, Bachelor of Health Sciences, associate academic research, Oncology research, US Army, RACC, SJMC, HAMBURG, PA.


Mariana Barreto, Tecnician chemistry, Chemistry, Valencia, Carabobo

Aragua Cedeño, Dphil, Ecology, Profesor Titular Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Baruta


Trần Chương, Information technology, Hồ Chí Minh, Gò vấp

Julien Leclerc, Physics, Geophysicist, Vung Tau


Nhi Tran Thach Uyen, Biotechnology, Danang


Audrey Du Toit, Bac Agriculture, Agronomy, Kabwe, Central


Wakanda 4EVER, Highest IQ Degree, White Culture, Very smart man, The Zimbabwe City